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Best Hand Vacuums

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

When it comes to the daily maintenance of the table for meals or even cooking, hand vacuum is an easy and practical solution. It is in a format that invites the grab for only 5 minutes and it has a weight that makes it easy to handle even on days of small form.

To allow you to buy the first time the currently best hand vacuum available, we studied the various models on sale, compared the opinions concerning, Compulse different folders. In the end we selected six models, including the very effective Black + Decker hand vac PV1820L-QW.

What is an effective hand cleaner? What is the ideal weight of a hand vacuum? What budget provision?

The result of our research will answer all your questions and you will find the best handheld vacuum in your budget.

Special vacuum Handbag Best Quality / Price

BLACK + DECKER PD1820L QW-Hand Vacuum Cleaner …

BLACK + DECKER PV1820L QW-Hand Vacuum Cleaner …

Dustbuster Hand Wireless, 9KPA Vacuum …

Rowenta AC476901 Hand Vacuum, 0.38 liters, …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

On G tested for you, all articles are written in thinking only readers. That is to say, we seek above all the accuracy of the products we offer, ignoring the original manufacturer.

Specifically, all products deserve our interest, because we are working for or with a brand. We do not realize the sponsored items and we do not receive free products against test or presentation item.

Besides the only funding the site comes from commissions we touch upon purchase via links in place here and there (learn more).

Again we have no preference for one store over another, which is why we offer a comparative staff that allows you to directly find the product of your choice on the cheapest site. This explains why in some cases the links highlight Amazon, while in others they point to Cdiscount Darty, etc.

Comparative Vacuum Handbags / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Black + Decker PV1020L-QW

The originality of this model is the presence of a nose swivel 200 ° to reach any surface easily, possibly with the help of its integrated extension.

This is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson with 100 W. The autonomy is 20 minutes. It comes with a motorized brush to clean pet hair from carpets.

Light, equipped with a dual filtration, this model has good usability, increased by two accessories included: a brush and a crevice tool. Autonomy is 9 minutes.

The best mid-range

Black + Decker PV1020L-QW

The originality of this model is the presence of a nose swivel 200 ° to reach any surface easily, possibly with the help of its integrated extension.

This is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson with 100 W. The autonomy is 20 minutes. It comes with a motorized brush to clean pet hair from carpets.

Light, equipped with a dual filtration, this model has good usability, increased by two accessories included: a brush and a crevice tool. Autonomy is 9 minutes.

How Is Made The selection?

To find the best handheld vacuum cleaners, we have created a list of criteria. This allows for an objective and therefore reliable approach. Each model must be efficient and ergonomic.

In operation, the handheld unit much like the bagless vacuum cleaner, since the dust is sent to a reservoir emptying at regular intervals. It can also, especially in the context of a high-end product, be compared to a water vacuum and dust. But the selection criteria are relatively specific to this small size.

Because of the device size, power may seem very low. Yet from 15 watts, a hand vac is a correct product. And it is considered powerful from 20 watts. The ideal is to have the power associated with a drive to benefit freely and on various surfaces.


Above all it is the tank capacity interests. It is said that the more it is, the less it will be necessary to empty and thus to the maintenance of the hand vacuum. However this means that when the tank is full, the total weight increases unpleasantly. So it is better to stay on a small capacity.

The other element to consider is the way to empty. Dyson offers very hygienic systems. Other brands simply invite open and shake the tank above the trash. In a home with allergies, as priority the most ergonomic and accurate system possible.

Last point, what kind of waste accept the hand vacuum? Most often it sucks the dust, but there are models that aspire liquids and dust.

Autonomy and the charge time

Autonomy is more or less always the same, maximum 20 minutes.

By cons there is a great disparity in the charge time. With a lithium-ion battery, the handheld unit can be loaded in 4 to 6 hours.

Other models require almost twenty hours. This is not necessarily bad if one aspires only once a day. This becomes problematic if you want to use at different times of the day.

If an effort is really made noise robot vacuum cleaners and even vacuum cleaners sleds with high-end bag is far from the case on hand vacuums. They are noisy and products every decibel account.

The vacuum cleaner is running on battery. It therefore needs a loading system. This can be included in a base to lay on a table, a wall mounting base or simply with a cable. This system will directly influence where you can store the handheld unit. This is why it is better to know before buying.

The design, weight and grip directly affect the usability of the device. Cleaning is often easier with a product in less than a kilo in all.

With an input range of vacuum cleaner accessories are rare or nonexistent. It should go upmarket to qualify for certain options like a power cable (to clean the inside of the car), brush, crevice tool, etc.

Finally, if you have the means to buy a top model, maybe you could take the time to compare vacuum cleaners, because many of them can turn handheld vacuum cleaner in one click. As against the original budget is not at all the same.

Best Vacuums Handbags – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Philips FC6148 / 01: The Best Cheap

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Less than 1 kg 2 accessories included Easy to empty Double filtration curved handle

The handheld vacuum cleaner Philips FC6148 / 01 is a model that offers good value for money. In fact, for less than EUR 80, it has a power of 22 W and there is even a drive to choose between two powers. It can be used on the floor, table or chairs and sofas. For even more variety, it comes with two accessories: a brush (for vacuuming the finest dust) and a crevice tool (for hard to reach areas).

The battery is a Li-ion model, which offers a 9-minute autonomy. A charging base is included and serves as storage base. It stops automatically when the vacuum cleaner is charged, thereby not wasting electricity unnecessarily. By cons it is best to put the base on a desk and not directly on the ground, because the handle finds himself at the bottom, which is not very convenient to grasp.

Finally, when it is empty, this hand vacuum weighs 0.8 kg. It almost comes to regret that its autonomy is not longer because it can suck without fatigue!

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2. Black + Decker Dvj315J-Q W: The Alternative No Dear

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Only 1 kg Indicator tracking filter retractable brush included indicator monitoring battery tank transparent

Quite noisy Filter difficult to buy

The Black Hand Vac model + Decker is a complete product on him all the necessary elements and without increase. So it only weighs 1.07 kilograms, while a weight is correct with respect to competition. The accessories are directly present on the end where the aspiration is done. There is a brush, which is clipped on top and folds underneath. And there is also a retractable end extender that can suck the most remote areas you without extension of the arm.

The autonomy of this handheld unit is 14 minutes. This is a lithium battery that loads in 4 h. As said before, an indicator tracks the battery capacity. Then the loading is done using a jack, the cable is included in the sales package.

To ensure healthy air, a double filter is in place. It must still plan to change the filter regularly and this is the fault of this product appears. Indeed, it is difficult to remove the filter and equally problematic to purchase replacement filters. It’s a shame, because it does not invite long preserve the unit, even though it works well.

Another flaw, most minimal, it emits 82.5 dB. It’s much, though compared to the competition is any enough unfortunately.

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Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Easy to empty retractable Accessories Self-Cleaning Filter Nose swivel 200 ° High power

Not ideal for wall mounting Quite noisy

This Black + Decker hand vac is presented as an extremely interesting alternative to what Dyson offers. It must be said that the necessary budget is not at all the same as the power is at the rendezvous. Indeed, the power is 20 Airwatts and based on a cyclonic suction. Two accessories are included directly in the camera. So useless to seek an intelligent storage, you have them with you at all times. This is an extension (which lengthens the suction nozzle) and a retractable brush (for sucking the finest dust on a couch or carpet).

Another specificity of this model is its pivoting nose. Indeed, the suction nose can be placed on 8-position differences and a rotation of 200 °. So it is not the person in charge of the household who turns his wrist or arm, but the vacuum cleaner that adapts to the surface to be cleaned.

Moreover, without a featherweight, this vacuum weighs only 1.28 kg, which is still quite correct. The tank has a capacity of 440 ml and it is transparent for easy monitoring and emptying. The filter is self-cleaning to minimize maintenance to a minimum.

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4. Black + Decker Pv1820L-Q W: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Power 35 W pivot nose at 200 ° Triple filtration expandable nozzle included Quick Charge

Quite noisy (85dB)

The Black cordless hand vacuum + Decker PV1820L-QW is a more powerful version of the model above. However it is only the second place, because the power is accompanied by an increase in volume. So it still emits 85 dB, getting a lot and actually hinder discussion.

In order to clean all surfaces, the hand vacuum cleaner has a nose pivot 200 °. That is to say, it can be placed in 8 different positions. There is also an extendable nozzle, that is to say the possibility of extending the suction nozzle, and a special brush furnishings. The tank has a capacity of 440 ml. Since it is transparent, it is easy to know when to empty it. The principle is quite simple, nothing special.

Final point on ergonomics, it weighs 1.38 kg vacuum. It remains correct and therefore easy to handle. Autonomy is of 10 minutes. It’s pretty short, fortunately the charging time is relatively short as it is only 4 hours. It is thus possible to use the device at least twice a day if necessary, or even more, because we seldom aspires to total battery depletion. The battery charging is done on the charging station, itself connected by a wire to an electrical outlet. It can be placed horizontally or fixed vertically on a wall.

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Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Very powerful motorized brush included sanitary dump load in 3 hours 30 minutes Up to 20 minutes autonomy

Dyson is a fairly expensive brand and effectively his hand vacuums are sold among the high-end products as the V6 model Trigger. On the other hand, the brand announced that it is the most powerful of his generation handheld vacuum (in comparison with the best selling models of the moment). So it has a power of 100 watts and offers a range of up to 20 minutes in normal mode. With fashion suction max, autonomy drops to 6 minutes. And it is 17 minutes with the use of motorized brush. The charging time is very fast, since it is expected that 3 hours 30 minutes.

This handheld unit is sold with two accessories for a wide variety of use. There is a crevice tool (for corners) and a motorized brush. The latter is the most interesting element, especially when living with animals. Indeed it can suck the hair on upholstery.

The plug is hand is particularly well thought out. The device weighs 1.23 kg and the center of gravity (often at the motor) is the closest possible to the handle for manipulation without forcing. Furthermore the emptying is particularly hygienic, with a similar aperture to that of the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner models. The dust collector has a capacity of 400 ml, which avoids overburdening the device when it is full.

The only real flaw of this device is its sound level. It still emits 87 dB, which is a lot. It is unfortunate that Dyson does not seek to make efforts in this regard. Because even if it is a device that is designed to be used only a few minutes, the noise creates a real nuisance.

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6. Black + Decker Dvj325Bfsp-Q W: The Alternative Premium

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Turbo brush against animal hairs filter cleaning Signal Indicator for battery 2 speeds to choose filter anti odor

total weight (1.55 kg)

Although part of the high-end products, portable vacuum cleaner over Black + Decker DVJ325BFSP-QW has a price quite correct, especially in comparison options included. Indeed it can be purchased for less than 100 EUR thanks to a coupon. This is an efficient and powerful model with 27 watts and a power inverter with two speeds. It has cyclonic action and a double filtration. It is designed for all surfaces. Thus there are two accessories included: the extension and retractable brush. And there is also a turbo brush that can specifically vacuuming pet hair on upholstery (carpet, cushions, sofa, etc.).

The battery lasts for 16 minutes and it is loaded with a simple wire. The charging time is about 6 hours, which is still quite high, especially compared with all other handhelds of this selection.

Finally it is a discrete model, mostly gray with purple accent. If this is not a light hand vacuum, it still weighs only 1.5 kg, the limit to make it comfortable. And the noise it emits only 80 dB, slightly less than many models.

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And why not…

Here are some attractive products to complete the selection. It is always difficult to be limited to 6 products, particularly at the mercy of specials, balances or Black Friday prices vary and that a product little less can be more in your budget.

Black + Decker Dvj315B-Qw

This Black + Decker vacuum cleaner is a stylish model in black and red. It has a lithium battery that provides a range of 10 to 15 minutes depending on the speed used. The charger is positioned in the horizontal included base. There should be about 4 hours to fully charge the battery and it’s really his forte.

Apart from that, it has a comfortable reservoir of 500 ml and empty it weighs only 1 kg. It is therefore easy to handle.

Best Vacuums Handbags 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Black + Decker Bhhv520Bfp-Qw

This is a special hand vacuum against animal hair. Indeed it is equipped with a turbo brush that effectively suck the hair on a sofa or blanket. Two speeds are optional and autonomy of 20 minutes is more than sufficient in relation to the size of the reservoir (500 ml). There is even a short dump to throw dust easily.

Two filters are in place, a first rigid filter and a filter cloth. A system odor is included, handy when it comes to pick up pet hair. As against the filter needs to be changed once or twice a year and it is not easy to find a suitable filter. It’s a shame, because a light is expected to report that we must change the filter.

An extension is built in, to suck in corners or under furniture. However, its effectiveness is limited on while dust is very good on the hair.

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Holife Hlhm036Bweu

The hand-held vacuum HoLife HLHM036BWEU is an efficient model with a power of 100 W and an aspiration 6 KPA. It also works well on dust as liquids. Thus it may contain up to 600 ml of dry dust in the tank and 100 ml of liquid.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vacuum Handbags Or Vacuum Broom

The space between the two devices is not the same.

The handheld unit is a supplement, it is used in circumstances and very specific places.

The upright vacuum cleaner and hand is a more consistent product, which is used for cleaning the whole house. Some stands to turn into hand vacuum. It is an attractive purchase when you need or want a new vacuum cleaner, and we made a single purchase.

Vacuum Handbag Philips Vs Black + Decker

There are preferences that do not really explain. So in he goes between Philips and Black + Decker.

These are brands that offer the same category of devices, similar prices and very similar options. Difficult to decide.

We advise you to focus on practical details like price, noise and not choosing a brand or another.

What We Can Draw With A Vacuum Handbags?

There are as many ways to use a handheld vacuum that there are families that have them. Indeed, one can only keep the car or camper. Some come to the end of each meal and suck the crumbs on the table or the couch.

It can also suck the ash, hair, pet hair. We can go after her manicure, on the carpet, mattress, on the stairs, underneath furniture. In fact, you can do anything!

How to Clean a vacuum In Table?

The maintenance of the table vacuum cleaner through the act of emptying regularly. It should also clean the hand vacuum filter about once a month.

To do this, simply remove the filter and shake it over the trash. It is also possible to spend the warm water. When it is dry, simply reattach it.

For who ?

When hand vacuum think we often think of grandmothers and children. Yet it is a handy accessory in other contexts such as in a nail salon or at a nail technician.

According to Maria Montessori children can take over cleaning their work areas, so the vacuum can be in a classroom or hall entertainment, available to children. There are really no rules for such a device!

Conclusion: What To Buy Hand Vacuum According to Us?

If it were up to us, it is the Black + Decker hand vac PV1820L-QW that we would buy or possibly less powerful version, but also less noisy what the Black + Decker PV1020L.

And notices consider that the price is really interesting compared to Dyson products, so the efficiency is not necessarily so superior than that. Only if you have pets, we suggest you focus on the Dyson V6 Trigger.

Best Humidifiers

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

This is mainly in winter when the heaters are on, the air becomes dry, the taut skin, eyes sting or crying, his nose is irritated. The discomfort is real and will not go away until the humidity in your room or your home will not change. A good humidifier may solve the problem from day one.

We need to be in a more than 40% humidity environment to feel good. This is particularly important in places where one stays long as a room. And that is why we must choose a humidifier, to sleep well and have a better humidity.

What humidifier choose? How to distinguish the different products? Must imperatively a humidifier in the baby’s room?

Find the answer to these questions and more goods continuing reading. We present them the best products of the moment, including our favorite model, Babymoov Hygro Plus.

KLARSTEIN MaxFresh – Air Freshener …

MVPower Air Freshener, Air Cooler …

Air humidifier, ultrasonic TENDOMI WIFI …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To distinguish a good product, there is only one thing to do: look at and compare products. This takes time and it is necessary to have a specific set of criteria and objectives to consider. Finally, any external influence must undergo.

G tested for you meet all these conditions. Site funding is only possible if the players are satisfied and decide to purchase through one of these links (learn more). The editorial team must build on the technical files and varied, such as Leroy Merlin or Health Magazine, and on many opinions and accessible on Amazon, YouTube or Darty.

Following this research, only humidifiers already proven are retained.

Comparison On Air Humidifier / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Under the format of a great night, this humidifier works with cold steam and ultrasound. It can run for 22 hours with manual or automatic adjustments.

Only ultraviolet humidifier of the section, it is also a 2-in-1 device that can be used as a fan for the summer. With its water tank 3 l, it can operate 18 hours.

Suitable for a surface up to 30 m², this humidifier has a timer, three levels of haze, an adjustable diffuser, a night mode and a micro-porous cartridge.

The best mid-range

Under the format of a great night, this humidifier works with cold steam and ultrasound. It can run for 22 hours with manual or automatic adjustments.

The best high-end

Only ultraviolet humidifier of the section, it is also a 2-in-1 device that can be used as a fan for the summer. With its water tank 3 l, it can operate 18 hours.

Suitable for a surface up to 30 m², this humidifier has a timer, three levels of haze, an adjustable diffuser, a night mode and a micro-porous cartridge.

How Is Made The selection?

To compare different humidifiers available, we first establish a specific list of objective and relevant characteristics. This allows at first to distinguish the models together and identify best. This also allows for everyone to identify the humidifier will work best for their home or office.

Note that some products are called “baby.” Actually a good humidifier to moisten allows any room efficiently and without excess. Moreover it seems that many humidifier owners have discovered this type of device in a nursery for then install in their own room or living room.

Operating mode

Several different technologies exist to improve the humidity. First humidifier can operate with hot steam or cold vapor. The cold vapor is the most discreet option, but it is also one that requires the most maintenance. On the other hand the hot steam can be dangerous around children.

Furthermore it is possible to have a humidifier with ultrasonic or UV. Ultrasounds are very common and popular, although they also require a regular maintenance. The humidifier UV functions as hot or cold vapor but provides a healthy humidity. These more expensive models, but they are often the only correct solution for people with allergies or weakened immune systems.

The surface treatment / Tank

Depending on the speed and size of the reservoir, the humidifier is suitable for an optimal surface. The information may be directly given according to the floor area (in m²). The size of the water tank also helps to get an idea of ​​the autonomy of the unit.

Automatic or Manual

The settings can be automated, that is to say depending on the moisture content measured by the internal humidistat. This can range from a completely automatic system (the road in shutdown) to a simple automatic stop when the desired level is reached. Conversely the device can be only manual without measuring the air quality.

The presence of options is extremely variable from one product to another. Here are some common options humidifiers: timer, scheduler, essential oil diffuser, night, mist, child secure, diffusion angle converter, etc.

In principle a humidifier must not emit more than 30 dB, which allows it to be placed in a room. However this varies from one model to another and it is best to check the noise before buying.

The best humidifier will not help you if the problem concerning the air quality of your home does not come from an ambient drought. If in doubt, the first investment to make concerns a very good weather station. It will allow you to know the air quality and humidity. Depending on the results, you will know what to buy between a humidifier, a dehumidifier and an air purifier.

Best On Air Humidifier – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Taotronics Tt-Ah001: The Best Cheap

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

For integrated hygrometer room of 30 m² Adjustable diffuser microporous cartridge Timer included

TaoTronics offers with this ultrasonic humidifier device for a fairly large room. In fact it works in a room up to 30 m², which is more than what most competing products offer. For this purpose it has a 4 liter reservoir. The Mist is rotated 360 °.

Getting started is very simple. There are few buttons and each has a specific function. So there are three mists of powers, a programmable timer from 1 to 24 pm, a night mode and automatic operation from humidity to choose personally. There are few lights and night mode (called sleep) is used to turn everything off to find themselves totally in the dark.

The water tank is easy to fill with different handles for manipulation. The same goes for maintenance to be performed regularly. The humidifier operates with a micro-porous cartridge which purifies the water. When the tank is empty, the humidifier starts automatically stop. With 4 liters, it still offers a battery life of 15 hours (depending on the chosen mist flow).

The only drawback of this device is possibly its noise. It transmits in effect 38 dB, which is a little more than the sound level recommended for a room. Some do not notice, the other positioned at the other end of the chamber relative to the headboard In addition it is the noise with the maximum power of fogging (300 ml / h) and therefore the minimum power, noise is much less.

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2. Taotronics Tt-Ah002N: The Alternative No Dear

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Grand Double diffusion nozzle Ultrasound tank and cold vapor Silencer Auto Off if vacuum tank

Here is a baby humidifier that actually fit all. Indeed he has no specific option for children, by cons it is discreet and practical and should therefore both a room in a salon. This device is light enough to position a priority in height. It is provided with a double spinning nozzle at 360 °. It is thus possible to send the haze in two different directions on the angle of your choice.

The water tank has a capacity of 3.5 liters, which allows it to have a range of up to 10 h. It is provided with a ultrafine ceramic filter which acts against the water impurities and odors. Furthermore it is a device which operates with ultrasound and cold vapor. That makes for a very discreet humidifier and to have a healthy and comfortable humidity. A button on the front of the device selects the scattered mist flow. This rate may be a maximum of 330 ml / hr. The assembly is suitable for a volume of up to 150 m³, corresponding more or less to a surface of 30 m² (based on your ceiling height).

