Synthetic vs Natural Food Growth

Wash your fruits and veggies. Just because you put nerve gas in front of pesticides doesnt make it worse. Pesticides have always been used to keep away insects so that your produce can make it to you in your area when most produce would be out of season.

Its always about how you say it when trying to give information. She said they testing umbilical chords from a “Farming” community. Why not test them from a no farming community who eats from the same produce?

Its cool to inform us and all but dont try and make people look bad. If you wanted to make them look bad how about catching them with something a bit worse than spray food to keep insects off them. I dont get this? Someone help me out.

Organic uses pesticides. I wouldn’t say it’s common for them to use synthetics, but it happens. If you look up the regulations for usda certified organic, you’ll find pages and pages of allowed substances, and under what circumstances synthetics are allowed to be used.

Anyway. If you’re against “all pesticides”, you better stop eating plants. 99.99% of the pesticides you ingest are made naturally by the plants themselves. Caffeine is a pesticide. Capsaicin is another one. Nicotine… All plants make some sort of pesticide for self defense, but some are stronger than others. Most have no effect on humans at the doses we ingest.

There is nothing vague about the synthetic pesticides copper sulfate and lime sulfur allowed to be sprayed on crops by organic farmers and are more toxic than glyphosate.

There is nothing vague about pyrethrum, azadirachtin, and ryania which are also more toxic than glyphosate.

Nothing vague about bacillus thuringiensis Veronica.

Synthetic vs natural. It’s the toxicity and mode of action that matters, not whether or not a substance is naturally derived or not. Botulism is 100% naturally occurring and simultaneously one of the most toxic substances known to science.

I never said caffeine was made by all plants—it’s an example of a potent plant-manufactured pesticide that many of us ingest daily because of its effects on our nervous system.

Best Cooking Tips For Used Oil – Cookware Sets Matter

Normally after i deep fried fish, then i will add a cup of plain flour to the oil. And let it cool down. Then u will see the oil got 2 layer – clear oil n the flour will sink at the bottom. So i just keep the clear oil for next use. No smell. But the strength of the oil is not as good as the first time use. Having the best cookware sets helps with not burning the oil.

I use plain cotton ball amd spread over the strainer to make a clear thin layer which could collect smallest particle and as well squeeze what ever oil got absorb in the cotton. I will do everything with warm oil as it will be thinner and quicker tu strain.

So even deep frying chicken or fish you can re use the oil by doing this method ? I always throw mine out after using it that one time and it becomes expensive and seems a waste throwing it out.

As long as the oil doesn’t smell then I always re-use it, even after chicken or fish. I agree…it gets super expensive if you throw a whole pot out each time. But always be sure to check with the smell test

I never thought of reusing oil. Although I never really used oil for deep frying much. Well, never really deep fried anything at all except one time where I used oil to deep fry some home made spring rolls but for some reason the oil turned black and ashy pretty quick after a few batches of the spring rolls.

Amazing, Ants Build A Wall To Attack Wasps

How the hell did it come to that. I hate wasps I’m literally a running wreck when I see one. How can you let one just hang there I would have already vacated the house and be on the phone to an exterminator.
This is literally my worst nightmare. One wasp can make me do the 100 metre quicker than a cheetah, though love the ‘spy’ wasps flying near the ants and thinking shits about to happen.

I would put some very warm water in a dish, add some sugar and borax, give it a stir and soak a few cotton balls and set them in the areas that have been infested with ants. Works like a charm, by the next morning the ants were gone.

It works great on fleas but please make sure your pets aren’t allergic. I almost killed one of my cats, several years ago, because she had an allergic reaction to borax. Baking soda kills fleas but it might work on ants as well. I’ve never tried it, but if you own pets or have kids, this might be a safer alternative.

Canned Tuna In Sushi


From a native Japanese living in Japan. All those complaining about canned tuna being used in sushi and how it shouldn’t be called sushi are mistaken.

The sushi with raw tuna is the authentic/ traditional one, but at some restaurants they do use canned tuna mixed with other ingredients in makis as well. You probably don’t see them in high class sushi restaurants. We even have onigiris with canned tuna and they are very good. You should try it before you dis it. Disrespectful? California rolls never existed in my country before, but they are very popular now.

Tasty never stated these were authentic. Not disrespectful to eat sushi with chopsticks, it’s just the authentic way to do so. I would eat it with my hands if I go to a high class restaurant. Just a tip. Before you cut makis, each time clean the knife with a wet cloth. This way they won’t come out all squashed. Enjoy your sushi!

On  a side note:

You can eat sushi with chopsticks or with bare hands doesn’t have any specific way. And yah there are sushi/maki that use canned tunas and its not that all bad i always get invited to these places where chef would make it for you and the chef would tell me to eat it with what im comfortable with chopstick or bare hand

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