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Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

All gastronomy enthusiasts can now cook tasty, varied and healthy meals with ease thanks to the existence of the multicooker. In addition to being functional, practical and easy to use, this incredible cooking appliance is in most cases supplied with a book or recipe application so that each user can prepare dishes worthy of a real chef.

What Is A Multicooker Exactly?

A multicooker also called a multifunction cooker is a kitchen appliance allowing you to cook or quickly and easily prepare different savory or sweet dishes.

It has a control panel with a touch screen or digital keys as well as a bowl usually made of stainless steel or ceramic.

Or currently finds on the market a wide range of multicookers of any brand which differ according to the capacity, the power, the number of programs and the variety of functions.

Why Cook With A Multicooker?

It is no coincidence that countless kitchens are now equipped with a multifunction cooker. Efficient and easy to use, the latter allows anyone to make delicious dishes in no time. This type of appliance has indeed several automatic programs integrated offering it the ability to cook, fry, roast, boil or even steam or pressure cook. You can even make cakes or yogurts with some models.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

In addition to its versatility, the multicooker also stands out for its practicality. It is equipped with an automatic stop, an easy-to-use control screen as well as very solid carrying handles. So what are you waiting for to find the ideal smart pressure cooker?

How To Cook Healthy And Varied Recipes?

Nothing beats a healthy and varied diet to stay fit and healthy, only how to do it? The multicooker is the perfect assistant that will help you make tasty balanced meals every day.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

Indeed, thanks to the use of a multicooker, you will be able to cook new recipes that you are not used to making. Indeed, it will manage the cooking times and temperatures for you so that your dish is neither overcooked nor undercooked. You can also vary the dishes to eat healthier or in a more balanced way, thanks to many varied recipes. Cooking with a smart pressure cooker therefore becomes simpler and more practical on a daily basis.

It is also good to recall some fundamentals. An adult man needs 2,100 to 2,500 kcal per day and 1,800 to 2,000 kcal for a woman. A good breakfast should, for example, consist of a hot drink or fruit juice, a dairy product and a cereal product.

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker
Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

To have a balanced lunch or dinner, it is preferable that it is composed of 100 to 150 g of meat or fish or 2 eggs for proteins, 200 g of green vegetables or raw vegetables for vitamins and fibers , a dairy product and a fruit. Finally, these indications are variable depending on age, physical activity and state of health.

A Few Cookbooks For Multicookers

Easy Electric Multicooker And Slow Cooker Recipes

Best Recipes: Cook Well With A Multicooker

This 112 page cookbook for electric multicooker written by Marie Elise Bonnefont is available for only 19.99 euros.

You will find recipes that are easy to make, quick to prepare and affordable. Recipes that you can cook with most all-in-one cookers available on the market.

Cooking With A Food Processor – Super Easy

The editor Celine de CEROU offers any apprentice cook his multi-cooker recipe book on amazon for the lower price of 6.95 euros.

With its 192 pages, it contains 90 new recipes for easier, varied and balanced cuisine for all. Preparations can be made on any type of programmable pressure cooker.

Cooking With A Food Processor

Edited by Noemie Andre, this 8-in-1 multi-cooker recipe book entitled “Cooking with a food processor” is dedicated to all cooking enthusiasts.

In its 272 pages, there are over 190 gourmet recipes, including vegetarian dishes or even healthy steam recipes and desserts to keep in shape while simplifying our daily lives. A great book for a very small price!

My Cooking In A Food Processor – 150 Quick And Easy Recipes

Another special electric multi-cooker recipe book that we are offering you is the cooking guide entitled “My cooking with a robot cooker” edited by Valerie DUCLO.

Author of numerous works, she is indeed head of the Kitchen and Decoration department at Version Femina. The 192-page book presents 150 delicious quick and easy recipes that you can make with your Moulinex Cookeo cooker.

200 Recipes To Simmer In A Food Processor

Released last January, this cookbook for smart cookers available on amazon will only cost you 5.95 euros.

As can be seen on its cover, it contains 200 recipes to simmer in a food processor, including soups as well as tasty little dishes and desserts. All you have to do is start your cooking appliance.

Multicookers With Recipe Book Included

Cookeo + Usb Intelligent Multicooker – Moulinex

Long known for the manufacture of kitchen appliances, Moulinex confirms its know-how by designing the Cookeo + USB automatic cooker. To further satisfy its buyers, the brand includes 150 preprogrammed recipes in its pressure cooker.

It offers 4 interactive menus for step-by-step preparations, namely the ingredient menu, recipe, manual and library menu as well as 6 cooking modes, including pressure cooking, steaming, gentle, browning, simmering, reheating and keeping warm until 24H. It should be noted that the Moulinex Cookeo + USB has a large capacity of 6 liters.

Viva Hd4749 / 77 Pressure Cooker By Philips

The Viva HD4749 / 77 food processor will dazzle all food lovers. With incomparable advantages, it is one of the best models of the moment. This Philips automatic cooker has an easy recipe, more precisely a book of 60 recipes that will allow you to cook varied and balanced dishes. It is a device with a power of 980 Watts and a capacity of 5 liters with 22 cooking programs.