When the tank is empty, the humidifier has an automatic stop and a red LED is lit to inform of the reason for the halt. It is truly the only option that has this device. Indeed, there is no timer, no programmer, no humidity measurement. We must plan a more weather stations and manually manage the startup and shutdown of the product. This is why its price. Fortunately the handling is simple, even when you have a very occasional use of the device and that it will not come out the manual every time.

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3. Babymoov Hygro More: The Best Middle End

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Large tank (2.5 l) 7 color night light + Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser essential oils backlit touchscreen

short electrical cable

The humidifier Babymoov Hygro Plus is a product originally designed for a baby room, but has quite a place in a child’s room or an adult. It is a well-rounded device that evokes a great pilot. It is 36 cm high and has a swivel spout 360 °. Thus the humidifier can be positioned anywhere depending on the room layout and still distribute the moisture in the right direction.

All controls are at the backlit touch screen and digital display. One can choose between a manual or automatic. The manual mode gives access to 5 damp rate powers. The automatic mode is done using the measurement of humidity. Thus the device is switched on if necessary. The display also shows the temperature.

Two options are available and easy to use. Firstly it is possible to pilot the internal road to the humidifier. There are seven soft colors that can be fixed or scroll. Brightness is still quite important, you have to experiment to find what works best for your baby. Then he can use the humidifier to diffuse essential oils. They must be chosen carefully (some not for children) to calm, facilitate sleep, congestion, etc.

On the practical side, the Babymoov Hygro + is recommended for rooms with a maximum area of ​​20 sqm. It emits a maximum noise level of 25 dB, that is to say a slight hum. The tank has a capacity of 2.5 liters. When it is empty, the humidifier stops automatically. This gives a range of about 22 hours. By cons there is no on / off button. In case of absence or to turn off the unit completely, you must disconnect. Then when you reconnect, you must remember to check all settings that are not maintained once on the other.

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4. Philips Hu4803 / 01: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Night mode auto or manual mode Two NanoCloud speed digital interface technology

Hygrometer not ultra-precise

The ultrasonic humidifier and cold vapor Philips also has the NanoCloud technology (developed by Philips), which helps fight against bacteria. The objective is that the water is filtered so that moisture is distributed as healthy as possible. Besides Philips ensures that the filters are easily accessible for changing them regularly. Provision should be made to change after 3 to 12 months depending on the quality of your air and your water. A set of two filters cost around 17 EUR.

The controls are positioned on top of the unit and are via an intuitive digital interface. Everything is simplified to the maximum. Thus it is even possible to opt for automatic mode. The unit starts and stops according to the statement humidity. This allows for good wetting of the room, without excess and even achieving energy savings since the device is in standby whenever possible. People who seek a specific ideal may be slightly disappointed by cons because the measures are not highly accurate compared to a weather station.

It is also possible to opt for a limited start-up. For this, one can choose the speed and even set the timer (over 1 h, 4 h or 8 h). In all cases, the automatic stopping remains when the water tank is empty. It has a capacity of 2 liters. There is also a night mode which limits the brightness of the device.

A final important detail is a compact, elegant and dark. It can be placed in a living room or office without attracting too much attention. The noise level is very discreet because emits only 26 dB.

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5. Dyson AM10: The Best Premium

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

ultraviolet Presence Option 10 powers fan timer Remote

while plastic outer

The apparatus Dyson AM10 is 2-en-1, it is both humidifier and fan. Thus it can be used throughout the year to increase the humidity in the air (especially in winter when the heaters are on) and cool (in summer). This is a solid, trusted, even though the outside is plastic. And especially it has an original and unique design, inviting lightness.

The humidifier is a product using ultraviolet technology cleanse, that is to say, he performs the Clean Water with Ultraviolet. 99.9% of bacteria were killed prior to being transformed into mist. Furthermore the distribution of water droplets is effected by ultrasound. The set is intuitive and simple, discreetly.

The fan has ten different power levels. It is also easy to use. By cons is a much noisier mode and at maximum power it is impossible to sleep with (it will emit 62 dB).

Everything is controlled with the remote control, the phone itself has only one button. Contrary to what some descriptive announce, this is not a device with a battery, but rather a humidifier that plugs into the mains. A timer is included. It’s pretty accurate since one can choose from a 15 minute run time at 9 o’clock. The tank has a capacity of 3 liters, which gives the maximum autonomy of 18 hours.

When switched on, a warning light comes on. You can not turn off, even at night. It’s a small inconvenience that invites to be creative (with a piece of tape, for example). It is a pity that there is no Dyson thought then that one is facing a perfected product quality moisture broadcast.

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6. Philips Ac4080 / 10 Combi 2-In-1: Alternative Premium

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Purifier and humidifier Automatic mode Displays air quality Simplified controls flow 3 speeds

approximate hygrometer

The purifier works with VitaShield IPS. It is provided with an active carbon filter and a HEPA filter which allows it to capture finer particles. Both filters are attached directly together for easy maintenance. Both are changed at the same time. In addition, a sensor informs when to change the filters in question.

The humidifier has the NanoCloud technology. As moisture is diffused by evaporation in confidence. The haze of the sending rate is adjusted to three different speeds including a maximum of 300 ml / h.

An automatic mode will not worry about the proper functioning of the unit. Thus, both the purifier humidifier set off only when necessary. It’s all the same to you to determine the moisture level that suits you. The noise level is relatively discreet, amount to 36 dB at maximum power. To have a really restful sleep, it is best to use minimum power.

The assembly may be installed in a room with a surface of 42 m² maximum. It is best to choose the right location the first time, because it is a heavy product and quite cumbersome. Thus it weighs 8.3 kg and measures 60 cm high. The controls are all on top, easy to access. And control the quality of the air is on the front. It works with color coding (blue – well, purple – ok, red – bad) to not be forced to move up the humidifier every time.

And why not…

Here are some additional humidifiers that are not bad at all. With this bonus list, there is no doubt that you will find a product coming into your budget and suitable for your home, even wait until balances or until Black Friday.

Taotronics Tt-Ah024

This TaoTronics humidifier is a compact and stylish design, easy to move and fully manual. Indeed, this is an all-white product, with a carrying handle when needed. It has a large opening to easily fill the tank. It also cleanses quickly.

This is a discrete product. It emits 27 dB Max and he has no light. So it disturbs nothing in the quiet of a room for the night.

Its large tank has a capacity of 4 liters. The flow rate is adjusted with a dial. Depending on the setting, it has an air flow rate ranging from 60 to 300 ml / h. And the reservoir has a range from 12 to 50 hours. The spray nozzle is rotatable through 360 °. The set is suitable for a room with an area of ​​20 to 40 m², ie both a bedroom, a living room or office.

Best Humidifiers On Air 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Air Natural Clevair 2

The Clevair humidifier 2 of the Air Natural range is a model combining the functions. It uses the cold steam or warm (40-45 °), an ionizer function and aromatherapy. Settings are made directly on the unit via the digital display or the included remote control. This will place the device in the most convenient location above the nozzle is rotated 360 °.

Are included a filter cartridge and a thermometer, a hygrostat and a 5-liter tank. This eliminates the need of a weather station. In manual mode, you can choose between three different speeds. The automatic mode will be guided by the humidity that is raised.

At night, it’s not the ideal device for sensitive people. The sound level is not extremely discreet when starting up (especially noticeable with the automatic mode that can cause more periods of operation in one night). And some lights remain on at all times.

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Stadler Form Eva

The beautiful Eva humidifier Stadler Form is a premium product for large surfaces. It should in rooms up to 80 m² (some people use apartment by opening all doors). This is an ultrasonic model that works with the warm or cool mist. The adjustments are manual or automatic.

Eva apparatus is sold with a remote control connected. It is equipped with a humidity sensor. This allows for more accurate and relevant measurements from the same sensor positioned directly on the humidifier. Thus the unit turns on automatically when needed. In manual mode, you can select from five speeds.

The reservoir is large, 6.3-liter, but it offers only ten hours of battery life. A replaceable scale filter is included. However, it must still avoid using too hard water. One option dissemination of essential oils is also included.

It makes very little noise, but it occasionally emits a gurgling noise that can disturb especially at night.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Use A Humidifier Water?

The water depends on the models. Some work with tap water. Others will require sterile water or boiled and cooled water. This depends on both the type of product you have purchased and your expectations in terms of health and comfort.

Time How Leave a humidifier?

How To Use One Of Air Humidifier?

To start, check the installation location of the device and its operating mode (with timer or humidity sensor?). It is best to position the center of the room to a better diffusion of moisture. Avoid also to put too close to a wall, wooden furniture or heater. Then, trust in the notice, to regularly fill the tank, do general maintenance (especially the filter if there is one) and the program.

Where Place Room Humidifier Baby?

Above all, avoid firmly against the crib, despite that show publicity photos. Place it out of children’s reach and about 1 m above the ground.

How to Maintain a humidifier?

Maintenance is required, but it depends on the type of device you have purchased. If that is so necessary is that a dirty humidifier, poorly maintained, can be found to distribute steam charged with microbes and thus participate in the proliferation of diseases.

How Does A Humidifier?

The internal principle is very simple. The device will simply allow the distribution of steam, continuous or not. The steam may be produced by ultrasound, heat, by evaporation. Depending on the models, the triggering of the steam is caused by a programmer (with start-up times) or with a detector. The second solution is preferred because the humidifier operates only when the humidity drops too.

Steam Humidifier Warm Or Cool?

The choice is made according to several different criteria. The cool mist humidifier uses less energy and is more safe with children. By cons it can cause a feeling of freshness.

Conclusion: What To Buy Air Humidifier According to Us?

If we had to choose only one, it would be the humidifier Babymoov Hygro Plus. Yes, it is sold at the nursery radius and is presented as a baby product. However a humidifier is a humidifier, regardless of its design and packaging. The strong point here is the presence of an essential oil diffuser, nice to soothe and relieve even when one is ill.

To a solution a bit more basic and less whimsical design, we prefer the model TaoTronics TT-AH001. And to ensure that the air is healthy, especially with people in poor health, it is necessary to buy the most advanced, that is to say, the Dyson AM10 equipped with a humidifier treatment of water to ultraviolet light.

Best Steam Cookers

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable – Comparison

A steamer is an electric cooker that can prepare many dishes a snap and desserts. To be sure to make a worthwhile purchase, make sure to order the best cooks can steam, that is to say one that will suit you personally.

To help you make your choice, we present 6 high quality products with best steam cooker 2020 in our view, the Russell Hobbs 19270-56.

How to Compare Steam cooked? What steamer choose my budget? Can we do anything other than Steam?

Take stock of these issues through this file and find your future steamer for cooking.

Promo Steamer Best Quality / Price


H.Koenig Steamer Electric VAP12 …

Braun FS5100WH Steamer Electric White …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

G tested for you, all the reviews are written and published independently. This website is not affiliated with any brand of appliance, which allows him to present products based on their efficiency and not according to their manufacturer.

For this the files are written from line items (on specialized sites like on the magazine side house), reviews on Amazon and Darty shops and videos and user publications.

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact

It is a cooker without plastic almost. The two bowls (6 l in total) are stainless steel while the cover is glass. The power is 980 W and the storage is ultra compact.

For overworked people, it has 3 compartments with tray to prevent flavors are transmitted from one floor to another. It works with delayed start and keep warm.

With three steam baskets (either the 9 in all) and a rice basket (1 L), it works with a 60 minute timer. Water may be added at any time on one side choice.

The best mid-range

It is a cooker without plastic almost. The two bowls (6 l in total) are stainless steel while the cover is glass. The power is 980 W and the storage is ultra compact.

The best high-end

Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact

For overworked people, it has 3 compartments with tray to prevent flavors are transmitted from one floor to another. It works with delayed start and keep warm.

How Is Made The selection?

A steamer is an electrical device that allows one type of cooking. It is to bring pressure cookers and rice cookers. For a more versatile, we must turn to multicuiseurs (which cook and eventually are mixing) or to the Cookeo (who only cook).

Despite the simplicity of cooking of a steam cooker, there are still a number of criteria to consider. This establishes an objective comparison, on reliable characteristics.

Each steamer comes with two compartments, one for water, one for food. There may be other more compartments stacked one above the other. For a family of 4, there must be a volume of 6 liters. The steam cooked currently for sale have a capacity ranging from 4 to 12 liters depending on the model.

This folder has only the same type cookers: electric steamer. It is therefore to connect to power to use it. And each product has an electric power ranging from 600 to 2000 W. More power, the longer the cooking, especially preheating, is fast. On the other hand it also makes up the electricity bill, so priority should be given significant power on a cooker proven effectiveness.

The options and functions

Some options may be included to improve the grip of the steam cooking appliance. Among them are a timer, temperature manual adjustment, a delayed start, but a yogurt maker function, the ability to wash the items in the dishwasher, etc.

To find the best steam cooker for your kitchen, you compare the color, size, weight, dimensions.

1. Russell Hobbs 19270-56: The Best Cheap

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

3 bowls or 9 in the whole basket for rice Spaces Filling eggs while cooking timer 60 minutes

No juice recovery

The steamer Russell Hobbs 19270-56 is a model input range that allows to prepare a lot of things at once. Indeed it is equipped with three plastic baskets BPA for a total capacity of 9 l. In each basket are locations to cook eggs. And a basket of a liter for cooking rice is also included. For storage, the baskets will fit into each other to take the least possible space.

On the front of the base are two important elements: the timer which provides flow and water level. The timer has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. It is associated with an automatic stop and an audible signal. The water level is easy to follow, which is convenient even during cooking, because it is possible to fill the tank any time through two holes positioned on each side. By cons attention pedestal heater and cooker can be moved after startup.

The power is 800 watts, which is not bad. As against it lacks a recovery juice between baskets.

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2. Aigostar Fitfoodie 30Cfo: The Alternative No Dear

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

3 baskets of rice Bowl 3 l Special Protection overheating protection Water level indicator Timer 60 min

The steam pressure cooker Aigostar Fitfoodie 30CFO is a device that allows both of steaming many foods and prepare rice. In fact it comes with three steam baskets, each with a capacity of 3 liters. The one under the lid can even receive larger food like artichokes. And also receives a special rice bowl which allows to easily cook grains. All items are dishwasher safe.

The power of the device is 800 watts. There is no adjustment required. The initiation is done using the timer that has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. This applies even to turn off the cooker, you must reposition the timer to 0. However there are several over-temperature systems to automatic operation. First the steamer will stop automatically when there is more water in the tank. Then a buzzer sounded the end of cooking. Finally a light signal lights when the temperature is too high.

The water tank has a level indicator, visible just off the timer. An opening allows refilling while cooking if this proves necessary, without having to lift the baskets.

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3. Convenient Vc145100 Seb: The Best Middle-End

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Two stainless steel bowls Bowls Glass lid Power 980 Watt Timer 60 min

No temperature adjustment

Here is a steam cooker in stainless steel with a value prime. Indeed cooker Seb Convenient is a complete unit of 980 watts with a total capacity of 6 liters. It is equipped with two stainless steel bowls and a glass lid. Even the base limits the use of plastic. For storage, it is possible to fit all, that is to say that the bowls take a position directly on the base (while competing products invite to store the base on one side, the bowls of each other) .

The initiation is done with a timer of 60 minutes associated with an automatic stop. Next door is a reminder of the ideal cooking time for each type of food (for al dente result). you have access to the same level in a track of the amount of water remaining in the tank. It is also possible to add at any time through a side opening.

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4. Identity Collection Braun Fs5100Bk: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

2 bowls of 3.1 L black Elegant Power 850 W compact storage Easy maintenance

Do not fill during cooking

With this product, Braun offers a steam cooker that can cook two different preparations safely that smells of one invading the second. So there are two removable bowls of 3.1 liters each. They are plastic transparent BPA. The rest is black to make it a stylish and enjoyable product positioning in the kitchen. It weighs 2.3 kg, which is very handy. Different bowls fit a particularly compact storage. It also helps to cook rice and eggs.

The power is 850 watts, allowing quick heat. The initiation is done with a timer 60 minutes. By cons must fill out the first water tank, because it is not possible to refill during cooking. It’s a shame, especially as the bowls do not have very large handles. The set is easy to handle, but there are no plans to put the water, including using a D system (such as the interruption of cooking).

To clean the steam cooker, it is sufficient to rinse the base (which also serves as a water tank). The other elements, that is to say everything that is removable, can be placed in the dishwasher.

5. Seb Vs404300 Vitacuisine Compact: The Best Premium

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

No temperature controller

The steam cooker Seb VitaCuisine Compact is a product of great capacity, with a nice versatility. Thus it is sold with three compartments (with a total capacity of 10.3 liters), two plates (for recovering drippings) and 4 glass cups, lids and support. It is therefore possible to cook with steam, including with sauce. The trays are positioned in each compartment and ensure that the flavors do not mix. To try new things, a book of 100 recipes is available. The power of 1800 Watts really lets do what we want.

Furthermore various features improve the grip. For example, one can select a start delay of 4 hours or benefit of maintaining the automatic warm. Scaling is built for maintenance of the base. And all the removable parts can be put in the dishwasher (although they are quite bulky and the dishes by hand may be preferable). Storage is relatively compact, although everything is positioned above the base.

The grip is made from an LCD screen and a few buttons positioned on each side. The term Vitamin + that there are means a steam ultrafast better preserving food.

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6. Moulinex Steam’Up Vj504010: The Alternative Premium

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Made in France 8 Recipe Booklet programs 45 min steam No contact with food

Online revenue mainly

Steam’Up is a steamer to completely original concept. Moreover in 2019, this was voted Favorite Heart Jury Prize for Innovation. Indeed, it is a compact device that simply distribute steam and send down. This means that the Steam’Up is positioned above the dish of your choice. It runs on any flat 16 to 29 cm in diameter, round, oval or even rectangular. The device is never in contact with food and you can use the dishes you enjoy and that can even be directly on the table.

Side operation, cooker features 8 programs and a manual mode, all easily accessible from the control screen. A book of 30 recipes possible to get ideas to get started. Others are available at Moulinex. And a steamer stainless steel is included to receive certain foods that cook best.

The water tank has a capacity of 700 ml which enables the steam cooker to operate for 45 minutes. If that’s not enough, it is possible to refill without turning the unit on break.

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And why not…

Finally some attractive products and more. If you are looking to buy an electric steamer in coupon, it will be easier to find your happiness by having more choices (this is also a good way for us to present all the products that we liked).

Aicok Hy-4401Ds

The fired steam electric AICOK HY-4401DS is a budget model with a stainless steel base and three baskets transparent plastic without BPA. The total volume is 9 liters and format baskets really allows great versatility in the preparation of dishes over the week.

Seb Vitasaveur Vc151100

The product is a VitaSaveur VC151100 steamer Auto 900 watts equipped with three transparent baskets guaranteed BPA. It has a total volume of 9 liters. On its base, the maximum level of water to be filled is clearly visible. There is also a reminder of the cooking time required for different categories of ingredients.

The initiation is done directly with the timer that has a maximum duration of 60 minutes. At the coming of cooking, a signal sounds and the cooker will automatically turn off. Storage is very compact because different bowls can be fitted into each other.

Best Steam Cookers 2020: 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

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Cuisinart Stm1000E Cookfresh

This steamer Cuisinart is a premium model that keeps total control over cooking. The bowl and lid (that is to say the elements in contact with food) are borosilicate glass while cooking grate (also in contact with food) is stainless steel. The volume is 5 liters and power is 1800 watts.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Use A Steamer?

The principle of the steam cooker is extremely simple. This product still has at least two compartments, one for the water that will be converted into steam and one for the ingredients placed over steam. Just fill each compartment correctly and put the cooker on the way. The cooking time depends on the preparations. So do not forget to set a timer (often included). However it is best to check the information to find out how a complete steamer or options (such as delay start or presence of additional compartments).

These are two very different devices that do not allow the same kind of preparation. A pressure cooker uses pressure to speed cooking. This will prepare stews (such as beef bourguignon) or steamed dishes. For steam, the basket is often quite small and it is not possible to superimpose several baskets in the same pressure cooker. The steamer only allows steaming, that’s all. The choice of one or the other is thus to perform according to your needs and preferences in terms of food.

What Cook With A Steamer?

Cooking with a steamer is often presented as a perfect solution to lose weight. Indeed, this cooking preserves the taste of food and prevents adding fat. However this should not make a diet cooker: it is necessary for healthy eating at any time of the year. The vast majority of vegetables are delicious steamed, it is also possible to prepare fish, especially after having packed in foil for baking. Try also recipes made with white meat, Asian dumplings, crustaceans and even fruit for dessert.

Is It Dangerous To Have A Steamer Glass?

One alternative to plastic is glass. The other is stainless steel. As part of a steam cooker, it is easy to choose the glass which has the advantage of being transparent and hence allow monitoring of the cooking.

Glass is a material that breaks during strong shocks. It also heats up very strongly and the dish must always be handled with protection (like an oven mitt). The only other risk is that the glass dish cracks during a sudden change of temperature. So it must not be stored in the freezer and then place it in the oven. But in the context of the use intended by the steamer, there is no risk. Your food will be preserved and odor does not transmit a batch to another.

