Craftsmen with solid technology will hold hands in front of you and will hold you hands fresh to each person. Shopkeeper has skillful skill at Sapporo ‘s famous store Akihisa Sakagami for more than 26 years of sushi craftsmen’ s career. A variety of delicate sushi made with luxurious use of seasonal ingredients. We stick to everyone in store to feel “authentic taste”, “sushi with warmth”.

Every day, the sushi craftsmen themselves go to Tsukiji, starting with fresh fishes and shellfishes, carefully selected and committed ingredients. Especially, the tuna sticks to nearby Japanese tuna in Japan, and the commitment ingredient which is hard to obtain in Tsukiji is ordered from the production area by air transport. Sharp consulted with US meister, pursuing the best umami and texture for handling. We will offer carefully selected ingredients in a hearty fashion.

A store close to Kabuki-za, a shop in Higashi Ginza, a refined shop with a cypress one counter, a cuisine that tastes preference and warm-hearted customer to taste the attention to detail, seasonal feeling I would like to deliver pleasure and excitement to our customers while using best cookware. We value the “hospitality” that you can enjoy your meals from the bottom of your heart, and you can use it with confidence even with entertainment etc.

I would like you to feel the wonder of Japanese culture by developing overseas expansion of “Japanese sushi” traditional Japanese food in a Japanese style. Sushi craftsmen who established technologies by training at Ginza head office opened genuine Edo prefecture sushi to the world with the concept of “From Ginza to the world”, opened in major cities in the world including Hawaii, Paris, Hong Kong, London, New York etc. We will deliver. We aim to acknowledge the sophisticated Japanese culture throughout the world through “food”.

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