In addition to the recipe book delivered when you purchased your multicooker, it is provided with a steamer basket, a measuring glass, a spoon and a spatula.

Redmond Rmc-M4502 Automatic Cooker

Are you considering buying a multicooker with integrated recipe? What could be better than the all-in-one cooker RMC-M4502? It is an essential assistant during the preparation of your breakfast, midday meal or dinner, because it offers 34 programs, including 16 automatic and 18 manual with a culinary book of 100 recipes.

It has a keep warm function, a delayed start and a 3D program for even baking of your cakes and breads. Also note that this 100 recipes multi-function robot is equipped with a bowl with an ecological coating for healthier eating.

Bosch Autocook Smart Pressure Cooker

The famous Bosch brand makes its quality AutocCook multifunction cooker available to all kitchen lovers. Its main advantage is to offer a book and a mobile application with more than 100 recipes.

But that’s not all, since the device is equipped with 17 modes and 48 cooking programs, including vacuum cooking. It has a power of 900 Watts and has a 5-liter non-stick bowl so that you can prepare for more than 5 people.

If you are not convinced by this selection of multicookers with recipe books included, discover the best sellers of the moment:

Best Recipes For Multi-Cooker

Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker

Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker
Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker

Many households today opt for the purchase of a multicooker. But what are the advantages of this device? Here is our TOP 5 of the best recipes to make in a multicooker .

What Is A Multicooker?

The multicooker allows you to cook different types of recipes by offering several cooking methods: steaming, simmering, grilling, browning, sponge cake, yoghurts or compote. And all this in just a few clicks.

The Best Dishes To Make In The Multicooker

Beef Bourguignon

Cut the meat into pieces and saute for 5 to 8 minutes, stirring, then remove them. Pour olive oil into the tank and brown the onions with the lid open, then add the carrots and put in “simmer” mode.

Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker
Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker

After 1 minute, add the veal, bay leaf, bouquet garni, red wine and broth. Simmer for 2 hours, add broth if necessary and leave for another 2 hours.

Veal Stew

Put the pieces of veal in your Cookeo robot in “fry” mode for 1 minute, turn them over and take them out of the tank.

Put the garlic clove, onion and carrots in “fry” mode for 5 minutes. Then add the mushrooms, thyme, clove, salt, pepper and simmer.

After 5 minutes, add the veal with the vegetable broth previously diluted and heated in water and simmer for 2 hours.

Vegetable Risotto

Detail the diced chicken and brown them in “fry” mode for 5 minutes, then remove. Fry the onion for 5 minutes while stirring, then add the rice, leek, pepper and carrots for 2 minutes. Add white wine and enough chicken broth just to cover the rice.

Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker
Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker

Start cooking in “risotto” mode for 20 minutes, stirring and add broth. Once the broth has been absorbed, add the cream and the chicken, salt, pepper and mix.

Vanilla Cream

Take a bowl to dilute the cornflour with the egg yolks and add the condensed milk.

Top 5 Of The Best Recipes To Make At The Multicooker

Slowly add the milk, then the vanilla extract and the vanilla beans. Place the mixture in the tank in “simmer” mode and mix until it thickens.

Take out of the tank and put in a pot, let stand at room temperature, then place in the fridge.

Apple And Rhubarb Compote

Wash and peel the apples and rhubarb, then cut into pieces. Pour them with the vanilla pod in the tank with the sweetener, mix well and leave to macerate for 30 minutes without cooking.

Then put in “simmer” mode for 40 minutes, coarsely mash with a fork and let cool.

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

In the restaurant as at home, it is essential to respect the dosages of the ingredients to be cooked. This is why on Comparative-Multicuiseur, we would like to help you find the most reliable measuring instrument for your culinary preparations thanks to this comparison of kitchen scales. You will discover the best models on the market, with all the advice to choose well.

What Is A Kitchen Scale?

As you can guess by its name, it is a tool for measuring the weight of the ingredients that we use in cooking. The kitchen scale effectively allows you to measure to the nearest gram each ingredient, whatever their nature, in order to obtain identical and precise proportions of the recipes you make.

It is available in different models, including the famous scale with needle dial and the electronic kitchen scale which allows ultra-precise dosing of ingredients by directly displaying the exact figures of their weights on a screen. In both cases, the pan or the bowl on which the ingredients to be weighed are placed is today above the mechanical structure of the scale.

What Is The Best Kitchen Scale?

We offer in our comparison the 3 best models of kitchen scales currently available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Kitchen Scale?

Depending On The Intended Use

Not everyone has the same habits when preparing culinary recipes. Some work more in the restaurant sector, while others are more focused in pastry. On the other hand, there are also occasional and amateur users, while the others are regular and professional users.

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

Hence different needs for each type of user. In the case of home use therefore, you will certainly not need to weigh large quantities of ingredients. Therefore, a 5 kg kitchen scale could be more than enough for you. You can even opt for a needle scale that displays in 5, 10 or 20 gram increments if precision is not so essential in your preparations.