Conclusion: What Steamer Buy In Us?

Steam cooking is something simple and healthy cooking. And it seems quite logical to find this simplicity in a steam cooker. So, our favorite is simply the Russell Hobbs 19270-56 who can do everything with a minimal footprint and a total capacity of 9 liters.

To avoid the plastic food contact, there must be a larger budget and focus cooker Seb Convenient VC145100.

You may also prefer a steamer with delayed start and keep warm, well practices and functions present on the cooker Seb VS404300 Vitacuisine Compact.

Best Steamer

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

For summer 2020 Oh my mag is far from the only website to be ranked among the steamer steam needed to have with you. And besides whether traveling for vacation, business trip or at home you want to buy a steamer and you would like to find the best device directly.

With this record, two solutions are possible: digging in the list of best Steamers or learn to make your own comparison to search among the specials.

Your Steamer Steam Best Value Price!

H.Koenig Steamer Steam Vertical High …

Steamer Steam Vertical and Horizontal …

CALOR PRO STYLE CARE Vertical Garment Steamer Steam …

STEAMONE S-Travel Steamer steam Black 0.26 L …

Steamer Steam Comparison: Our Top 10

1. Philips Gc360 / 30 Steam & Go: Light And Convenient

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

Horizontal application security possible Glove included very Quick Start Good grip Steam broadcast continues

Impossible to pause during use No storage

Steamer steam Steam & Go Philips GC360 / 30 is a complete and handy product. It weighs only 890 grams and has a sufficiently long handle for comfortable grip. With its hot plate Smart Flow, it allows both a vertical smoothing a horizontal application (like iron) on the most creases. To accompany it, glove and brush are provided. While the first allows tarnish safely clothes brush helps steam to enter deep into thick fabrics.

The total power is 1200 watts and the device provides access to a continuous flow with a pressure of 22 g / min. It takes only 45 seconds to preheat. The tank has a capacity of 70 ml. It is removable for easier filling. It’s a steamer designed to be used once. Indeed, its shape does not really drop it safe for a while.

By cons is a wired device, so you do not have to worry about the battery. And the cord is 2.5 meters, which offers great mobility.

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2. Calor Dr8085C0 Access Steam: To Really All Fabrics

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

Intuitive Long power cable Removable tank accessories really helpful robust Together

This handheld steamer Calor Access Steam is relatively compact, but should not be considered a travel steamer. With over 3 meters, it is made for use to home, regular use.

Indeed, this Calor is sold with two brushes. One helps smooth the thickest clothes, while the other is for use on the most delicate garments. In both cases, this is strictly a vertical steamer. A door hook is also available to allow you to easily place your garment hanger with height. The head XXL allows to be effective. It provides access to a continuous vapor or spray. The pressure is 24 g / min. And the device has a nice power as it is ready in 45 seconds. A light signal lets you know when to begin the crease. The tank has a capacity of 200 ml (about 10 minutes of battery life) and is removable.

Then of course you do not get the same result as irons, but with a little practice, some online reviews to report now happen more often than ironing.

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3. Calor Dt9100C0 Access Steam Care : Ultra Complet

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

Long large reservoir power cord removable tank indicator when the steam is ready unlimited autonomy

Heavy enough Not all accessories are useful

This steamer Calor Care Access Steam is so complete in the eyes of some it simply replace the iron. Indeed, in addition to the apparatus, receives a vertical board for positioning the best wear and thus have greater effectiveness against the passage within folds.

Three other accessories are included, the classic features of the range Access Steam. This is a brush for thick fabrics, a protective cap for very delicate fabrics and door hook to put the hanger easily everywhere. The power cord is 3 meters long, which is appreciated.

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4. Steamone Sn50Sb S-Nomad: A Bottle To Tank

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

A bottle can replace the tank Two powers choice All to slip into a suitcase Very elegant steel midsole

Especially for lightweight fabrics rather low rate

The vertical steamer SteamOne S-Nomad was entirely conceived as a travel steamer. Indeed, it has a relatively conventional removable tank can be replaced with any bottle of water (ideally a small to carry all at arm’s length, but if any). So when you travel, you can leave the tank at home to lighten your suitcase and attach a bottle used in the day.

Various accessories are also included. First and foremost, the most important, universal bottle connector, one that allows to move the tank included in any bottle. Also included are a lint brush, a suction cup hook and a carrying case. Everything is sold at a price more than correct in comparing the quality and efficiency.

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5. Pocket Steamone Ht14Gw: Elegance and Power

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

A little bit long to travel with accessories

This steamer steam SteamOne, HT14GW Pocket Reference is an elegant model (bright gray with a black line), powerful and compact enough to fit in a suitcase. Thus it weighs 1.1 kg and it is 27 cm long and 14 cm wide.

His power 1400 W allows it to be ready in 30 seconds, one of the shortest time on this type of device. An indicator light lets you know when it’s ready. The vapor is circulated continuously with a pressure of 24 g / min. The removable tank has a capacity of 260 ml. When it is full it helps to have a life of about 20 minutes (variable autonomy according to your use of the device). Furthermore it is a wired product that is equipped with a power cord of 3 meters long.

The sole is made of stainless steel, which makes it very resilient. But it is not intended to be in direct contact with the clothes, because the device allows the strictly vertical steam. Two accessories are included, some gadgets, convenient for others. This is a lint brush and a suction cup hook for there lay the hanger with the garment to remove wrinkles.

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Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

Double boiler 4 different power levels to choose adjustable rest rod Numerous accessories for the establishment Made in France

Steamer vertical Dualys Plus is considered one of the most successful models of the moment. With its double boiler and 2300 W, it is ready in 45 seconds. And thanks to its many accessories, it can smooth out safely many different garments and fabrics. So the mini board is handy with the cuffs of shirts. It is even possible to adjust the power of steam since 4 levels are offered.

It is therefore of high-end hardware, like all the French brand offers SteamOne. Moreover, even manufacturing is French, which is relatively rare. This is still a relatively mobile device. As it weighs only 7.5 kilograms. The telescopic rod allows adjustment to the height that suits you and a maximum of 1.80 m above the ground. It is equipped with various accessories, because it has an accessory range.

The reservoir is unlimited autonomy thanks to a double boiler. It is removable and has a capacity of 1.6 liter of water. It is equipped with an anti-scale internal system. All reviews make it one of the best Steamers.

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7. Steamone Mi60Sb Minilys Pros: Small And Convenient

Best Steamer 2020: What Steamer Steam Select All On Fabric? Review & Comparison

Ultra Compact Simplified use: one button Chrome, easy to maintain integrated resistant sole Anti-scale system

Offering primarily professional equipment, the vertical SteamOne Steamers have the annoying tendency to be cumbersome. It is specifically to fit small spaces steamer Minilys Plus is designed. the overall quality own brand and French manufacturing is found there, but it is easier to fit in an apartment.

Equipped with an aluminum boiler, a tank of one liter and a power of 1900 watts, the steamer is ready is 60 seconds. The pressure is 40 g / min. There is only one button which acts on and off. As against this means that the steam is diffused continuously and the only way to stop is to turn everything off. That’s the only negative detail report reviews online.

Black, elegant and chrome, this product is sold with four handy accessories: a hanger with clips for trousers, a brush for thick fabrics, a mini board for the finishes and an isothermal glove. So it’s really possible to look after all the clothes. There should be a budget of around 200 EUR, unless the majority of SteamOne products.

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8. Calor It8440C0 Care Pro Style: Sleek Design

The vertical steamer Calor Pro Style Care is a complete and accurate device. It is equipped with a steam diffusion head XL triangular. This sends more steam at once, without losing accuracy. Furthermore a hanger is integrated throughout, while three accessories are supplied: a cap for delicate fabrics (positioning on the head XL Delta before startup), a hair clip and a brush anti- plush.

The electrical power is 1800 watts. The water tank has a capacity of 1.3 liters, which has 40 minutes of battery life. The device is ready in just 45 seconds. On the handle it is possible to choose between 4 steam levels, according to smooth clothes. Maximum continuous steam flow was 35 g / min.

Among the online opinion, which amounts regarding the user’s size and therefore clothing. If you are tall, at least 1.80 meters, while the handlebar is positioned a little low for you. Besides the hanger itself is not large enough to properly hold your jackets that may slip. So, it’s mostly a good product for people not too large.

9. It3420C0 Calor Pro Style: Small Brand Prix

Power adjustable anti-scale system included Telescopic easy to adjust its prices Autonomy 50 min

This steamer Vapor Pro Black Style version is below the Pro Style Care Calor. That is to say it is a little less powerful, but mostly it is cheaper while maintaining the same robustness and reliability. Thus we find the same vapor diffusion head, that is to say an extra large triangular head.

accessory side, there is only one brush, which attaches to the steam head and facilitates the distribution of steam into the fibers of heavy fabrics. It’s a shame that there are no more accessories, but this is justified by the final price.

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10. Steamone S-Jack: Design Wood Effect

Very elegant, exterior wood flow very powerful Particularly robust real wood hanger Made in France

Its price Really heavy

In a dressing room where every element has been carefully chosen, the plastic look of Steamers do not really suitable. So, still in its desire to offer high-end equipment, SteamOne offers vertical steam steamer, of French manufacturing, with colors “wood effect” since it incorporates beechwood elements plus elements chromium. The S-Jack product is a complete unit sold more than € 300, a price to match its efficiency.

Time 45 seconds, it has a water reservoir of 1.6 liter and a double boiler with a power of 2300 watts. Its steam output is one of the most powerful this selection, all brands: 54 g / min. An anti-scale system is integrated.

The hanger is open enough to accommodate all the jackets and shirts, regardless of your build. Notches allow positioning them clothes and brace while the horizontal bar is for pants and skirts. No clips by cons. This is exactly the kind of device that deserves to lose time looking for a coupon to get it into your original budget.

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Steamer Steam?

The steam steamer is the solution when pressed. It is indeed a device that is always ready in less than a minute and allows to drive the folds of a garment. There is no board, rather than lend a charge on a dress that has spent several hours in a suitcase or on a shirt a few weeks locked in a closet.

On the other hand when one is in a rush, it can create the illusion of a garment not ironed. For this, a steamer still has a water reservoir that will become steam. And depending on the model, it is a device sold between 30 and 500 €.

The Different Types Of Steamers Steam

Depending on the size and use, there are several types of Steamers. The knowledge will enable you to quickly find only the models that you match.

⇨ Vertical Garment Steamer Steam

This is the dressing steamer (or store). The vertical steam steamer is a device with a bulky base enough, it is sometimes equipped with wheels, but it is not really meant to be moved. With its big tank, it can handle many clothes at once. And while it is moving, then it is possible to make all curtains and other soft furnishings.

The average budget is more important than for other types of steamers, for against some little amateur people ironing chose thanks to this type of product to totally abandon the iron.

⇨ Steamer Portable Steam

Among mobile Steamers there are several models. Thus there is the travel steamer is a lightweight, designed to slip easily into a suitcase. There is also the hand steamer and there is only the format that is taken into account.

In any case, this is a device that ultimately does not take much more space than a hairdryer. The tank is mounted directly above and simply plug it into a power outlet to use. The only thing more is expected to ask the hanger clothing, knowing that a hook to hold the handlebar height is often offered.

⇨ Professional Garment Steamer Steam

The format of a professional steamer steam takes into account especially the engine and the stamina of the product. That is to say it is designed to be used for several hours straight, without flinching.

In terms of design, it’s a vertical steam steamer which do not always stand out models for individuals. As against the price, weight, power, pressure and tank make all the difference.

⇨ Steamer Steam High Pressure

We hear more and more about the possibility of buying a steamer direct high pressure steam. This means that the vapor pressure is particularly large, which is in principle possible for a vertical device with a boiler as a reservoir.

However, if the pressure in bar is higher, it is still far from the pressure released by a good steam plant. It is therefore important to look at the number of bars and not just the marketing pitch.

What Advantages To Having A Steamer Steam?

The steamer was designed with a mission, a purpose: making clothes wrinkle-free, that is to say the wrinkles. At this level, it fulfills its role from the moment you buy a product with a little power.

However the steam has many applications and allows to see the steamer versatile object! So you can also use it for home maintenance. It will eliminate odors and a large number of bacteria on your upholstery. To do this simply move the steamer on the curtains, sofa, armchairs and voila.

So of course this works best with a vertical steamer, more powerful than the travel model, but with a heavy fabric brush, anything is possible!

How to Choose A Steamer Steam?

To know what to buy steamer steam, here are the characteristics to consider. So you can make your own comparison and buy the best device for your needs.

The care of

As described above, there are several types of Steamers steam and this is where the first element to consider. Where do you use your device? In which circumstances ? On how many clothes every time?

From here you can take into account a weight and a reasonable size, and eventually choose the color and design.


Since this is the steam that makes everything, one must be sure that it will suit. To this we must look at the power and the preheating time. Then see if the steam is circulated continuously, with or without a trigger on the handle. Finally, it is possible that the available settings.

The reservoir

The water tank has a limited capacity which will condition the autonomy of the device. The more water, the more it is possible to remove wrinkles. As against this increases the steamer, so more is not always better.

Consider also look at whether the tank is removable, how it fills. In the opinion you can learn if the system is practical or not.

The accessories

Each brand has its specialties in terms of accessories. Can receive brushes fastened to the steam header or clothes brushes, hangers and tongs or simply a sucker or a hook for securing the hanger.

On a travel steamer, the storage pocket is handy. For others, an accessory storage system can be a real plus.

The brand

In addition to a history and reputation, each brand is positioned on a more or less precise niche. This will be a first idea of ​​the overall quality (the cheapest camera SteamOne will always be more interesting than the more expensive Aicok for example), the after-sales service and the product lifespan.

Best Brands For A Steamer Steam

To help you determine which brand is best for you, here’s a quick presentation of each of them.


Calor is a totally French company whose products offer a beautiful retrospective of the evolution of home appliances in homes. Today is a brand of Groupe SEB and has specialized its production. So there’s more than appliances for personal care (hair dryer, etc.) and laundry care.

There are three categories of Steamers Calor: Classic Hand models, high pressure hand goods and the vertical Steamers.


Despite its name, SteamOne is a French company that was created specifically to allow fast-range shops to have easy access to a vapor steamer. Then when the brand decided to expand its products to individuals, she chose to focus on the high end.

Thus SteamOne material is very good and has an excellent reputation. The only flaw is that the price is logically a bit higher than more mainstream brands.


Although of German origin, Rowenta is now a brand of appliances throughout the home owned by the French group SEB. Rowenta products are considered innovative and reliable, while the after-sales service is highly rated.

The Steamers Rowenta hand often evoke a vintage microphone and are strong and easy to handle. There should be a budget of at least EUR 50 for the new purchase. The vertical version is also complete and ergonomic.


The Dutch company Philips is one of the European giants appliance. It offers a wide variety of products at very affordable prices. This explains that everyone has probably had at least once a Philips device at home, either blisters or a bread toaster.

Steamers steam side, Philips also offers a real choice. That is to say that there are low prices with portable models and most complete vertical Steamers and upscale.


The German brand H.Koenig is best known for its vacuum cleaners and for its value for money interesting. Founded in 1960, yet it has a full and varied catalog. Indeed it seems that this brand prefers to offer a bit of everything, rather than several variants of the same product.

So there is only one hand steamer (which evokes the Rowenta models) and one vertical steamer. Both are reliable, practical and very sober.


Aicok is an American young company that offers more and more products for the entire home. It stands out with really tiny price and sales that are made overwhelmingly online.

Thus it is possible to have a vertical steam steamer from 75 EUR only. And for travelers, the necessary budget is only 40 EUR. They are all black appliances rather than white or colored as that offer competing brands.


Italian brand, Polti is the specialist steam. Therefore it is possible to buy both a steam cleaner Polti a steam iron or a steamer. The important thing is that the steam is at the center of everything. As a specialist in the subject, Polti pays particular attention to safety and the effects of hard water.

For now Polti offers little possibility for wrinkles, but it is practical and cheap equipment (allow less than 50 EUR). One can only assume that the collection will gradually get rich.

Can We Use A Steamer Steam Of All Clothing And Textiles?

The same principle of the steamer is to allow use on absolutely all the clothes. Indeed, there is no direct contact between the vapor diffusion head and tissues. The greatest danger is therefore not a burn, but a water task or lime or even a lack of results.

For heavy fabrics, it is often provided special brush. It attaches to the head of the steamer and herself in contact with the tissue. The brush passage promotes the steam penetration into the fibers.

Conversely, there is also an accessory to protect the most delicate fabrics (on which a limestone task would be a disaster). However only the brand Calor proposed for the moment, it is a delicate fabric cap. Who will hold a drop that would attempt to pass.

Thus it is possible to smooth out dresses with embroidery or beads, delicate silk shirts, etc. And it is even possible to use the device on the upholstery to deodorize and sanitize all.

Is What The Steamer Steam Iron Replaces A In Iron?

regularly reads the reviews online that the vapor steamer replaces the iron and one can quickly conclude that the two products are interchangeable. However the purchase of irons does not meet the same needs as a steamer. In terms of quality ironing, the two devices do not give the same result.

If you’re the type to use a dryer, and then to bend very meticulously directly all your clothes, it is possible to avoid a large number of folds and then, indeed, a shot steamer at the exit of the cabinet can quite suffice.

By cons, if you hang your laundry to dry and / or if you do not like having to put everything away, so the steamer will never be strong enough to face wrinkles that appear during drying and storage in the hold. Only irons or even a steam plant will give a perfect result.

Que Choisir: Steamer or Steam Plant?

Like the steamer and iron are two different products, it is the same for central steam and vertical steamer. But the results are even more marked. Indeed, the steam plant is the only device that allows a perfect result (with some practice) on shirts for example. On the other hand, on a little top embroidered with beads, only the steamer makes a perfect result.

It is not possible to buy a steamer in order to have the same results as a steam plant. This will not work, that’s all. Rather regarded as two complementary products which do not act in the same clothes or at the same time.

However it is possible to buy a steam iron with vertical steam option.

Where To Buy A Cheap Steamer Steam?

A steamer steam is a small device that you can easily buy in the supermarket. Thus Carrefour, Auchan and Lidl sometimes have in stock. As against the choice is limited, as is the price. So, it is best to turn to a shop of household appliances, e-store or physical store. You will have even more choices in Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Amazon, Cdiscount, FNAC, La Redoute, Rue Du Commerce, Goal, etc. And you can compare prices and even find exceptional promo.

If you opt for an online purchase, be sure to watch out for shipping, just after validating your cart and noticed your address. The particular hand steamer is a device at a price so low that delivery may not be free. Also, make sure the included guarantees, free or not.

Finally, do not forget to save money, there’s nothing to order during sales or Black Friday. If the dates are regulated, it still allows to save up to 70% in some cases.

Best Steam Generator Iron

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

The speed of a well-made ironing due to one thing: use a central efficient steam.

To find the model that will suit you best, this issue offers two solutions. At first you can dip into the list of the best models of the moment. Secondly you will know in detail the features needed for your own comparison. So you have no reason to buy the first model that comes and moaning in a month!

Philips GC8735 / 80 Steam iron PerfectCare …

Philips GC9665 / 30 Steam Plant PerfectCare …

H.Koenig Steam Plant High Pressure 5 bars V24 …

Discover the comparison of the 10 steam generators that have the most success currently is to say, which combine the positive online reviews that are a bestseller.

1. H.Koenig V5i: Easy To Carry

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Sole Stainless steel handle for storage Range cable included Removable tank easy descaling

Warm a little long in English instructions

This central steam H.Koenig was popular because it is sold at less than EUR 50, it is easy to use and is effective. And above all it is a product easy to transport and therefore to store. It weighs only 3.2 kilograms. The strength is the presence of a foldable carrying handle. Easy to position, this detail really makes the difference compared to competing products. There is also a Range cable.

Power side, this central H.Koenig has a pressure of 3.5 bars and a continuous steam flow rate of 90 g / min. The tank is removable, with unlimited autonomy and may contain up to 1.7 liters of water. The device is ready after about 3 minutes warm. Surprisingly enough, there is no on / off button, it starts when it is plugged. An adjustment knob is available directly on the iron. It must be run according to the fabric to be ironed.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel. The online notice boast priority easy and comfortable glide. The anti-scale system to a filter that must be provided to change every 3 or 6 months depending on the use.

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2. Philips Gc9614 / 20 Perfect Care Elite: Fer Ultra Leger

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Device without setting Iron lightweight fast Scaling powerful steam boost Iron held in place during travel

Heavy enough Its price

Philip is present in every comparison on steam power plants, both for the value for the overall reliability of its products. Philips PerfectCare Elite model combines power and ergonomics.

It is a central steam without temperature control through OptimalTemp technology. It is therefore guaranteed without burning. This does not preclude having a pressure of 7.5 bar and a steam rate of 150 g / min. This rate rises to 500 g / min with dry option. The steam plant warm-up time is very fast, just 2 minutes.

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3. Philips Gc8962/40 Perfectcare Expert Plus : Hyper Girly

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Very discreet design feminine Iron particularly light without setting powerful steam boost

Not quite cumbersome cable Range

Here again a Philips steam iron. Could not be confused with the steam plant of another, this device has a pink coat with purple accent (the manufacturer refers to gold and purple). The idea is that even if ironing is a chore, it is not necessary to do in a bad mood.

Moreover this central steam PerfectCare Expert Plus is a powerful product, among the most powerful Philips. Continuous steam flow was 120 g / min while pressing the effect brought up to 520 g / min. The pressure is 7.5 bar. The tank removable, transparent allows easy water management, no surprises.

At the anti-scale protection, Easy-to-Calc system is associated with a light signal. So you are warned when to descale the Philips steam iron. Finally it is still a central relatively high vapor range and there should be a budget of almost EUR 200 buy on Amazon.

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4. Philips Gc8735 / 80 PerfectCare Performer: No Setting

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Noisy only plastic Exterior

The central steam PerfectCare Philips Performer is a model without the brand setting. It has the OptimalTemp technology that is guaranteed without burn. This will not sort clothes before you start ironing.

In terms of pressure and flow rate, it is a product midrange. Thus, the pressure is 6.5 bar, the flow rate is 120 g / min for continuous steam and it is possible to have 420 g / min with dry option sends an important flow of steam for a few seconds.

The water tank has a capacity of 1.8 liters. It is removable and easy to use. It allows the board for about 2 hours continuously. And if suddenly you are interrupted, there is a built-in automatic shutdown.

This is a fairly lightweight device. In total it weighs 3.2 kg and the iron weighs only 1.22 kg, which is relatively small and comfortable to use. When traveling, iron is locked on the base to avoid an accident.

To take care of the device, the Smart Calc Clean technology allows easily a complete descaling. A light signal allows to do on a regular basis without having to worry about it. The central steam informs you of the good time to do it. ➔ For more information on technical features, see this review of Philips GC8735 / 80 PerfectCare Performer.

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5. Philips Gc7833 / 80 PerfectCare Compact: Compact And Lightweight

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Small and compact system settings without ceramic sole Its price indicator to know when to descale

Steam boost some powerful No possibility of vertical wrinkles

Often a central steam weighs more than 3 kg and takes up space both on the ironing board in a closet. This steam iron Philips Compact PerfectCare really designed to be as small as possible. Thus it measures 37.3 x 22.3 x 19.3 cm and weighs 2.95 kilograms. There is also a cable range to optimize the storage and the iron is locked to the base when not in use.

Moreover ironing is as easy and comfortable as the other Philips models. The preheating time is about 2 minutes. The pump pressure was 5.3 bar and the flow rate is 120 g / min. The pressing of option to receive a temporary rate of 330 g / min.

The anti-scale system of this plant is based on the Smart Calc Clean technology. It is associated with a visual and audible signal. So you are informed of when descaling is needed. The interview is mostly alone and is relatively simple. It is in any way necessary to increase the duration of use of any steam based product.

Finally, it is also one Steamers Philips cheapest. It is sold at about 115 EUR for Amazon.

6. Philips Gc9665 / 30 PerfectCare Elite Plus: Distribution Smart Vapor

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Iron easy to catch / No rest steam settings Intelligent Mailing high pressure dry powerful effect

The iron does not hold its recommended retail price

Philips continues to offer innovative and comprehensive technology for its various Steamers ranges. On the model PerfectCare Elite Plus, a premium product, it benefits from the technology OptimalTemp completely removing the settings of temperature and Dynamics, technology that allows faster ironing. Dynamics, the system recognizes the movement of iron and distributes steam directly result in the best direction. Iron becomes faster and simpler.

Iron is also lightweight for manipulation even easier. The sole is Ionic T-Glide, a material that provides strength and good glide.

All this is done with a powerful steam having 155 g / min flow rate and a pressure of 7.7 bar. The flow rises even up to 540 g / min with dry option. The water tank is removable and has a capacity of 1.8 liter.

Opinions are enthusiastic about this central steam PeferctCare Elite Plus. She has excellent grades and is in high demand even though it is sold at almost EUR 300. It must be said that the quality justifies the price, especially by comparing the prices of different stores you can pay less.

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7. Philips Gc6704 / 30 Fastcare Compact Entry End Philips

Steam Plant: Comparison And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Eats Compact and lightweight vertical Steaming can fast Scaling Rechargeable in use

Small non-removable tank Electrical Wire short

The central steam FastCare Compact is a cheap Philips product. That is to say, it has sold over 100 EUR cheaper than PerfectCare plants. Price plays on quality, so it is less powerful, but it still remains an effective and reliable solution when you have a small budget.

Thus this steam generator has a pressure of 5.2 bar and continuous steam at a rate of 110 g / min. The pressing effect provides a powerful steam for a few seconds with a flow amount to 200 g / min. Some online opinion the pressing effect is far from strong enough to make a difference with the rest of the ironing time.

As against all opinions are agreed that scaling without cartridge when you do not want to spend too much, it’s ideal. There is indeed nothing to buy more, nothing to change over the month.

Finally it is a compact and lightweight unit. It measures only 40 cm long. And weighs 3.1 kilograms. Its small tank (1.3 l) can be filled at any time through the unlimited autonomy.

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8. Sv8012C0 Calor Express Anti-Calc: Vertical Steaming Optional

No high-pressure vessel Range poorly made cable

A central steam is not a steamer. But with this central steam Calor Express Anti-calc, it is possible to vertically smooth clothes. To do a door hook and a specific function are included. This mode of use has a ultra fast preheating time (30 seconds).

Ironing include all the classic elements of a good steam iron Calor. The soleplate is durillium AirGlide. It is resistant and offers a beautiful slides. limestone management is done with a collector. Just empty it and rinse it regularly. The water tank is removable for easy filling. And a lock is proposed to transport the unit.

The power is entirely correct. The pressing effect allows up to 400 g / min, while the steam continuously at a rate of 120 g / min. The pressure is 6.2 bar.

Moreover, what makes it even better is that it is a beautiful steam plant. It is purple, while roundness. The handle is comfortable. And everything is made in France without having to pay more for the products from China (price recorded on Amazon: 165 EUR).

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9. Calor Gv7631C0 Express Compact Easy Plus: Safe And Without Setting

Long wire cables Storage tank ultra high pressure sliding sole Auto Power

The central steam Calor Compact Easy Express Plus is an ironing appliance that combines safety and ease.

As for safety, along electrical cable (1.8 m, one of the longest available) allows properly install the unit, wireless ankle height. It is also possible to lock the iron on the base for moving or to ensure that no child come catch. After 8 minutes of inactivity, the camera turns off by itself. Finally it is a device without adjustment, which greatly limits the risk of burning clothes.

Side facility, there has no course setting. The sole is Ultragliss type for easy slip on all subjects. A smoothing option also allows you to go faster, quickly smoothing rather than ironing conscientiously. Maintenance and descaling are using an anti-calc collector. This is one of the most practical and economical solutions. There are no cartridges to buy and just rinse the collector correctly.

Finally in terms of power, it is a product midrange. The pressure is 5.7 bar while the continuous steam flow was 120 g / min. The dry option mounts up to 280 g / min.

10. Gv9560C0 Calor Pro Express Ultimate: Elegance and Power

Sole autoclean significant pressure powerful steam boost Unlimited autonomy Double anti-scale system

Heavy short wire

The central steam Calor Express Ultimate is the top model, design and powerful of the Calor brand. Made in France, with a sale price between 200 and 300 €, it has many strengths.

At the grip, the iron has a soleplate durillium AirGlide which is both resistant and slippery. The settings are very intuitive with symbols to navigate without thinking.

The apparatus is equipped with a double anti-limestone protection. Firstly there is a collector to manage internally tartar. Just rinse it regularly, it is easy and quick. And on top of this collector, the central has the technology Spiral Exclusive Protect that prevents drops of lime in iron. These drops form unpleasant tasks that will be avoided.

The tank is quite big because it has a capacity of 1.9 liters. Power is also ideal. Continuous steam, the flow rate is 140 g / min, whereas with the dry method it is 490 g / min. The pressure is, in turn, 7.3 bars. This enables effective ironing on any type of clothing.

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Table Comparison Central Steam

Qu’Est-It Central Qu’Une Steam?

The steam plant is a device that allows ironing clothes quickly and efficiently. For this, is assisted by the steam which enters into the fibers of the fabric and relaxes. To operate, the steam plant is composed of two elements: the tank and iron.

To the vessel, also known as base or charging base. This is where you will find the reservoir, settings and anti-scale system. Iron is the element that we take in hand and that we spend on clothes. Of the sole escaping steam. The handle is heat resistant. But that remains a potentially dangerous device whose use is restricted to adults.

Comparison: The Different Types Of Steam Plants

Discover the major subcategories of steam power plants to determine which is best for you, but also the interest of this choice.

⇨ The Steam Plant At Autonomy Unlimited

This is currently the most popular solution, as the most practical. If the central steam with unlimited autonomy wowed now is that it is a relatively recent technological innovation. The price for such equipment is therefore available only recently.

Before all plants had a pressure vessel. It was impossible to open it as she had not completely cooled, which could take 30 to 90 minutes. Now the shell is designed so that it is possible to add water to it at any time.

⇨ The Steamer Steam Plant

The central vapor again flat on an ironing board. The steam steamer is horizontal, on a garment placed on a hanger. In both cases, it takes a container to convert water into steam and an easy way out to control for diffusing the vapor.

Generally a central steam which is used in the vertical drop. The opposite is true with the steamer. But a central steam 2-in-1 provides access to two modes of effective and interesting way.

⇨ The Steam Plant Professional

Today technological advances have greatly improved the steam power plants and many are being called pros or professional. In reality this especially means that the power is close to the professional equipment.

But the difference between the needs of a professional and an individual can be so significant that the price deters the public. A true professional unit must be used all day without interruption, and that 5 days a week, all year. In practical terms it is more solid, stronger and with a larger tank.

What Advantages To Having A Central Steam?

With steam ironing is easier. In a single pass, the vast majority of wrinkles disappeared. This is a practical solution when you have to manage a lot of laundry each week.

This is a purchase often done in order to simplify the drudgery that is ironing. Indeed, it goes faster and is better done. And just that, they are very good assets.

How To Choose A Central Steam?

By comparing the characteristics of several Steamers models, you can determine which is best for you. Here are things not to miss.


often mentioned electric steam power plant (in watts) instead of taking primarily into account the power of steam, that is to say the pressure and flow.

Attention to dry option. It allows to temporarily have a steam Therefore influx. But it is only for a few seconds. So, although it’s interesting to have a powerful function dry, it does not indicate in any way the steam power plant the rest of the time.

Finally another very reliable point for the overall power is simply the preheating time. Plus it is shorter, the device is interesting.


Ergonomics of the ease of use of the device. It is visible in different ways according to your expectations and needs.

Check the weight of the central steam iron and especially that you have to handle. Watch the material of the handle. Cork is very appreciated, as comfortable and insulation. On iron, we must also take into account the quality of the sole. Ceramics offers a nice slide while being resistant against scratches. Another element for your comparison: the length of the power cord.

Last but not the settings. Where are located the buttons? Are there any numbers, drawings, words in French or English? Is it a device without any adjustment? Turns it off automatically?


There is talk of tank or reservoir. This is the element at the heart of the steam plant, one that will inform you on many points of use.

The tank capacity is not always the most important. This prevents the return to fill it, but before that you have to look independence. Is it possible to fill the tank without waiting for complete cooling of the tank? In this case, we speak of unlimited autonomy. You can board all day if necessary. Conversely, if you have limited autonomy, there must be a pause between each filling. And in this case, the total capacity is important.

Finally it is possible that the reservoir is removable. Here it’s really a matter of taste. Do you prefer to wear the tank to a tap or carry a water bottle to your steam plant?

Anti Limestone System

Limestone (also called calculus) is formed when the water heater. It can be deposited throughout the internal circuit followed by steam, that is to say in many areas completely inaccessible. So it is really important to choose a steam plant equipped with anti-scale internal system. This means that maintenance is really simplified.

Different systems exist even within a specific series of a brand. The least financially interesting is one that is based on cartridges, because you have to buy new ones regularly.

Another handy item is the light signal that it is time for descaling. It is then not necessary to think and we are still sure that this will be realized.


Each brand has its advantages. This brand will always provide a latch to lock the iron to its base. This allows another to be equipped for less than € 100.

The brand helps to sort out the value as well as options and available accessories or not. But for this it is necessary to know at least a little. That is why the next section helps you to discover the main existing brands.

Best Brands For A Central Steam

The best brands for a central steam are often brands dedicated to steam-based solutions. But there are also more general brands and each has its own characteristics.


The variety of Philips products is such that it is difficult to present all. By cons it is likely that you have at least one home, be it a TV or a lot of bulbs. This Dutch company founded in 1891 offers hardware mid-range, reliable and highly appreciated worldwide.

The price of a Philips steam iron varies greatly, because this brand is really looking to equip a maximum of home. So the number of included options vary as much.


It is often through products for the beauty and especially for his hair dry as Calor is known and renowned. Yet this French brand also has a collection dedicated to the care of the laundry.

If central steam Calor are accessible to as many people, they are very attractive with their colorful design, the powerful anti-scale system and the choice of available options. Moreover it is one of the few brands to offer the French manufacture.


All parts of the house can benefit from equipment with eco-design Rowenta. This German brand founded in 1884 offers small appliances for the home, beauty and clothes. Its products are environment see upscale. It currently belongs to the SEB group and in 2018 she was elected Best Customer Service.

On a central steam Rowenta, what dominates is the power, closely followed by the colorful design. The noise level is very low compared to other competing models.


Steam Specialist, Polti owes much of its reputation to Vaporella, a classic iron which broadcast steam, put on sale in the 1970 The Italian company now offers steam cleaners and central steam contributing to further improve the reputation of the company.

The central steam Polti offer a real choice of quality. And all have the best technology currently available to act against tartar. So a 10-year extended warranty is offered, specifically against the effects of hard water.


The appliances major is an important part of the products sold by Bosch. But this German company also offers small household daily, automotive equipment and construction tools. It is considered particularly reliable and has developed an internal label for the environmental protection.

A central steam Bosch is sold between 100 and 350 €. All are ergonomic devices although the design is very simple.


Celebrated worldwide for the quality of its coffee, De’Longhi is an Italian company that has more than one string to his bow. It sells mostly small high-end appliances.


If it is for its robot vacuums that H.Koenig brand has distinguished itself in terms of reliability, all its products are solid and appreciated by customers throughout Europe. This German brand founded in 1960 belongs to French group (Adeva) and offers small appliances for the house.

Several central steam H.Koenig integrate practical and reassuring elements for safety. For example it is possible to have a handle for carrying or fixation of the iron on its base system.

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is There A Table At Special Iron Steam Stations?

It is not necessary to purchase a specific ironing board. By cons must still pay attention to some things.

A central steam is more cumbersome than iron. The table must have the necessary dimensions to ask the above machine safely. Furthermore, to facilitate ironing, it is better to have a padded cover. She lets the steam pass, but retains heat.

Y DID It A Real Difference Between The Ironing Iron On Iron And The Central Steam?

With practice, the elbow grease and patience, it is possible to have the same quality of iron using the iron or the steam plant.

In terms of effort, the central steam is really more convenient, more intuitive and faster. There is no need to really learn board. The steam does most of the work and just move the iron according to the seams of the garment.

Since both devices are based on the use of steam, poor product knowledge suggests that one does not need a vapor steamer if you already have a steam power plant, and vice versa.

In reality they are two very complementary products that have neither the same role nor the same efficiency. If the center is associated with the laundry basket need board the steamer goes rather well with the row wardrobe. Indeed steamer is a complement, there hunting the superficial wrinkles, those that appear after a long stay in a closet. It can also hunt slight odors. In no case allows board.

Where To Buy A Steam Central Dear Not? What Budget Plan?

A central steam can be anywhere: Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Goal, Cdiscount, Amazon, Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan, Lidl, etc. As against a good model, it must favor certain brands and there, it can become more complex.

Always take the time to compare prices from one site to another and to take into account the cost of deliveries. Online, before validating your shopping cart, make sure that no extended warranty is imposed.

And do not forget that sales, Black Friday and the days of sell-off are the best times to find a good offer and cheap on a good model. Know that a good camera can be bought between 100 and 300 € depending on the period in the year.

Best Steam Cleaners

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

To clean your entire house, without any detergent, looking to buy a steam cleaner.

This vague term includes lots of different appliances. It is not always easy to know how to find and which favored. So in this case, you can choose to dip into the selection of the best devices of the moment or use practical advice and concrete to select your steam cleaner future.

Your Steam Cleaner Best Value Price!

Karcher steam cleaner SC4 Easy Fix

Karcher steam cleaner SC3 Easy Fix

H.Koenig Steam Cleaner 4 NV6200 bars Autonomy …

BLACK + DECKER FSMH13E5 QS Broom steam with …

Compare Steam cleaner: Our Top 10

Choose directly in this comparison and Top 10 steam cleaners. You will find different devices and yet all very appreciated.

1. Karcher Sc2 Easy Fix: Model Entry End

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Price interesting Several nozzles for several uses Compatible with all Karcher accessories Storage of practical accessories washable floor cloth machine

Cable short enough not very responsive when traveling

The steam cleaner Karcher EasyFix is ​​a fairly basic model, but versatile and efficient. It makes it possible to carry out the cleaning of up to different surfaces with few accessories.

This sled cleaner could be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner when the two 0.5 meter tubes are positioned above the nozzle with the ground. He can wash the floor as could mop. But you can also attach a hand nozzle, round brush or nozzle jet pencil. Thus it cleans as well as the corners inside the oven or joints.

In terms of power, maximum pressure is 3.2 bar, the maximum flow rate is 100 g / min (continuous flow was 40 g / min), with a power of 1500 watts.

This steam cleaner does not start up button. It lights up when it is plugged. The reservoir of one liter needs 7 minutes to preheat. Then the Karcher can be used until the tank is empty, which corresponds to about twenty minutes. The power cord is 4 meters which is quite small, but appropriate, because usually we have a specific point to wash.

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2. Polti vaporetto Smart 100_T: 9 Included Accessories

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Works on carpets and rugs Accessories storage heaters on the sled quickly Unlimited autonomy Large tank

A bit pricey Heavy enough

This true vaporetto steam cleaner is a product sold with 9 different accessories to allow for cleaning of up surfaces. Thus it includes an accessory for carpets and rugs, a small brush to the windows, brush seals, hub for embedded tasks and nylon brushes for delicate surfaces. Storage space is provided directly on the sled to always have everything in one place and with you.

The main brush to wash the floor is Vaporforce brush specificity Polti. She has a special shape and is very wide for faster cleaning.

In terms of power, this cleaner has a pressure of 4 bars and the steam flow can go up to 110 g / min. The tank has a capacity of 2 liters. It is transparent for better monitoring of the quantity of water available and it offers unlimited autonomy. Warm-up time of only 2 minutes.

Finally, the operating range is 7.5 meters. And handle makes it easy to move the cleaner on stairs for example. If the retail price is around EUR 200, it is especially interesting when a purchase is on promotion.

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3. Karcher Sc5 Easy Fix: Steam or Hot Water

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Quick attachment of the mop unlimited Autonomy For all surfaces Very high power descaling powder included

Power cable rather short Its price

The cleaner Karcher SC5 is a cleaning device that allows the use of course steam, but also simply hot water with a flow rate of 250 g / min thanks to the VapoHydro function. This is a system that helps dissolve some tasks. Also included accessories allow to tackle many dirt. Thus there is a nozzle to the floor with a microfiber cloth, two tubes 0.5 meters long, a main nozzle with its microfiber windshield, a nozzle jet pen, a round brush.

Water is ready quickly. The tank has a capacity of 0.5 liters, while the removable reservoir contains up to 1.5 liters of water. The preheating takes three minutes. The pressure rises to 4.2 bar and the steam flow up to 150 g / min. Continuously, the steam flow rate is 60 g / min.

maintenance side of the descaling powder is included to improve the longevity of the unit. There should be to buy after 18 months (depending on your use of the device). The EasyFix system will remove the mop the floor with his foot, as it stands with the scratch. Finally, if the cable as 4 meter steam hose is 2.3 meters, which makes the radius of action any more interesting result.

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4. Pteu0260 Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0: Professional Cleaning

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Professional design Good stability when traveling Boiler pressure Easy to pause Many accessories available optional

Bulky Long heating times

The cleaner Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 is an extremely advanced solution under pressure for cleaning the house or for use in a professional context. Thus it is quite possible to fix it other accessories of the same brand as a steam iron.

And especially it already has a lot of handy accessories: A window washer kit, two brushes of different sizes of wands, a mop, a windscreen, a steam nozzle and a steam wand.

Its boiler is stainless steel and it is a pressurized boiler. It must therefore 11 minutes to be ready. It has a capacity of 2 liters. An indicator light lets you monitor the water level. Another informs that preheating is underway or has been completed. For safety, the vessel is equipped with a patented plug and secure Polti. And as the tank is not removable, a funnel is provided to facilitate filling.

It is a high-end device, there should be almost EUR 300 to buy it. But it is a price that seems justified in reading the reviews online. The only black point is often considered too short wire (it still is 6 meters). ➔ This notice Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 allows you to see in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the unit.

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5. Karcher Nc4 Easy Fix: La Poly Valence Karcher

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Quick mop to set up Easy to move with two wheels Unlimited autonomy Fast heat-up Good efficiency

Short power cable Limited Settings

This steam cleaner Karcher takes several very popular items at Karcher and provides access to all the complementary products developed by the brand. As for cleaning the floor nozzle Easy Fix is ​​used, the mop is placed very quickly and withdrew his foot to not have to get dirty. It also receives a hand nozzle and windscreen microfiber, a nozzle jet pen, a round brush and two tubes of 0.5 meters.

Moreover it is a sleigh Steam Cleaner 4.1 kilograms. It rests on two wheels and handles like a vacuum cleaner. Its cable is a bit short, because it measures only 4 meters.

In terms of power, it has a pressure of 3.5 bar and a steam flow amount to 110 g / min. Continuous steam at a rate of 50 g / min. The tank has a capacity of 500 ml and to allow unlimited autonomy, it is associated with a reservoir of 800 ml. The latter is removable and can be completed at any time.

Finally preheating is relatively fast. It requires only 4 minutes and a warning light indicates when it’s over.

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6. Karcher Sc3 Easy Fix: Heater Ultra In Time Fast

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Child safety Multifunction Microfiber Mop high quality anti-scale cartridge heater included ultra fast

Basic Operation only short cable

This Karcher steam cleaner is an older model of the collection Easy Fix. There is suddenly a little less powerful, but it is much faster to start.

When the tank is full, simply press the ON button to start preheating. 30 seconds later, it’s ready! And with a full tank of water (maximum capacity 1 liter), it is possible to clean up to 75 sqm. By cons because the cable is only 4 meters long, there should be an extension cord or disconnect / reconnect several times cleaner.

It is possible to do the cleaning many different surfaces, all in fact, except raw wood. The different accessories provided (brushes, nozzles, etc.) also can clean specific items like the gate of a barbecue or crannies. And all done without detergent. Comments on Amazon tout its ability to clean up and ease of handling.

The pressure may go up to 3.5 bar, while the adjustable flow up to 100 g / min. It is equipped with an anti-scale cartridge to reduce scaling and increasing the lifetime of the device. ➔ For more information on technical features, see this review of Karcher SC3 Easy Fix.

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7. Polti Lecoaspira Fav70 Intelligence Vacuum Cleaner And Steam

Comparative & Comments From 10 Best Steam Cleaners: What Steam Cleaner Choosing In 2020?

Very large multipurpose device operating range HEPA 13 included Digital display device programs luxurious

The steam cleaner Lecoaspira is a device that combines steam cleaning and suction of dust and water. To use, 6 programs are included to fit your needs and surfaces. A water filter can limit greatly the release of dust into the air, which is suitable for allergy sufferers.

15 accessories are included to use it throughout the house. The turbo function steam and pressure of 5.5 bar make it a powerful device. He must still 6 minutes warm.

The tank has a capacity of one liter, but it can be filled at any time to offer unlimited autonomy. The cleaner-range is 9 meters.

This vaporetto Lecoaspira is considered a luxury product, but the value for money does not seem very interesting according to the reviews on Amazon. Indeed, there must be a budget of almost 400 EUR. And the results do not appear to be exceptional enough to justify such a price. This cleaner seems especially suitable for occasional use or for a daily pass in a place that gets dirty bit.

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8. Polti Vaporetto Pro 85_Flexi: Eco-Design Barge

Reduced power consumption Indicates the lack of water storage for accessories System parking for the brush and the handle made in Italy

Floorcloths not tight fit short electrical wire

The steam cleaner vaporetto Pro 85 is a complete device that has been designed and manufactured in Italy so as to have a lower environmental impact than previous models of the brand. So it consumes 30% water and 20% less electricity to a similar result.

Equipped with VaporFlexi brush, it can pass on all the floors and even clean under furniture. This brush has an opening / closing rapidly and it broadcasts steam truly over the whole surface. Polti provides easy purchase additional wipes (those with blue lines).

In terms of grip, everything is done to make it easier. An indicator light signals the lack of water, or it is informed when the steam is ready (preheating 6 minutes). The tank can be done at any time. A storage compartment allows groups to the same place each accessory.

Power is quite correct: the maximum pressure is 4.5 bar, while the variable speed up to 120 g / min. Reviews of Amazon are numerous and the score is quite good (4/5 stars).

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9. Polti Unico Mcv85 Total Clean And Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Steam And Powerful

5 levels of filtration vacuum cleaner and deodorizer Frescoaspira Gros tank for dust aspiration multi-cyclone

The cable wraps wrong Heavy enough

This product Polti Unico allows for a complete and thorough cleaning: it sucks, clean and dry. And its 5 filtration levels ensure that the exhaust air is healthy. It can suck dust and wet dirt (but not really liquid) through the suction multicyclonic. To fit all circumstances, three cleaning programs are available.

Both the vacuum function as steam cleaner is made with the MultiBrush brush, Polti innovation. It is easy to set up, maintain and adapt to each floor.

This cleaner has a pressure of 6 bar (which is high) and 17 different accessories to clean the whole house. There is the ability to broadcast a deodorant fragrance along with steam.

In terms of price, design and power, this steam cleaner is upscale Polti. However, opinions are not as enthusiastic as one might expect. These are the details that are not entirely satisfactory. Indeed at a price of more than EUR 600, we hope that everything will be perfect, but the electric cable wraps evil, one cloth is included and is rather heavy. So, it’s worth that during sales!

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10. Polti vaporetto Pteu0258 Classic 55: Entry End

Boiler unit well under steady pressure mop washable Machine Made in Italy Long wire

Warm long enough low vapor flow

If Polti is a reference mark for steam cleaning, steam cleaner vaporetto each has its own characteristics. Here it is a basic device used to equip cheaper. It is gray with a red stripe.

The steam pressure is 3.5 bar maximum. The flow rate is adjustable up to 80 g / min. Several brushes, cloths and bonnets are included to clean as well as large areas of small hard to reach spaces. Moreover, it is easy to buy a new batch of wipes.

The boiler is a pressure vessel. It has a 1.3 liter container and closes with a safety cap. The preheating time was 11 minutes and an indicator indicates when the steam is ready.

In terms of handling, its weight is 4.2 kg and is stable. Its power cable is 6 meters long. Reviews of the cleaner Classic 55 are really mixed. Thus the power is suitable for many people, as well as the versatility of accessories included. But overall strength seems to be average (leakage problems have been reported).

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is simply a device to clean with steam. The temperature and the steam power are both equally important.

This is in principle a versatile, comes with different accessories. Conventionally it is used for maintenance of the ground, but it would be simplistic to limit it to that!

The Different Types Of Steam Cleaners

The term steamer is ultimately very vague. Discover the different categories to save time in your research and comparison.

⇨ Multifunction Steam Cleaner

The term multifunctional steam cleaner is a misnomer. All steam cleaners are multifunctional, you certainly do not rely on it to choose one model over another. So it is not a sub-category, but the main designation of these household products.

⇨ Vacuum Steam Cleaner

It’s all in the name, steam cleaner vacuum can suck and clean the house. This is a relatively high-end product that requires a budget of at least € 400.

The advantage is that one has a steam device at home which takes the place of a vacuum cleaner which can be separated. Therefore even if it is a bulky device, side 2-en-1 compensates widely.

Check the list of accessories to what extent you can use it on other surfaces than the ground.

⇨ Steam cleaner Handbags

The hand cleaner is a small, compact and lightweight which is at arm’s length. If he does not care very large areas, it is particularly effective on the valves, seals, glass, etc. It allows precise work.

Its small size is associated with a small price. Good models are available at fifty euros. By cons, this format means that the autonomy and power are limited. It is therefore important to focus on a good quality hand steam cleaner to really use it effectively.

⇨ Steam cleaner Broom

In principle, this is primarily a steam mop with the versatility of a steam cleaner. It should therefore not rely on the name, but take the time to compare the list of included accessories. Also think about the reviews posted by previous guests. This will let you know if these accessories are effective or simple gadgets.

In all cases, choose the model, your priority should be to wash the floor.

⇨ Floor Steam Cleaner

This type of steam cleaner is a device that often looks like a canister vacuum, without vacuum function. It is more powerful than steam mop and often has a much greater autonomy.

Make sorting the included accessories and the available storage. Indeed, its size suggests that a high price is relatively normal. But if he does nothing but clean the floor, then it should not cost more than 80 €!

⇨ Steam cleaner Window

Most lavas windows are devices that rely on the suction of the water and dirt. However some are actually steam washing windows, that is to say they broadcast steam on the glass and it only remains to pass a squeegee stroke.

These are small devices, not very expensive, whose only defect of lacking versatility. So it is very easy to buy a steam cleaner with accessory to glass surfaces.

⇨ Steam cleaner Sleigh

The sled term evokes the product format. Its engine and tank are contained in a block on wheels that are lagging behind. The advantage is that this block as a stuff with different accessories and has a park position. The downside is that it is bulky.

However it is in this size sleigh found the most complete cleaners, more versatile and even more professional.

What Advantages To Having A Steam Cleaner?

If steam cleaners are purchased on average 15 times less than vacuum cleaners (source:. What to choose, what still are increasingly requested devices The reason is very simple.

If the bleach and a good sponge used to clean everything, today there is no longer any doubt that the detergents are harmful to health and the planet. And yet there are no better alternatives than steam. It kills 99% of bacteria. With a good flow, it helps remove dirt inaccessible places and purify curtains or mattress.

So the steam cleaner is both an effective solution to have a clean house at first sight and reach.

It is however not just a purchase for health. The machine is also very convenient to use and extremely versatile. With a single device, it cleans the oven as well as faucets or soil.

How to Choose A Steam Cleaner?

Here each characteristic to consider when buying your steam cleaner future. It is not only to seek the cheapest.


There are already figures to look at is to say the wattage, the steam pressure in bar and the steam flow in g / min.

Then you have to compare the heating time and for that vessel. More warm-up time, the faster the device is powerful, then in theory. For a pressure vessel has always needed more warm-up time (from 5 to 15 minutes), an unlimited autonomy called tank that heats in 2-3 minutes. The difference is in the fact that the first must be cooled to be refilled. But it offers more power in terms of steam.

Jack In Hand

Another point of comparison is the ergonomics, maneuverability of the cleaner. This is to look at his size, weight, the presence of wheels or the quality of the handle. Are there a storage included for items included or wall bracket? The cord also can check the radius of action of the device. The settings are important. It should be easy to change the power of steam, so the button has to be ideally located. Finally, also taking into account the capacity of the tank to see if you will often need to fill or not.

Caring For The Camera

Since the cleaner is operating with steam, the main risk of damage comes from the presence of limestone in the piping. This is why some manufacturers offer anti-scale cartridges or filters. Check the system included in the model that you tried. Also make sure the price of the cartridge if you have to change every six months.

Another element is to maintain the mop or the mop which is placed at the outlet of the steam. The simplest is to pass it to the washing machine.

Actual use

What are the real functions of the cleaner? What accessories are included? There is a difference between the cleaner which can fix a glove (but not included) and one that has a cleaning glove.

Is there a suction mode, an accessory to the carpet, squeegee for windows, etc. ?


Finally the brand is another point of comparison that informs about the general quality, value, access to after-sales service, availability of spare parts, brushes, wipes, etc. Sometimes pay more, not just pay for the product, but also for all the services available around!

Best Brands For A Steam cleaner

Tour the major brands offering steam cleaners known and appreciated by users.


If we associate the German brand to Karcher pressure washers, is above all a brand that offers equipment for maintenance, for individuals and professionals. It has a very huge and all products are easy to identify because they all have the same yellow color emblematic.

Each steam cleaner benefits from the expertise Karcher. The accessories are compatible from one product to another and it is easy to be equipped with additional elements. As against all the goods are not of the same standard, there for all prices.


With the vaporella, a steam iron, the Italian company Polti was established in late 1970. Subsequently it has become truly expert on the question of steam and it offers many products for cleaning or laundry care.

A steam cleaner of the brand is even upscale middle unit. It takes at least 150 € by you against the assurance of solidity and durability.


Despite its German origin, Rowenta is now one of the many brands of the French group SEB. As such, she participated in group programs, such as guaranteed access for 10 years in the spare parts of a product. It also has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Rowenta has on its website a dozen “vapor cleaners.” In fact these are all of brooms Steam vacuum cleaners. However, some models are versatile enough to be used as steam cleaners.


Specializing generally in cleaning the floor, BISSELL is a US company founded in 1876. It is positioned in the midrange and team individuals. It even topped the sales in this specific sector in North America.

Its steam cleaners have a common black design with just a touch of blue. They are handy and versatile equipment.


American brand par excellence, Hoover still belongs to an Asian group, Techtronics Industries. It can take care of her home and linen. Its devices are in demand and are positioned in the midrange.

The Hoover steam cleaners are rare because they are integrated into the steam brushes. That is to say that the element producing steam can be picked and used alone. This is especially so for a backup solution.

Black + Decker

If one thinks especially Black + Decker for gardening or DIY equipment, this American brand also offers access to some appliances. These are all reliable products, collecting positive reviews online.

Steam cleaners, that Black + Decker appoints steam cleaners, are especially versatile. And their interest is that you only buy what you need. That is to say that the same device can be selected with a variable number of accessories.

Que Choisir: Mop Steam or Steam cleaner?

The steam mop is a specific type of device to clean with steam. Technically it cleans strictly as soil and ideally that hard floors (there must be an accessory in addition to carpets and rugs).

So the steam cleaner is a much more complete device and which many believe is a more relevant purchase. Indeed, it is even possible to choose a steam cleaner with an accessory for maintenance of the ground!

To choose between one or the other, we must also take into account the clutter. At the time of storage, both devices do not take the same place. Also the ergonomics is not the same. If your priority is to clean the soil, the steam mop is therefore a more relevant choice. Just opt ​​for a complete model for ad hoc use on other surfaces.

How to Clean His House With A Steam Cleaner?

Unless you rent a steam cleaner for a few days, once the owner of a steam cleaner so take your time and do the cleaning of a room at a time. As for whether done well, it’s not moving the unit from one room to the other and spray steam in all directions.

As for the windows must spray steam over the whole surface and then spend a squeegee or cloth to dry and remove all traces.

To clean the joints, place a small brush on the end of the unit. Thus steam and brush allow a thorough cleaning, spotless, and without damaging the seals.

To be effective, consult the instructions for your device that will help you understand the value of each of the accessories. And from there, there is more to get to work.

The steam cleaner can also be used for maintenance of a mattress, sofa or car seat. The tip must be covered with a cloth and steam flow should not be too tapping. Then there must be a long drying time not to go too fast to cover the cleaned fabric element.

Where to Buy a Steam Cleaner Cheap? What Budget Plan?

There are dozens of different steam cleaners. The price can therefore spend twenty euros to several thousand euros.

For price range entered, look at Lidl or GiFi. To go quickly try at the local supermarket. Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc should have some models in stock. Finally, to achieve a broader comparison, choose the websites and specialty stores such as Darty, Boulanger, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, electro deposition, Amazon, Purpose or Cdiscount.

If it is possible to pass, control at any time, try all the same to favor balances or Black Friday, two ideal times to lower the price. If looking for a one-time promotion or a private sale. And do not forget to take into account the cost of delivery before validating your basket!

Where To Buy A Steam cleaner Accessories?

Some brands, the biggest and best known as Karcher used to purchase additional items independently. In this case, these accessories are sold online, on the site of the mark or on Amazon or in some shops of home appliances. We can thus add what washing windows or even iron.

But more often, the accessories are hard to find, especially with the guarantee of being compatible. So it is really better to buy the most complete steam cleaner from the start, rather than being disappointed in a few months.

The only item easy to find, the same brand or not, is the pad that is placed on the main brush. It is necessary to have several from day one.

Best Sewing

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Whether you sew a zero waste kit, make clothing for a child or to dress the whole family, you are looking for a new sewing machine. This device has long been associated with the grandmothers activities, but since the house is made of new trend, have a sewing machine is almost the basic equipment.

However in the same way that there are dozens of ways to sew, there is a wide range of sewing machines. To fully enjoy it, it is best to choose a model that suits you and that’s why we present 6 different products with leading the Singer sewing machine Initial suitable for beginners as well as those seeking to improve themselves .

Take stock of the important elements and are now your future sewing machine.

Special Sewing Machine Best Quality / Price

Decorative Singer Sewing Machine White 31 …

Joody Sewing Machine, Portable … 12 Points

top4pc Coils for Singer Sewing Machine …

Luxbon A box 36 Coils Threads …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To offer you a selection of quality products, we are working from a list of specific criteria and objectives. They are suitable for all sewing projects. Thus the selection is indeed made from sewing machines and not from a specific brand. G tested for you is a totally independent website (learn more).

Our research is therefore conducted from files like those made by Que Choisir, from seamstresses videos and taking into account the many guest reviews posted online on Amazon, Boulanger, Darty, Fnac, etc.

Compare Sewing Machine / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Brother Sew & Go 8

reference model for teens and adult beginners, this sewing machine gives access to 18 adjustable points, 10 programs, LED lighting, auto buttonhole in 4 times, etc.

Designed for beginners who want to progress quickly, this electronic sewing machine has 70 different points and a needle threader. It can even be used without pedal.

Ideal for quilting and patchwork, this electronic sewing machine provides access to 197 points 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes. It offers a beautiful work space as well as a free arm.

reference model for teens and adult beginners, this sewing machine gives access to 18 adjustable points, 10 programs, LED lighting, auto buttonhole in 4 times, etc.

The best mid-range

Designed for beginners who want to progress quickly, this electronic sewing machine has 70 different points and a needle threader. It can even be used without pedal.

The best high-end

Brother Sew & Go 8

Ideal for quilting and patchwork, this electronic sewing machine provides access to 197 points 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes. It offers a beautiful work space as well as a free arm.

How Is Made The selection?

The sewing machine is the basic apparatus for making garments. It is used in conjunction with an iron and ironing board, because the fabric must be perfectly smooth prior to cutting. And if all these products are necessary for an accurate result, the most important steps based on the use of the sewing machine.

This is why the following characteristics should be considered before buying a new sewing machine.

Mechanical and electronic

It is often presented as the first question to ask before buying a sewing machine. The mechanical sewing machine has manual adjustments and is less expensive. The electronic sewing machine is set with a screen, which is often seen as easier. So the machine is more expensive.

The other difference to consider is that it is often possible to perform self-repair on a mechanical sewing machine while it is almost impossible on an electronic model. So there is not a format better than another, but two different products.

The power is not always an essential part of a sewing machine, however, it helps to get an idea about the risk of overheating. If you want to sew curtains for the whole house, the work will be simple (mostly hems), but long. A powerful sewing machine will sew right, fast and good for several hours without a problem.

Number of points and buttonholes

Only two stitches are absolutely essential on a sewing machine: the right point and the zigzag stitch. It is also nice to have a stretch point (for sewing jersey) and one point for a buttonhole. All other points are comfort and decoration. It is nice to have them, but this is not essential as long as one does not patchwork.

Options and accessories

The first element to be compared is the number of hind foot (or feet pressure) included as well as the specifics of each of them. But there may be many other elements, more or less practical: a needle threader, a crowbar special zipper, a lot of needles, an LCD, the large variation in speed etc.

Note that it is easier to buy accessories for a Singer sewing machine or Brother for an unknown brand.

This is to compare the size, weight, ergonomics and even the design of each sewing machine. When one has a workshop and that the sewing machine is installed permanently, regardless if it weighs more than 10 kg. But if you must put down a closet, excessive weight can be a barrier to regular use.

Similarly, if it is too big and you can not store it or install it, it will not work. This is personal criteria. Without the ability to choose for you, we give you this information as much as possible.

The talented seamstress and the projects it wishes to conduct are essential to buy a sewing machine.

So when we started and we provides only occasional use, a model input range will suffice. It’s the same if you want to carry out only simple projects (such as makeup remover wipes). And if you hesitate because of the price, wait balances or Black Friday to make your purchase.

The Best Sewing Machines – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Singer Initial: The Best Cheap

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

metal bobbin holder 0 18 programs adjustable items Simplified Threading LED Lighting

The sewing machine Singer Initial is the model input range of the famous Singer brand and is intended specifically for beginners. Everything is made for taking quick and easy hand, even if the only help we have is a tutorial on YouTube. Thus there is a simplified threading and machine preparation is quick. The bobbin holder is metal for greater strength and better implementation. The work plan has LED lighting. And there are 6 feed dogs heads.

In terms of points available, you can choose between 18 different points, that is to say the straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and various decorative stitches. Their length is manually adjustable. In parallel, it has 10 programs. Finally, we can make a buttonhole in four steps. The power is 70 watts, which is about right.

The format of the Singer sewing machine is comfortable: small, but not too much. Thus it measures 37.31 x 17 cm and it weighs 7 kg. Because of its size, it is popular among teenagers, more petite than adults. As against the sewing machine does not have cover and it will therefore be needed to sew quickly to protect it from dust and reduce maintenance. A mini accessory kit is still included. This is especially suitable for those starting from scratch sewing.

Finally, Singer offers a gift with the purchase of this model an online sewing classes on site Artesane. This is a course for beginners that allows launching into a first draft for oneself or to offer. It is particularly interesting to follow this course that controls or discover many tips and techniques. Moreover, since it is an online course, no matter where you live, you will benefit.

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2. Brother CS10: The Alternative No Dear

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

40 different points 5 Auto buttonhole styles Double LED lighting electronics Model Practical accessories

Not very lightweight case

It’s an endless debate between Brother and Singer, each seamstress and his preference not ever change. The sewing machine Brother CS10 is an electronic model is also suitable for beginners. The LCD is the centerpiece of the sewing machine. There, with the four keys the type of point is chosen, its length, width and foot type. The summary points presented on the machine directly (the part that hides the engine). There are 40 points, including 5 button styles. Performing a buttonhole is 100% automatic. The screen is quite small and there is no backlight, but it is quite readable.

For the development of the machine, the first positive point is that there is a built-in needle threader. There is no need to drag yourself the thread through the eye. In the interests of simplification, the can is positioned horizontally, which everyone agrees is simpler than the vertical placement. Thus it is also easier to track the amount of remaining thread on the bobbin.

A double LED lighting is expected to better monitor the work. However some opinions indicate that the brightness is not sufficient and it may be necessary to provide a place to settle in well lit or change the included LED.

With the sewing machine, you get a instructional DVD and a Brother accessory kit. This includes needles, foot (for zigzag stitches, zippers, overlock) and some elements for the maintenance of the machine. You can buy it with or without cover.

Its real draw is its lightness. This sewing machine weighs only 5 kg and has no fastening system (such as suction cups). So, when working on a large amount of tissue (on a tablecloth or curtain) or on thick fabric (denim, velvet), the machine is slightly driven by the fabric.

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3. Brother Cx70Pe (Patchwork Edition): Best Middle End

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

70 points needle threader included Double LED lighting robust rotary hook Works without pedal

The Brother sewing machine CX70PE is a complete electronic model for beginners and intermediates. It offers great flexibility. So 70 points are available and they are all represented on the hull to choose as easily as possible. The settings are made with 4 buttons arranged around the LCD. If at first, especially when you start sewing, manual (in digital format) is required, use rapidly comes naturally and intuitively.

To insert the wire, it has an integrated needle threader. The positioning of the can is also simplified and is flat. The lid above the bobbin is transparent to allow to follow the wire feeding. The 6 feed dogs allow work fairly thick fabrics (without going to the leather). By cons is a fairly lightweight machine. If this detail is convenient to install and store every time, it means that we must not go too fast with heavy fabrics or very large pieces of fabric.

It is possible to operate the sewing machine without using the pedal, ie only with the start / stop button. The reverse button is located next door. The machine is also equipped with an automatic bobbin winder and it is possible to choose the position of the needle (top or bottom) stationary. There is also a free arm and a robust rotary hook.

Several accessories are included with this Brother sewing machine, many different feet, needles, a bag, a screwdriver, a seam ripper, a can, etc. By default it is sold without extension table, but the same model is available with an extension table for about 30 EUR more.

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4. Singer Brilliance 6160: The Alternative Middle Of Range

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

60 points 4 different buttonholes Feed dog thick fabrics Automatic Threading Points quilting

The Singer sewing machine Brilliance 6160 is an electronic model that has 60 different points. It is intended for enthusiasts, beginners or advanced. The screen and control buttons are located just above the list of available points. This includes 4 buttonholes, stretch 8 points and points to the full embroidery, quilting, quilting or just decoration.

It is designed to work on up to tissues (by purchasing the appropriate needle) because it has feed dogs which are particularly suitable thick fabrics. Reviews of Singer Brilliance 6160 testify that can be used on small projects with leather or jeans.

The grip of the Singer machine is easy with automatic threading and a very simple system to change the crowbar. A bright LED light gives a clear view of the current fashion. All is well indicated on the machine, even if there should be to eventually see the manual, especially when one begins and especially to control various knobs.

The accessories are not very many, but it includes everything that is necessary to start and get a personal idea of ​​what is needed. Thus there are two spare cans, needles, an auxiliary vertical spool, a washer Felt, a cap for coil, a slot opening (with forceps and torn-overlock), a screwdriver for the needle plate a darning plate, a foot for a slide fastener and a buttonhole foot. Singer brand Interest is only when necessary it is easy to buy any item in haberdashery.

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5. Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8: The Best Premium

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Beautiful 197 different points 7 buttonholes 15 needle positions For professional use

The model Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8 is an electronic machine for professional use, primarily for people making patchwork and quilting. It is ideal for both activities, because everything is done for achieving the sewing work is simplified. Thus there is a large work area. A start / stop button is positioned right next to the needle to move the pedal and especially to act with the utmost precision. There is even a wire cutter.

Among other features, it should be noted that the LCD is long and accurate. It provides access to 197 different points, including an alphabet and 7 types of buttonholes (including a round shape). There are many buttons to save time by programming the machine (on the first price models, it is often arrows to scroll through the programs). One can also modify the length and width of the points.

All fabrics can be sewn, as the 7 feed dogs accompany even heavy fabrics. And the free arm to sew the hems or easily make repairs, including the often narrow children’s clothing.

Online, this machine than meets positive opinions. The few faults that may occur are immediately paid by the customer service or with accurate information about product use. Its price is fully justified and as soon as one wants to start a regular and serious use, it’s worth looking into priority this sewing machine.

In terms of accessories, you get all the essential elements for a good grip or for regular maintenance. Thus there is a standard crowbar, a sledge buttonhole foot, a foot Blindhem a foot button, overcasting foot, open embroidery foot, a zipper foot, a seam ripper, a assortment of needles, three cans, screwdrivers, an extra spool pin, etc.

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6. Brother Fs100Wt: The Alternative Premium

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

LCD backlit Automatic Threading 7 feed dogs 100 points and 1 alphabet 7 feet included

Choice points not very practical

Again, our choice fell on a Brother sewing machine. The model is a complete FS100WT Brother electronic sewing machine with an extension table for quilting and patchwork. Moreover it is a very stable machine whatever your sewing. The cop is positioned horizontally very simply.

Via the backlit LCD display and buttons surrounding it, choosing from 100 different points. All points are shown on the machine directly. There are also 8 types of buttonholes and an alphabet. The twin needle function gives access to more customization. It is possible to change the stitch length (up to 5 mm) and the width (up to 7 mm). A power converter is included and can be used with or without the machine pedal. The on / off button is positioned conveniently to achieve without diverting your sewing.

Unlike other models of this selection, the Brother sewing machine comes with a rigid cover. This is not necessarily essential, depending on the storage which you have access. But it provides greater protection against everyday accidents (whether you live with cats or children). There is also a carrying handle and all necessary accessories to start are included. It is also easy to buy in haberdashery.

Finally, it is a sewing machine that still fits many projects. It can be used with the free arm or an extension table. The light really good mimics daylight to properly illuminate without dazzling. The thread tension setting is manual. And if you hesitate to launch you an introductory DVD is included and provides access to numerous manipulations.

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And why not…

Sewing machines below does not lack assets and charm. Some have specific functions. Others not necessarily a terrible price. So according to your needs or if you find a nice promo, do not hesitate!

Singer Decorative

The sewing machine Singer Decorative is a mechanical model 31 comprising adjustable items (that is to say which can modify the length). This is a machine that is ideal for those who are new, which have many projects in mind and do not yet know exactly what type of sewing they are destined.

Thus there is a simplified threading, we can make a buttonhole in 4 times and there are 19 programs included. The handling is easy and fast, so make your first project, the purchase of the Singer sewing machine provides access to an online sewing classes two hours on the site Artesane. Finally it is a model that weighs 7 kg, with a power of 70 watts and offers a lighting of the work plan.

The Best Sewing Machines 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Toyota Power Fabriq

This sewing machine is a marvel for sewing thick fabrics. It will be much less interesting to realize a light cotton dress, but it will be a leather bag without difficulty. So she used to sew the fabric up to 6 mm thick, leather up to 4.5 mm and up to 12 layers of jeans (no worries for hemming!). It is possible to thread the drawstring over there.

This is a mechanical model and all adjustments are made with a wheel positioned on the right. 17 points are available including a buttonhole in 4 stroke, two decorative stitches and two stretchs points. It also comes with some accessories, including six crowbars and two cans. Despite its weight of 5.7 kg it has good stability and is robust. A lightweight case is included.

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Singer Heavy Duty

This machine model Singer sewing stands out from other models of the brand because it is stronger and more efficient in the face of heavy fabrics. This is a mechanical sewing machine with two knobs to select the type of dots and their length. 32 points are available, ie utility stitches and decorative stitches and others for the jersey. Four crowbars are included.

It is a model that works, that is, causing the fabric well, passing course of hemming jeans, etc. The sewing machine is powerful and fast. Its weight of 6.6 kg gives it good stability. By cons must provide that the document is only available in digital format and that the accessories are not very many (but all are needed there).

Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finally, here are some additional items to allow you to have really the answer to all your questions.

What Sewing Machine To Start?

To begin, it is best to buy a mechanical sewing machine. It is cheaper, we can do many tests by understanding each setting and each result.

Needless to begin to have dozens of different points. Working with the machine is only one factor among others to make a garment. We must also take the time to read a boss, transfer, etc.

Or Overlock Sewing Machine?

We do not do the same with a sewing machine and a serger. And especially a serger is a little more complicated to handle.

If you want to get into sewing and do not have any equipment, we must begin with a sewing machine.

By cons, if you already have a first sewing machine, even a small inherited from your grandmother and want to do more complex projects with delicate finishes, then it may be interesting to choose a serger.

Machine A Coudre Brother Vs Singer ?

Brother and Singer sewing machines offer varied with prices to suit all budgets. One can find a Brother machine quality for a bit less expensive than its equivalent Singer. This brand also includes a bit of new technologies.

But impossible to decide and should be less the question of the brand as the relevance of the machine with our desires and needs. As well let your first sewing project and your budget decide this issue.

How to Put A Duckling In A Sewing Machine?

The can is a small all round accessory included with the sewing machine. We must first put the wire (the one you are about to use), then set up in the machine.

The bobbin is positioned under the needle. It is important to put it in the right direction and let the wire out slightly. Then just go down / up the needle only once so that the wire is positioned correctly.

Please note that the direction in which to ask the bobbin varies between machines. We must therefore refer to the instructions. If in doubt, always take a few points on a tissue unimportant to ensure it is well positioned.

How to Thread a Needle On A Sewing Machine?

Before threading the needle, make sure to have a ready can.

For the rest, the ideal is to directly consult the manual for your machine because it varies from model to model. But more often the path followed by the wire is indicated on the machine.

For your first time, consider making some points on scrap fabric before starting your project. And if the voltage is not correct, repeat from the start threading the needle and the establishment of the can.

How Its Oil Sewing Machine?

Above all it must be equipped with oil for sewing machine. We can not lubricate a sewing machine with oil or cooking with oil for bicycles. Then you have to think about the regular maintenance: remove dust from all corners (including around the bobbin) and change of needles even if it is bent in half.

Finally one can lubricate the sewing machine once a year, a detail to check in the manual of your machine. The places where oil deposit are also specified in the instructions, because for some machines that cleaning is simplified. After putting the oil, it is necessary to operate the wireless machine on a tissue drop.

Attention to lubricate your machine before using it and not before putting it to rest. The oil could freeze and cause problems the next boot.

Conclusion: What Sewing Machine Shop According to Us?

To achieve the basic sewing, that is to say the creation of children’s clothing, but also smaller projects like pie bags or pretty kits without any hesitation the Singer sewing machine Initial will be perfect.

This mechanical model is relatively compact and its use is intuitive. Furthermore it has a sewing course of 2 hours in line to make his first project. The Singer model is regularly purchased, used and enjoyed by a diverse audience (child, teen, adult, male or female).

By cons, if you want to start with an electronic sewing machine, it is better to opt for the mid-range to have immediately a comprehensive and sustainable model as Brother CX70PE. And if you have to become a professional project, specializing in patchwork and quilting, then you need the sewing machine Bernina Sew & Go Bernette 8. It’s a pretty amazing product at any level (but more expensive ).

Best Juice Extractors

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Whether to eat more vegetables or to make the most of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, you are looking to buy a juicer. This product is more and more requested, as it therefore makes a cold extraction and keeps a maximum of vitamins.

Like any product becoming popular, the supply of juice extractors are expanding and it is not simple to navigate. To help you make your choice we extensively analyze the available devices and we have selected six, the best in our opinion, as the Omega juicer 8226.

Find your future juicer and answer your questions in this matter!

Special Juice Extractor Best Quality / Price

Juice Extractor, Joerid Slow Juicer Press …

AMZCHEF Juice Extractor Fruit and Vegetable …

Juice Extractor, Aobosi BPA extractor …

Aobosi Extractor Fruit Juice and …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

Our opinions are based on careful research into both the functioning of juice extractors that recent and ancient advice on the most successful products. Indeed we consider that the effectiveness of a stripper (or other device) is not visible at first use, but after a few weeks.

The goal is not to buy a disposable juicer, but a sustainable product. For that we also consult the complete records as those made by Marmiton or Wirecutter (in the version translated by Le Monde) and the ratings given by consumers on sites like Amazon.

Thus our selection is totally made from the products. We are not sponsored by a home appliance brand. By cons we perceive a small commission when readers of this article are ordering them from one of the links included (learn more).

Juice Extractor Comparison / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

With just two screens and six specialized tips, this versatile horizontal extractor allows the preparation of juices, purees, sorbets and even pasta.

This vertical extractor has a wide mouth and is sold with three screens to prepare juices, sorbets, smoothies, vegetable milk, nut cream.

With a stainless steel body, a wide mouth and a compact vertical design, this extractor offers excellent value for occasional use.

The best high-end

With just two screens and six specialized tips, this versatile horizontal extractor allows the preparation of juices, purees, sorbets and even pasta.

The best mid-range

BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer

This vertical extractor has a wide mouth and is sold with three screens to prepare juices, sorbets, smoothies, vegetable milk, nut cream.

With a stainless steel body, a wide mouth and a compact vertical design, this extractor offers excellent value for occasional use.

How Is Made The selection?

This selection is for strictly juice extractors that have a very specific way to get the fruit and vegetable juice. They should not be confused with the centrifuge, because the operation and the results have nothing to do. The same goes for the juicer.

Here the comparison criteria are strictly dedicated to juice extractors. They allow you to objectively look at the effectiveness and relevance of each characteristic of each juice extractor.

The format and design

The juice extractor format directly impacts its bulk. The vertical juice extractors are easier to place in a small kitchen. On the other hand a horizontal extractor is more versatile, that is to say, he can manage a wide variety of ingredients and sometimes even make mashed potatoes or fresh pasta. The design relates to the colors and the visual rendering of the product.

The speed of rotation

A screw that rotates too quickly will heat the fruit and vegetables and thus damaging them. Indeed, any movement causes heat generation, more movement, the faster it heats. Do not just rely on the term “cold extraction” but compare the announced rotation. Here the power has no interest.

In general one can expect to find an extractor with a speed ranging from 40 to 80 revolutions per minute. There are also manual extractors, that is to say it must turn a handle to turn the screw.

The ideal is the twin screw screw as it provides more juice and is perfect on the greens. But it is also the most expensive. It is possible to buy an extractor with a single screw or screw double helix. More than the name of the screw for a first extractor, rather look at the list of ingredients that can be placed there.

There are basic options like a handle, a drip stop, pitchers (for juice and pulp) and a recipe booklet. It is also possible to choose an extractor with more complex accessories, sold in more or included. Thus a juicer can be converted into ricer or pasta machine.

This is information that is only slightly scattered by the manufacturers. A function juice extractor can be very noisy, especially as some vacuum cleaners for example. so try to find the official declared noise in dB (and always put the figure as low as possible) or visit online notice the comparison between them.

The price is a final criterion. Of course a EUR 200 juicer is more efficient a device to EUR 100. But we can choose this for you and that’s why the extractors are classified by price range.

Conversely the guarantee is not a relevant criterion for an extractor, because in France beautiful legal safeguards protect consumers. And especially the extended warranties cover only very rarely the most fragile items such as accessories or even sometimes the engine.

Best Extractors Juice – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. H.Koenig Gsx12: The Best Cheap

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

60 revolutions / min vertical Large Format Two bowls neck 1 liter Other optional sieve

For occasional use

Compared to the price, the juicer H.Koenig is really surprising. It offers a really slow speed, without heating: 60 revolutions per minute. It has a vertical format which allows it to extract the juice of a large number of different foods including leaves (spinach) or hard vegetables (beets). Getting started is easy. The neck is wide so as not to think about cutting the ingredients (7 x 3.5 cm). The noise level is quite correct, it is a discrete product.

The recovery of juice and pulp of fruits and vegetables is included in bowls, each with a capacity of one liter. There has against a single screen included. However, the same model is available for sale with several screens, just be prepared to pay a little more. The list of accessories also includes a cleaning brush and a pusher.

This still remains an extractor for occasional use. This means that if you are looking for a juicer daily, so buy right away a more upscale product. This is the general strength which does not allow intensive use. This is his general functioning which makes it a great product for a long time use.

Maintenance is pretty easy, because everything comes apart without difficulty and is recovering in place intuitively. The brush can reach places of difficult access. There is little help to be taken to undo the bowl, because there is a kind of notch. But once we have grasped the principle, nothing wrong it. The exterior is stainless steel, a sponge blow is normally sufficient.

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2. Aicok Amr521: The Alternative No Dear

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Easy to assemble Drip 80 rpm Silent Compact enough

Threaded plastic end

The Aicok juice extractor is the perfect model for a first extractor, because it is really cheap and it allows for many tests (that is to say with various ingredients). Operation is intuitive, there is not much to do. It is necessary to cut into pieces the first fruits, not necessarily small, but at least a little.

This is a product which has a screw plastic. This detail explains why we see it as a product to discover the extraction. Indeed over the long term, the plastic screw is not what is best, especially if you plan to use it every day.

The extraction rate is 80 rpm. This is fast enough, but the result is quite correct. By cons it is not suitable for overripe fruit and too soft like banana. They are immediately rejected without juicing. At the sound as it is correct, as it does not exceed 60 dB. This is not a silent extractor, but it is acceptable at any time of the day.

Maintenance is really the highlight of this extractor. It is very easy to disassemble everything and put everything in place. All removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. However it is almost faster to wash everything by hand just after preparation when nothing has dried. Besides a small cleaning brush is included to help you.

Side, the machine has an anti-drip function and an inverse system. The latter is handy to avoid paper jams. She turns the screw in the opposite direction which unlocks any ingredient stuck. Finally the service is made directly to the glass / bowl that is just included with the unit. The glass has a spout and then distributed among different people.

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3. Biochef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer: The Best Middle-End

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Wide aperture 3 different screen format vertical solid Accessories Only 40 rev / min

plastic predominantly

The vertical extractor BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer is a model available in several colors (silver, red, black and white). It measures 45 cm high and weighs 7.1 kilograms. This is a solid, well made and inspires confidence. It is predominantly solid plastic BPA. It has a long life, parts are strong and solid as the months of use.

His real plus is its extra large opening. It measures 8 cm in diameter. And above all it is a double entry, according to choose the form of the ingredient to be introduced (rather long as the pieces of carrots, or rather compact as apple pieces). A plastic plunger is also included. This system allows to put food without force and without risk of blockage. Extraction is really slow with 40 rpm. The juice can be stored for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Three screens are included for greater versatility in the preparation of fruits and vegetables. There’s a fine sieve for juice, another for nectars and smoothies and a third for sorbets. This allows wider way to also make walnut butter and vegetable milk. A recipe booklet is included to easily learn how to take control of the extractor and get a fair idea of ​​all the possibilities it offers.

Finally, we get to the two containers apparatus (to get the juice and pulp) and a brush to clean everything, including the interstices of the screen. If necessary, it is also possible to put in the dishwasher the different removable elements, although it is better to do it by hand just after use.

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4. Biochef Axis Cold Press Juicer: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Beautiful colors and design Wide mouth Used to make pasta Stylish Design Change pressure available

Locks on soft foods

BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer is an elegant horizontal extractor that was fun to settle permanently in his kitchen. One can even choose the red or white. His feet with suction cups and weighs 6 kg guarantee a good stability.

Various accessories are included to make it a versatile and not only a powerful extractor. So there are 6 different tips for making fresh pasta and two screens. Of course one also receives a manual and a cleaning brush and a stick pusher. For juice, it works great on the leaves (nettle, spinach, parsley, etc.) and hard fruits and vegetables (peeled orange, apple, carrot, etc.). By cons he has difficulty with too soft ingredients like banana, ripe pear and cucumber. All too quickly becomes a puree that blocks the screw. Even by activating the reverse function (to turn the screw in the opposite direction), nothing unlocks the situation.

Note all the same, this juicer is one of the few models on which pressure can easily change applied to fruits and vegetables. It can vary from 0 to 5, the maximum pressure suitable for the toughest ingredients.

The machine maintenance has been simplified to a passage under the tap can perform most of the work. The small brush included allows to finish properly. It is possible to place the elements in the dishwasher. However it is advisable to wash everything quickly after use to not let the dried food deposits. Because it is more difficult to clean and dishwasher might not give you satisfaction.

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5. Omega 8226: The Best Premium

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

6 Silent Bottleneck specialized nozzles 5 cm single screw feet suckers

A little quick to upscale

The horizontal Omega extractor 8226 is a product of a chrome silver color (it is also available in white in another reference). It is very complete, all accessories are included. Thus it is sold with 2 pitchers, two sieves, nozzles 6 and a piston (also called pusher). It weighs 6 kg and has suction feet to provide good stability.

The juice extraction is performed in two steps through two screens. Thus the performance is better and a maximum of juice is extracted every time all the fruits or vegetables. This is visible both in the pitcher that collects the juice in it for the pulp, since the waste that emerge dry. Also speed of 80 rpm allows preparation without foam and without heating fruits and vegetables.

Among the accessories of this juicer are six specialized nozzles. They are used to vary the possible preparations and not only by varying the vegetables and fruits used. Thus by setting the proper nozzle on the output of the device, it is possible to prepare sorbets, mashed potatoes and even pasta. One can also make dried fruit purees.

The grip of the extractor to juice or to clean it, is really very simple. We just have to find the right place to store all accessories without losing anything. Between disassembly, cleaning and replacement, there must be 10-minute interview. A fine brush cleans places difficult to access.

Finally there is an extractor for almost daily use. Thus it is solid. It is designed to be frequently handled and it holds well. The elements are repositioned correctly and the single screw a good job over the weeks.

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6. Omega Vsj843Rs Hurom: The Alternative Premium

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Large amount of juice extract Very slow double-screw propeller self-cleaning mode Suitable for vegetable milk

Strictly for juice

Omega This extractor is one of those products that are found in all comparative because it gives satisfaction to all its users for years. It is also a vertical model, silver and elegant. It is designed to sit permanently in the kitchen and can be used at least once a day.

The juice extraction is done in the best possible conditions. Thus the device has a screw double helix. The speed is really slow to ensure quality cold extraction. It performs 43 revolutions per minute.

By cons must note that this is strictly a juice extractor. It is presented as being versatile, but for the type of juice that can be obtained. It does not make pasta or sorbets. It has two screens, a fine sieve for juice and a sieve with large holes for nectars. There are two containers 1 liter plastic (one for the juice, one for the pulp) and a pusher. The set allows to make fruit and vegetable juices, but also green juices with very fibrous ingredients or leaves (fennel, celery, etc.) and plant milk (almond milk, nut milk by properly following the classic recipes).

Finally this vertical extractor has a cap to avoid splashing and especially to enable the self-cleaning function. Then there is not much to do for maintenance. Besides all the elements are easy to disassemble, the worm keeps everything in place, simply remove it to access everything. The replacement of the elements is also simple and fast.

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And why not…

Hard to be limited to 6 juice extractors, while some brands offer a lot of good products (such as Omega). So, we have added 3 more. They do not seem to offer as much efficiency as the previous, but depending on your tastes, your budget and even space in your kitchen, it may hide your future juicer.

Aicok Amr519

The extractor of horizontal Aicok AMR519 juice has an original design and a close operation of the other Aicok extractors. So it’s not expensive, it is stable (with its 4.4 kg), it is not too noisy (between 40 and 60 dB) and is sold with a cleaning brush. Maintenance is easy and all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

It has a speed of 80 revolutions per minute and has an inverse function to avoid the jam. We just plan to cut the ingredients into a few pieces and do not forget to peel citrus and pineapple. By cons attention unlike other models of the brand, it has a continuous operation rather short. Do not use the extractor for more than 10 minutes continuously, then you have to take a long break before resuming.

accessory side, the device comes with a brush, a collection container for 800 ml of juice and a collection container for the pulp.

Best Extractors Juice 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Omega 8224

The device is a versatile Omega 8224 juicer and solid. It is sold with two pitchers (for recovery of juice and pulp), two separate screens and nozzles 6 or specialized cones. These are accessories that allow you to vary the uses of the extractor. Thus it is possible to prepare vegetables or fruit purees, sorbets, fresh pasta, etc.

Screens included are a patented exclusive Omega. This enables better performance and spring is really dry pulp. This system is associated with a single screw and a slow speed of 80 rpm.

The design is quite original because it is a product that has existed for years. So it has a little retro unintended side. It weighs 6 kg, which allows it to have good stability. A handle on the top helps the handle and move it. There should be a length of 52 cm in all, between the device and pitchers recovery.

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Tribest Slowstar (Sw-2000-F)

The Tribest SlowStar juice extractor is a premium product. This is a compact, stylish vertical design. It is easy to place in a kitchen and even the accessories are not very bulky. It is guaranteed without BPA. It weighs just over 9 kg, it is powerful robust and very handy. The establishment of the elements and cleaning are very easy. It’s just a shame that the neck opening is not a bit bigger. On the other hand, this requires cutting out the ingredients and do not unnecessarily test the motor resistance.

This product is very versatile Tribest. The different accessories allow the preparation of sauces, sorbets, vegetable pies and even seed butter (like sesame paste). It also easily handles vegetables containing plenty of fiber thanks to its double roller blades.

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Conclusion: What Juice Extractor Buy In Us?

Difficult to retain only one extractor, because it really depends on what you expect. So let’s say if you want a reliable juicer in the long term, for almost daily use, it is best to turn to the extractor Omega 8226. It will be effective on all fruits, all vegetables and even herbs and nuts. This is our first choice!

On the other hand if you are looking for an extractor to juice two or three in the week, no need to spend too much. The H.Koenig GSX12 juicer should give you full satisfaction.

And if you hesitate between, if you want to include daily juice without being sure to really succeed, then let yourself be seduced by the extractor BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer.

Best Cookeo

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable – Comparison

The Cookeo cooker is a very specific device and not a type of product. This is a series of products developed by Moulinex for accessing multiple cooking modes from a single device. Relatively compact, it simplifies the kitchen and can do anything else during cooking.

Given the success of this product, Moulinex is constantly developing its Cookeo collection and today the choice is pretty impressive. So we invite you to discover the best Cookeo Moulinex to buy the more direct interest.

Take stock of these questions and many others by continuing your reading. You will also find a presentation of different products, the Moulinex Cookeo + Connect CE857800 which we prefer.

Cookeo Your Best Quality / Price!

Moulinex Multicuiseur Intelligent Cookeo+ Connect…

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To achieve this selection of the best Cookeo 2019 editorial team works strictly from the products. To this list of criteria has been established and it has been applied to Cookeo on sale now. The customer reviews were also read and analyzed on several sites like Amazon, Darty and Boulanger. This helps to get a clear picture of the actual quality in the long term, as well as customer service Moulinex.

For G tested for you is an independent site! It is not sponsored by any brand or manufacturer. Learn more.

Compare Cookeo / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

Moulinex Cookeo+ Connect CE857800

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

Sold in black, Cookeo + is a connected model, loaded with 200 recipes and with a power of 1600 W. It is easy to learn and to monitor cooking on his smartphone.

With an original color (brown glossy), it Cookeo + 1600W comes with an additional accessory, a practice cake pan and secure to use even more often the cooker.

Former citation still on sale, it is very often in promotion and is still effective. Containing 100 pre-programmed recipes, it helps prepare much without breaking the bank.

The best high-end

Moulinex Cookeo+ Connect CE857800

Sold in black, Cookeo + is a connected model, loaded with 200 recipes and with a power of 1600 W. It is easy to learn and to monitor cooking on his smartphone.

The best mid-range

Moulinex Cookeo+ Gourmet CE852900

With an original color (brown glossy), it Cookeo + 1600W comes with an additional accessory, a practice cake pan and secure to use even more often the cooker.

Former citation still on sale, it is very often in promotion and is still effective. Containing 100 pre-programmed recipes, it helps prepare much without breaking the bank.

How Is The Selection Made, What Cookeo Choose?

The Cookeo series offers complete equipment for cooking meals and even the realization of buns, desserts and various sauce. On its own, a standard Cookeo replaces Multicooker, a pressure cooker, steam cooker and even a slow cooker!

However these are devices that are very similar and it is not easy to identify the differences between Cookeo. Just in terms of design, they all look the same! That’s why we made this list of criteria that can move from one product to another and know what Cookeo buy.

One hesitates between a Cookeo 1600 W and 1200 W, but it is a detail irrelevant. All recent models are at 1600 W, it allows preheating a little faster. On the other hand, it also means that power consumption is slightly higher. But now we do not have much choice since it is the same on all devices.

The number of programs

Officially Cookeo all have the same power consumption and the same number of programs (see previous criterion). In fact, in the same way as the old models have only 1200 W, they also have that 5 programs.

So, it is still better to opt for a newer model (without trying at all costs to buy the latest Cookeo) for greater versatility through 6 different programs.

The number of recipes

It is truly access to recipes that made all the difference. This is where we understand the difference between 100 and 200 Cookeo recipes and even between the USB Cookeo or Connect.

There is always a manual mode, but it is much easier to be guided by a pre-recorded recipes in the cooker. There are a number of recipes included with the device and then it can be possible to add to a specific USB or via Bluetooth.

All Cookeo have the same format (with a 6-liter tank) and the same design almost. The only variation comes from the color that you can choose according to the decor of the kitchen or her personal taste.

Best Cookeo – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Cookeo Ce704110: The Best Cheap

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Often promo six cooking modes Basic and simple recipes 100 preprogrammed

This reference may well be that of one of the first Cookeo Moulinex, it remains a very good choice, because it is always effective and above all it is very often in promotion. This is the classic Cookeo par excellence!

Indeed the Cookeo CE704110 was the base model of the first generation of Multicooker Cookeo by Moulinex. This is a Cookeo 1200 W and it only contains 100 recipes. As against it has the same design as the others, it is white, it has an LCD display and is very easy to handle.

To use this Cookeo, we must start from the home screen and choose one of four options: ingredients, recipes, favorites or manual. There are 6 cooking modes in all, the rapid pressure cooking. It is possible to fry or stew, cooked in steam or cook gently. And of course, it is possible to delay the start of the preparation or to opt for keeping warm at the end of the preparation. To learn more about getting started, you can read this review of the Cookeo CE704110.

Even maintenance is simple. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. However the tank of 6 liters is non-stick and so it is possible to wash quickly from the end of lunch. Thus Multicooker is available all the time, a good thing when we see the great variety of dishes that can be prepared.

Note that even though it is an old Cookeo, it is still possible to use the application to take advantage of new recipes. And accessories sold by Moulinex (such as glass jars, cake pan, etc.) can be seated to improve cheaply.

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2. Cookeo + Ce851100: The Alternative No Dear

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Simplicity Available in white or red 150 recipes included Steamer included

No added recipes

Directly from the new generation Cookeo, model CE851100 Cookeo + is the new classic product, basic and therefore cheap Moulinex. It differs from the older generation by adding the + in his name. Thus we find all the characteristics of Cookeo + models: use of 1600 watts and a 6-liter tank ceramic ultra-resistant. The exterior can be chosen in white or red only. The size is the same as other models Cookeo.

150 recipes are pre-recorded. They are directly accessible from the menu. Some can be stored in the library for future reference in seconds. By cons attention, this model is basic, it does not allow the addition of new recipes (either via Bluetooth or USB). But the more time passes and more users are finding that the addition is not necessarily an indispensable option. Indeed, thanks to the free app developed by Cookeo (highlighting recipes Moulinex Community) and through the manual mode, it is possible to cook everything, jam ketchup through the chili and ‘Osso Buco ! To do this, simply select the manual mode directly from the menu.

It is also a device that offers Cookeo 7 operating modes: pressure, steaming, browning, gentle cooking, reheating, simmer and keep warm. One can also opt for a delayed start up to 15 h. Adjustments are made with a big color LCD. A steamer basket is included as an accessory. To learn more about getting started, check out this review of the Cookeo CE851100.

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3. Cookeo + Gourmet Ce852900: The Best Middle End

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Cake Pan Steamer 150 recipes Accessories compatible dishwasher Speedcook

No revenue additions

The Cookeo cooker + Gourmet CE852900 is the format for foodies or for families who no longer wish to consume snacks buy in the supermarket. Indeed, the specificity of this model is the presence of a cake pan. With a diameter of 18 cm and with a handle, it greatly increases the range of possibilities. So in addition to the classic dishes (as well as inputs and some desserts), it is now possible to do more desserts, snacks, cakes.

As explained in this review of the Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900, this does not detract from the other specificities of multicuiseurs Cookeo. Thus it is equipped with a ceramic vessel with a capacity of 6 liters and it also comes with a steamer. Removable parts (including the inner cover) can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The exterior maintenance is done simply with a sponge.

For the preparation of dishes, use menu and four choices. From there we have access to recipes or manual use. 6 different cooking modes coexist in this small cooker: browning, simmering, steaming, gentle cooking under pressure reheating. There is also the possibility of keeping warm for 1 h 30 or program a delay start.

The Multicooker Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900 is charged with 150 different recipes comprising entries, dishes and desserts. The set is varied, with vegetarian dishes, world cuisine and traditional dishes. And while it is impossible to connect the Cookeo his smartphone, it is still possible to download the application My cookeo to benefit from many additional revenue.

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4. Cookeo + Ce851500: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

150 recipes included Red Exterior 1600 Watts Easy to clean

All Cookeo are not available in the same colors. The Cookeo + CE851500 model is one of the products presented in bright and vibrant red. From Cookeo + series, so it has a power of 1600 watts and it warms in 3-4 minutes. It also has 4 classic menus and six cooking modes that can do everything. It is sold with a steamer that fits easily into the bowl 6 liters. a later departure can also be programmed (up to 15 hours later) and keep warm dish for a little over an hour.

Maintenance is fast. The removable parts are dishwasher safe and simple sponge allows the outside of the robot regain its luster. In case of problems (breakage or wear), it is easy to buy these removable parts to replace or supplement your device with various accessories.

Revenue side, this model is charged with 150 recipes. It only has them and it is impossible to add as explained in this opinion on the Multicooker Cookeo + CE851500. Even if we talk about smart Multicooker, it is not connected. What this does not prevent you from downloading the application My Cookeo is really complete and very practical. It provides access to recipes posted by Moulinex and others suggested by users of this cooking robot. This makes it possible to prepare dishes for daily, vegetarian or special child, as well as real party tables.

This Multicooker Cookeo remains simple enough for its price class. It is very effective, but it is still better to buy coupon for the value or interest to the user.

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5. Cookeo + Connect Ce857800: The Best Premium

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Connected via Bluetooth Follow the cooking app with ceramic bowl 200 recipes 6 preprogrammed cooking modes

To purchase a Cookeo connected, it is essential to be prepared to pay the price and that’s why all these multicuiseurs are in the high end. The model Cookeo + Connect CE857800 is a product that can be partially used with a smartphone or a tablet. This is only partial, as in cooking, always himself cut the vegetables and place them in the cooking bowl.

This is a cookeo + black 1600 watts. It weighs 6 kg, and has the same dimensions as the others. It has 4 menus giving access to 6 cooking modes. It is possible to steam them, fry, simmer, cook pressure cook and reheat slowly. Pressure cooking is also named quick cooking because it saves lot of time. It is thus possible to prepare in less than an hour some recipes very time like boeuf bourguignon.

200 recipes are preprogrammed in Cookeo + Connect. As from the menu, simply select the recipe program and find one that interests you. From there, everything is explained step by step. The same approach is proposed on the application My Cookeo but with large legible images. This is particularly interesting when you start cooking. The application therefore provides access to recipes and more, it is possible to load the cooker (to find them with the “favorites” program for example). Last note, it is possible to follow the evolution of cooking and therefore not to stay right next to the cooking robot!

Its main drawback is its price, actually higher than the other models which. To make you a better idea about its quality, check out this presentation of Cookeo + Connect CE857800.

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6. Cookeo + Connect Grameez Ce856800: The Alternative Premium

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

Cookeo connected recipes included 150 connected Balance Color black 1600 W

Connecting the helpful little balance

The Multicooker Cookeo CE856800 + combines two specificities. On one side there is a Cookeo Connect, that is connected to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth. On the other, it comes with a very powerful accessory, the balance Grameez Moulinex.

The presence of a Bluetooth connection on Multicooker allows easy grip and provides access to hundreds of recipes in addition to 150 preprogrammed recipes. That one started or you’re looking to try new things, it is very valuable to have clear and illustrated explanations for each step of the preparation. Also follow the dish on the application My Cookeo allows to remotely monitor (moderate) changes in cooking.

The Grameez balance is also a connected device. It can weigh up to 10 kg food, the gram. It is extremely accurate and very handy. It has a touch keyboard and tare is done with a great touch. It is of excellent quality. As against the connected aspect seems a little gadget. This scale also works with Bluetooth, and the application allows to adapt the recipes to the weight of a particular ingredient. The contribution is rather limited. Well, if you already have an excellent balance at home, it is useless. More details are given in this review of the Cookeo + Connect Grameez.

Moreover, it is a black Multicooker Moulinex. The tank has a capacity of 6 liters and is easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The power is 1600 watts. There are the 4 menus and 6 conventional cooking methods, as well as the steamer automatically included.

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And why not…

Here are some other attractive Cookeo cookers. This allows you to get an idea of ​​the versatility of existing models and therefore to find the best Cookeo for you specifically.

Cookeo Ce7041 + Mixer Moulinex Plunging Dd100141

Cookeo product of the first generation, it is a Multicooker 1200 watts with 100 preprogrammed recipes. It has a completely white exterior and is sold with a hand blender 350 W design matching white. It also receives a measuring cup of 800 ml. The mixer can be used directly in the bowl of 6 liters and this will prepare soups and jams easily. The base of the blender comes apart for faster maintenance. And on top is a suspension ring for a handy storage.

At the Multicooker is the same device as the classic Cookeo CE704110. So it works with 4 menus and 7 cooking modes. To prepare different recipes from those recorded, it is necessary to use the manual mode.

Best Cookeo 2020 6 Devices Reliable - Comparison

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Cookeo + Gourmet Ce852900 / Mold Cakes Included In The Bible + Official From Cookeo

This is an ideal case Cookeo complete choice as a gift to someone who does not yet know what kind of Multicooker. Indeed first receiving a Cookeo + 1600 W with 150 pre-stored recipes. In accessories, we have a cake pan (which allows for sweet and salty) and finally a cookbook entitled the official bible of Cookeo.

This book contains 200 recipes Severine Auge for everyday life. It is very readable and airy, the ingredients are all grouped on the side of the page with illustrations to learn a glance if you will. The preparation is explained both in relation to the ingredients (how to cut and prepare) as compared to the device (and choose which menu mode). dishes included is for a whole meal, from appetizer to dessert, with even some vegetarian dishes.

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Cookeo + Connect And The Bible Of Official Cookeo

In this Cookeo kit, it receives only two elements: a connected Multicooker Cookeo and a cookbook. The device itself is sold in black and is charged with 200 recipes. With Bluetooth and application My Cookeo, it is possible to have access to many other recipes and especially to check the receipts directly to the supermarket.

The cookbook is the base model and also a reference. This is the official bible of Cookeo. It presents 200 recipes that aim to learn to use the cooking robot while making everyday dishes. He is not making holiday meals, but to feed the whole family every day. One can even enjoy some vegetarian recipes and desserts.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Price Of A Cookeo?

The first prize for a cheap Cookeo is around 150 EUR. The amount increases with the addition of options and accessories to the maximum, it is possible to find luxury models almost 400 EUR.

It is therefore particularly interesting to buy a Cookeo in promo for a period balances or in private sales. Because it allows for a more complete cooker and more revenues for the price of a product cheap or almost.

What You Can Do With A Cookeo?

It is not necessary to buy a Moulinex book or go to the brand website to find special recipes Cookeo. More and more sites (amateur or professional blog site as Marmiton) offer different recipes. For one can really cook anything with Cookeo!

Here is a small selection of possible recipes: tenderloin, ratatouille, veal stew, roast pork, beef bourguignon, stew, cassoulet, chicken leg, fried pork, lentils, etc. But also world cuisine like borscht, couscous, paella, risotto, hummus … Finally, you can even prepare desserts, including brioches, brownies, etc.

How To Serve On A Cookeo?

There are three ways to use a Cookeo with revenues recorded by entering data on a single ingredient or cooked in manual mode. In general use is this:

At the level of detail, it is possible to program a delayed start. After use, it is necessary to empty the tank which collects condensation and which is on the back of Cookeo. Removable parts wash all the dishwasher.

Cookeo How it Works?

Everything is done to maximize the automation of cooking. The heat distribution is homogeneous and from the time the program is selected, there is no risk of “burn out” meal. This is why it should not hesitate to use the first time the precise recipes included with Multicooker before embarking on the creation and adaptation of personal recipes. By cons we must remember that this device is strictly a cooking appliance, for everything else it must be done separately.

Cookeo, Companion Ou Thermomix ?

Cookeo is Multicooker while Companion Thermomix and are more versatile robots. They allow (depending on model chosen) to chop, peel, mix and cook. As against this versatility that these are devices with less choice for cooking. Most often they do not offer quick cooking under pressure.

So if you have a food processor, the Cookeo is largely sufficient and effective. But if you are looking for a first device to equip a kitchen, Companion and Thermomix will be more comprehensive for the various stages of preparation of the dish. It all depends on your needs!

Conclusion: What Cookeo Buy Moulinex According to Us?

Since the objective of this file is to allow you to choose just one, we also thought about. If he were to be only one, what Cookeo would we buy?

Finally, despite its price, the model connected Cookeo + Connect CE857800 which seems the most practical. Without the connection it is possible to use other recipes with manual mode. But in this format, it allows recording the cooking recipe on the robot and thus no longer need his phone the next time. And we think to ask his phone is a very good thing from time to time.

However if you want to buy the device as cheaply as possible, so do not hesitate to order the classic CE704110 Cookeo. It is comprehensive, effective and often discounted. Otherwise it is also possible to favor a Cookeo sold with more accessories (as needed) as Cookeo + Gourmet CE852900.

Best Mobile Air Conditioner

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

To avoid summer temperatures are difficult to live indoors, there are many solutions, more or less expensive and mobile. Thus a good fan is easy to place even in a small apartment. However the most effective for a temperature control is really in the mobile air conditioner. This is a device little more cumbersome, but that does not require permanent installation. You can store it in the cellar for the winter.

To help you quickly buy a good mobile air conditioner, we present our selection, including our favorite after study, the air conditioner SUNTEC 12.0 Advance Eco R290.

The mobile air conditioner really cools it a room? Is it a good choice for use few months a year? How do I know which mobile air conditioner to buy?

Special Air Mobile Best Quality / Price

CLEAR STONE New Breeze ECO – Climatiseur Mobile, …

CLEAR STONE New Breeze 9 – Climatiseur Mobile, …

CLEAR STONE New Breeze 7 – Climatiseur Mobile, …

CLEAR STONE Metro Breeze Las Vegas 9 2G – Climatiseur …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

First of all we are an independent website (learn more). We work with any brand, to any trade, so we can compare all the air conditioners, without obligation to highlight a brand or a particular product.

As against this means we have hundreds of potentially interesting products to be studied. So we decided to restrict our comparisons and analyzes the most popular devices, rated and top selling. This leaves us still a wide selection study.

We then use the points to objective and accurate comparisons (see below) and we read the press as this issue of doing your, to miss nothing of technological innovations. This process is independently applied to each type of device, regardless of its format and use.

Compare Mobile Air Conditioner / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

SUNTEC Advance 12.0 Eco R290

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 P

energy class A air conditioner, it can cool a room measuring up to 60 m². The device also fan and dehumidifier. It also has a dust filter.

3-in-1, this air conditioner has a ventilation mode only and a dehumidifier. It is in height and is suitable for large surfaces. Its air filter is easy to clean.

Designed for small surfaces (below 25 m²), this air conditioner is also to a lesser extent ventilator and dehumidifier. His timer can have an automatic shutdown after 12 hours.

The best high-end

SUNTEC Advance 12.0 Eco R290

energy class A air conditioner, it can cool a room measuring up to 60 m². The device also fan and dehumidifier. It also has a dust filter.

The best mid-range

3-in-1, this air conditioner has a ventilation mode only and a dehumidifier. It is in height and is suitable for large surfaces. Its air filter is easy to clean.

Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 P

Designed for small surfaces (below 25 m²), this air conditioner is also to a lesser extent ventilator and dehumidifier. His timer can have an automatic shutdown after 12 hours.

How Is Made The selection?

To offer you a selection of small products, we have set up an entire protocol. This gives us a general framework, but above all it allows accurate and objective be for each type of product. You can not compare mobile air conditioners in the same way as comparing air fresheners.

Besides reminder, a mobile air conditioner is also named monobloc air conditioner. This is not a split air which is fixed on a wall and remains there throughout the year. Furthermore we have chosen to include only products using the products refrigerant R290, which is the greenest currently available.

In our selection, we always take into account the best sales and customer reviews. However we also study each of the following:

The power

It is imperative to choose a suitable efficiency in the area of ​​the room where will be placed the air conditioner. A dedicated unit of measurement is used for air conditioning units, the BTU (British Thermal Unit). In some cases, the manufacturer also provides in its technical specifications, the ideal surface for his camera. Compare the two to make sure the air conditioner will have the power needed to cool off.

Energy efficiency

We talk about energy or class EER (energy efficiency ratio). It is a statement appearing normally on all electrical devices and works with letters.

A ++ means that the unit has a low power consumption compared to other similar devices. For information, the A rating assigned to an ERA between 2.6 and 3.1. The higher the number, the better!

A mobile air conditioner can consume a lot of electricity to skyrocket the electric bill. It is more to check.

The Features Included

Since it is a mobile device, it is easy to install the summer time and put it in the garage for the winter. However if it is a device to a guest room, for example, or a second home, you can directly take a reversible device that cools or heats as needed.

In the other options available (as soon as you go up the range), it is possible to have a device that also serves as a humidifier, which has a weather station, which breaks only, etc.

The settings

In connection with the power and functions, the next step is to check the grip. A remote control is appreciated not having to travel to make any changes. But if not remote, it takes at least a large control panel, intuitive.

We must have access to a shift, possibly a night mode or silent mode, a change of direction of the air blast, etc.

The format

Finally, make sure the format is to say the size of the air conditioner is suitable for your home. We must check the weight, the presence of wheels and handles, the length of the drain pipe and even its colors and design.

This is not necessarily opt for a portable air conditioner (such products rarely weighs less than 20 kg), but at least one mobile air conditioner.

The price

If the price allows us to classify products category, it is not relevant information. Indeed, the air conditioners price fluctuates wildly in the year. In early summer, or during a heat wave, the price can double or triple.

So it is better to anticipate the purchase of an air conditioner to save money, but in any case not to rely on price to assess its effectiveness.

Best Mobile conditioners – 6 Detailed Presentations

Below we present mobile air conditioners that caught our attention so that you know which will work best for your needs.

1. Advance 12.0 Suntec Eco R290: The Best Premium

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

3 powers choice dehumidifier function dust filter up to 60 m² single fan

Remote control not terrible

The mobile air conditioner SUNTEC 12.0 Advance Eco R 290 is a designated product in Germany that is available in a specific format, but with three powers. You can buy an air conditioner 7000 BTU / hr 9000 BTU / hr or 12,000 BTU / hr. Here we present you the most powerful seems to offer a value price. Indeed, it can be used in a room measuring up to 60 m². Its power is 3.4 kW, and it is energy class A (2.6 ERA).

This model is a device that offers air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification of a place. The functions are independent, so you can really choose freely what one starts. The dehumidifier treats 26.4 l / day. The set took over in two ways. There is a control panel on top of the air conditioner with an LED display and LED indicators to clearly understand what is selected. It also gets the device with a remote control that allows any set without moving from the sofa or desk. By cons attention both necessary AAA batteries are not included.

Side practical function, Suntec air conditioner has a timer for 24 hours and a silent mode. As always, it is not totally silent, this only reduces the efficiency and be less bothered by the noise. At full strength, the noise is 65 dB. There is also a dust filter. The gas used is the cleanest version currently available, since it is the natural product R290.

Finally it is a device which measures 38.5 x 47.6 x 71 cm. Its weight is 33 kilograms. Thanks to its wheels, it is easy to move from one room to another, by cons it is imperative to ask the air if you want to store it in the attic or cellar and thus take the stairs. This is why it is mobile and not mobile.

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2. De’Longhi Pinguino Pac N82 Eco: The Alternative Premium

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Energy Class A room up to 35 m² dehumidifier function remote control included fan function alone

The Pinguino PAC N82 ECO air conditioner is one of the models of the De’Longhi brand that offers several functions in one device. Indeed this is primarily an air conditioner, but it has more features fan and dehumidifier. This is a mobile air conditioner, so it has four wheels. It measures 45 x 39 x 80.5 cm and weighs 30 kg.

At the refreshment of the room, this air conditioner has an output of 9400 BTU / hr and 2700 watts. It works with the R290 refrigerant gas and is in energy class A. The notice announces that it is suitable for a room with a volume of 80 m³, which is often at a maximum area of ​​35 sqm. Obviously insulation is important. So in one room of 25 square meters, well closed windows, the temperature drop is really fast.

The grip is made with a control panel positioned on top of the air conditioner or the included remote control. The number of buttons is limited for this to be as simple as possible to use. It also has access to a timer up to 12 hours causing an automatic shutdown. By cons there are no silent mode or night mode and all in all it is quite a noisy air conditioner that emits up to 63 dB (at maximum power).

The other two functions offered by the device are using the only ventilation or dehumidifier. The latter treats 32 liters in 24 hours. These are complementary functions, practices but not as powerful as if we were strictly a fan or dehumidifier.

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3. Argo Relax Style: The Best Middle-End

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

3 functions Grande power refrigeration remote included removable air filter self-diagnostic mode

Argo Relax Style conditioner is an all in height device. It measures 80.5 cm high and 36.6 cm wide and 30.6 cm deep. It is therefore relatively easy to find a place in a flat. Besides its power allows it to be effective even in large rooms.

A class of energy, the cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU / hr. It works with the R290 refrigerant gas (the most existing green solution). It has three functions: it is air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. On the control panel, there are three functions, but their term in English (cool = cool, fan = ventilated, dry = dry).

Everything is heading directly on top of the air conditioner, or with the included remote. One can also choose between three fan speeds, benefit from sleep mode (sleep) or the self-diagnostic mode (is to say that it operates according to the number of degrees up).

A timer can benefit from automatic shutdown. The maximum time is 24 hours included. It’s interesting if you want to sleep with the air conditioner, but do not let it run all night. As against it must know that it is a relatively noisy device. At most, it emits 64 dB, which is inconvenient for sleep (and even have a discussion right side). Fortunately his powerful breath helps to position opposite the workpiece relative to you.

The air stream has a wide oscillation. The front of the unit is provided with adjustable motorized vanes with the remote control. As to the rear of the air conditioner, it is equipped with an air filter easily removed for regular thorough cleaning. This improves the quality of air in the room simply (maintenance, the air conditioner can displace dust while it breaks down).

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4. Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact P 9: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Energy Class A dehumidifier function Timer 12 h Compact enough side handles

No fabric window caulking / Loud

The mobile air conditioner Olimpia 9P is a powerful and compact. Indeed, it is particularly high since it measures 70 cm high and 35 cm wide. It weighs only 25.5 kg, 5 to 10 kg less than the devices with similar power. It has wheels and two side handles for easy set up. The exhaust kit included positions the hose to the window, but there is nothing to properly caulk the window.

The power just is 9000 BTU / hr and 2.34 kW. The air conditioner is energy class A with an EER of 2.6. It is particularly effective for a surface of 20 m², but it may be appropriate in a larger area on condition that there are few people in it. Indeed, the more one is many a room, the air conditioner will provide more efforts to cool the premises.

The grip is directly on the air conditioner (including via the LCD) or with the included remote. It really seems more convenient to use for access to all functions and modes. Thus it is possible to use only the dehumidifier mode that allows to evacuate 2.1 l of water per hour. There is also a timer for up to 12 hours that will stop the air conditioner after the time that suits you.

Finally as any air conditioner is quite noisy, but it’s quite bearable. The maximum output sound level is 62 dB. As against the noise level varies from 47 to 52 dB. This does not really sleeping in the same room as the air conditioner. However it is possible to operate a maximum in order to turn it off when going to bed and therefore well able to fall asleep more easily and quietly.

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5. Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 8 P: The Best Cheap

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

For small area Compact and lightweight Easy to use exhaust kit included Timer 12 pm

The air conditioner Splendid DolceClima 8P is an Italian product that is suitable for small areas, ie ideally for rooms under 25 m², 20 m² see less if the insulation is not very good.

The power is 8000 BTU / and 2.1 kW. It is in energy class A with an EER of 2.7. The performances are so interesting without unpleasantly impact the electric bill. It is also a relatively compact since its height is 70 cm and a width of 35 cm. Its total weight is 22.5 kilograms. It is not necessary to wear it for the move, as it is positioned on four wheels and has two side handles.

The grip of this mobile air conditioner is really convenient. There are only four buttons on the top and the camera and LCD screen. It has a good view on what is made and what is planned. It’s the same using the remote control. One can also opt to use the timer to program automatic shutdown in 12 hours maximum.

In addition to cool the air, Olimpia air conditioner can be used to simply ventilate (and thus send a constant airflow that brings a fresh feeling) or dehumidify. In the latter case, efficiency allows it to drain 1.8 l / h. For discharging hot air, a complete kit is included. It might be necessary to provide some accessories and more to do hold while ensuring that outside air can not enter.

Please note that this reference exists with several powers and each time the energetic ratio and level sound different. Here, it is the air conditioner 8P. Up emits 63 dB.

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6. Klarstein New Breeze 7: Dear No Alternative

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

For a small area 3 speed Batteries included hose 1.5m sleep mode available

Timer 10 hours maximum

Klarstein offers with mobile air conditioner New Breeze 7 elegant pattern, white and silver, which has a very interesting power for up to 30 m² surface (the manufacturer announced that it suits in a volume up to 65 m³).

Although relatively cheap and easy to use, it is a complete air conditioning system with 3 modes and 3 speeds. In terms of fashion can choose to refresh, ventilate or dehumidify. There is also a sleep function to lose 3 in 3 hours then having a holding at that temperature. The grip is directly on the device where an LCD or with the included remote control (even the batteries are provided with the air conditioner).

Can program the device to a temperature between 16 and 30 ° C. A timer also allows to favor an automatic shutdown. This one rule for every half an hour and a maximum can be programmed for 10 h. The other element that can be selected is the grid orientation and thus the direction of the air blast to the vertical level. For the horizontal oscillation is automatic in order to have fresh air throughout the room, at least as much as possible.

This air conditioner Klarstein measuring 29.5 cm wide, 77 cm high and 36 cm deep. It weighs 24.3 kilograms. It is sold with a 1.5 m discharge tube. Depending on the installation you are planning, it may be necessary to provide a longer hose, but since it is standard, it is easy to buy another model. For sound, even if it is noisy, many opinions report that it is more discreet than what is done in general.

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Comparison Chart Mobile Air Conditioner

And why not…

Here are some air conditioners that can also meet your needs. This will perhaps help find a quality air conditioner with a coupon or interest rate during sales or Black Friday.

De Longhi Silent Pac EX100

This air conditioner De Longhi is a handy reference to use and suitable for a volume of up to 110 m³. In some shops, it was announced the same optimal use with 35 sqm, others advise to stay around 20 sqm. It all depends on the ceiling height that everyone has (and the number of people in the room).

This is a pretty standard device. It measures 44.4 x 80.5 x 39 cm and weighs 30 kg. It is positioned on four wheels and it has side handles for easier movement. It comes with a remote control and its drain.

It works with the ecological refrigerant gas R290. It has a function and Real Feel Pinguino function which together enable automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity. A timer allows to benefit from an automatic shutdown, by cons there is no delayed start.

The noise level goes up to 64 dB. There is a silent mode included more (but imposes a lesser power ventilation). It is an energy class A ++ product (3.6 ERA) with a touch screen and a simple and intuitive taken into hand.

Mobile Air Conditioner: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

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Klarstein New Breeze Eco Cool Line

The New Cool Breeze Eco Line Klarstein air conditioner is a device to look quite elegant design. Indeed a black border was positioned on the upper periphery with a long vertical line, just enough to refine the silhouette and discreetly bring in its interior. Because it still weighs 35.5 kg and measures 39 x 82 x 40.5 cm. It has four wheels, a remote control and a discharge kit.

Everything is done to provide a great power. Thus it has a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU (2.9 kW). It has an air flow of 360 m³ / h and it is energy class A + (3.1 ERA). It works with the R290 refrigerant gas.

At the grip, you can choose between 4 modes and 3 power levels. You can change the orientation of the grid in front of the air outlet and thereby direct the flow up or down. A timer 24 can enjoy an automatic stop. The noise level is a maximum of 64 dB, which is quite high (can not sleep next), but is similar to what the competition offers in general.

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Klarstein New Breeze 9

This is a device smaller and therefore cheaper to Klarstein brand. It is also a bit less powerful and with less features but it remains very convenient to use. Thus it measures 30x77x36 cm and its weight is 24.3 kilograms. It is on 4 wheels and is particularly elegant in black with a silver band. It is sold with all the equipment for installation.

At its start, one can choose between three modes (including a sleep mode) and 4 powers. One can also change the direction of airflow and choose the only ventilation. The timer can delay the start and program stop between 30 minutes and 10 hours later.

Energy class A, it has a power of 2.7 kW. One can choose to adjust the temperature using Celsius or Fahrenheit. And you can program the air conditioner to between 16 and 30 ° C. This model works for a maximum of 85 m³ surface. It emits up to 64 dB. With the night mode or fan only, it is more discreet, but it is never silent.

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Suntec Coolfixx 2.0 Eco R290

The air conditioner Suntec CoolFixx is a product designed in Germany that can really cool a room. Its efficacy is praised by all the reviews online.

It is sold in three different power: 7000 BTU 9000 BTU and 12,000 BTU. Here we return to the capabilities of the lowest power, suitable for a room measuring 25 sqm. But many elements are common to the three types of products. The energy class A, which is satisfactory and the refrigerant gas used is the R290 which is natural and non-polluting.

The device measures 29x69x34 cm. It moves easily thanks to its four wheels and two wide side handles. For the grip, you can use the remote control (included, including batteries that are necessary) or along control panel with LED display. You can select 2 power levels and several modes, including silent mode. One can also only use the dehumidifier function or the fan function. The timer has a maximum duration of 24 hours.

Its only flaw is that it is a noisy machine. Indeed, at the most, it has a similar sound to the competing product, but it never emits less than 59 dB, which is huge especially for a night mode.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Que Choisir, A D’Or Air Freshener A Mobile Air Conditioner?

Both products operate in a very different way, do not give the same feeling of freshness and are not suitable for everyone.

Thus the air freshener requires a very dry environment hot to allow to lower than 5 ° C maximum temperature. It is more discreet, it moistens the atmosphere.

The air conditioner works in any type of place, but tends to dry out the premises. It changes the temperature with a goal (you choose the number of degrees that you want to have). As against it is noisier and bulkier.

Where to Find A Mobile Air Conditioner Without Evacuation?

This is a question that comes up a lot, but the answer is disappointing: it does not exist! The same principle of the air conditioner requires a mandatory evacuation via a pipe that is positioned in the window or that are set on a vent. Some air conditioners are called ventless because the pipe is not included with the unit. It is then necessary to buy it for yourself, in addition to the unit.

To cool without hose, it will opt for a fan or air freshener. Even split air conditioners (permanent) have an outlet that is created during the installation, via a second block positioned on the other side of the wall (in general).

How Evacuate The Hot Air On A Mobile Air Conditioner?

The warm air is found in the device that the discharge from a pipe. The simple system is to place the pipe in the window. The disadvantage is that this requires to open the window at least partially and then subjected to the external noise, and a portion of the heat that can enter.

So there are suitable systems for every type of window to seal the opening and leave only the mouth of the pipe through. It is even possible to choose the air conditioner according to the type of pipe included (although in practice, only the high-end products offer a real choice). It is also possible to buy yourself something caulking shop window properly and have good air evacuation.

What Kit Caulking To Provide Air Conditioning?

The air conditioner requires an outlet for hot air. So, at the reception of the mobile air conditioner, if one has anticipated nothing, we are left to position the air outlet on the window sill, the latter remaining open. So there is a bit of hot air coming, not to mention the noise and mosquitoes.

Caulking Kit is an accessory that is not normally included with the air conditioner and that makes all the difference to the quality of comfort offered by your conditioning. This kit is composed of fabric elements that come together more often with Velcro. We have to choose depending on the size of your window, but also of how it opens.

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Conclusion: What Mobile Air Conditioner Buy In Us?

As we said earlier, it is important to choose a product that suits the surface of your home or office. But if we were to adopt only one reference, it would be the air conditioner SUNTEC 12.0 Advance Eco R290 which, depending on the selected power is used in a room measuring up to 60 m².

However for a price lesser general, mobile air conditioner Argo Relax Style is also an interesting choice especially since it is less wide.

And if you have a room measuring less than 25 m² to refresh, then the Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima 8 Compact P is a very relevant choice because it is compact, efficient and relatively range entered in its tariff.

Also, remember that buying an air conditioner is not recommended during periods of hot weather. You will have less choice product side and especially the price may increase, with no guarantee of timely delivery …

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