On the other hand, for professional use where you have to weigh large quantities of food, our site suggests that you choose a kitchen scale of 10 kg, 15 kg or 20 kg. For pastry, precision is essential. The ideal will then be to bet on an electronic model capable of measuring from very small quantities, 1 gram for example. However, nothing prevents you from buying this type of accessory if you want to benefit from such precision in the pastry recipes that you make at home.

Depending On The Container And Materials

You will find on the market kitchen scales with a bowl and others with a tray.

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

Either one can receive the ingredients to be weighed, but you should know that the bowl is still much more practical for containing flour, sugar, salt and all other liquid elements.

On the other hand, to weigh large pieces of food, such as meat, fish, vegetables and others, the tray offers a larger space. In both cases, Comparatif-Multicuiseur advises you to check that the bowl or the tray is removable to allow decanting, cleaning and easy storage.

There are also many models without a container, since you can simply use any salad bowl or bowl to hold your ingredients.

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison
Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

Regarding the material, the best materials to favor are those that guarantee strength and durability. Therefore, it is rather recommended to opt for a kitchen scale with stainless steel bowl rather than plastic or glass which may break during a fall. However, there are also containers or a reinforced glass surface that can receive hot ingredients, for example during cooking.

Depending On Its Shape And Design

The models offered on the market are multiple and generally meet all styles. So do not hesitate to choose an original kitchen scale, especially if it will be enthroned daily on your work plan.

Best Kitchen Scale: The Comparison

For this, the models designed in a stainless steel structure or with a glass surface are the most recommended. You can also opt for metal models if you prefer the solidity of your tool. Plastic scales are often more fragile and much less aesthetic, unless you want to combine the colors of your kitchen utensils.

You are also free to choose the shape you like. Rectangular models are the most popular, but there are also round scales and others that approach fairly stylish forms that can appeal to lovers of modern and unusual objects. Those who prefer classic and sober objects will also find their happiness in models with neat and very refined lines, with black, gray and silver tones. However, don’t forget to check the dimensions of your balance. The compact and flat models will be more suitable for a small space, while a large scale will be more suitable for a large kitchen.

Depending On Its Functionality

The functions can be many, especially on an electronic kitchen scale. They contribute not only to better use of the device, but also to the efficiency of the weighing operation.

Thus, for a model offered without container, it is essential that the tool has the tare function which allows you to remove the weight of the bowl that you will use in order to weigh only the weight of the ingredients inside.

The presence of the automatic shutdown function is also a big plus for this type of device, as it helps limit the use of batteries. Bet on a screen large enough to facilitate the reading of information and opt if possible for a machine with the conversion function or which offers several units of measurement, ranging from grams to kilos, as well as volumes in milliliters.

Why Buy A Good Kitchen Scale?

To Make The Best Recipes

If you love to cook and reproduce recipes developed by great chefs, you absolutely must equip yourself with a kitchen scale with precision.

Easy to use and versatile, the scale requires no special knowledge. Whether it has a needle dial or an LCD screen, simply place the ingredients on the platform and read the information indicated by it. It will also allow you to weigh all kinds of ingredients, powder, grain, solid or even liquid. It is the essential accessory to have at home to respect to the nearest gram the dosages of all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of a recipe, whether salty or sweet. So no more weighing visibly that may miss your cakes and ice cream.

To Follow A Diet In The Best Conditions

Beyond an ordinary weighing instrument, the electronic kitchen scale is now experiencing major innovations in terms of its functionality.

Some models do allow for quick conversions depending on the nature of the ingredients to be weighed, whether in grams, kilos or even milliliters. And for those who wish to follow a diet in order to lose weight or simply keep the line, there are now nutritional scales capable of calculating the calories present in the ingredients to be weighed. The latter are also endowed with very high precision and allow weighing from very small quantities.

Which Kitchen Scale To Choose?

Discover our selection of the best kitchen scales, including the TOP4 of the best-selling models of the moment.

The Different Types Of Kitchen Scales

Mechanical Model

It is the oldest scale, used for decades. Equipped with a bowl or a tray, it indicates the weight of the food thanks to a dial with needle. Its operation is therefore completely autonomous and there is no risk of it breaking down.

If it has a fairly aesthetic design, by a retro style or rather modern for others, its disadvantage is at the level of lack of precision for small quantities. Indeed, the error rate is around 15 g and can seriously change the proportions in a recipe that requires a lot of precision.

Electronic Model

The whole point of buying an electronic kitchen scale lies in the fact that it has an accuracy to the nearest gram. It is therefore essential for professionals whose successful preparations depend on a precise weight of ingredients.

This model is also available in various shapes, styles and designs to suit everyone’s preferences. However, to use it, you must always have batteries available. It may then drop you in the middle of a weighing due to weak batteries. The electronic mechanism is also not without risk of breaking down.

What Is The Price Of A Kitchen Scale?

The price of a scale varies from one model to another depending on several parameters, namely the type of instrument, its manufacturing materials, its precision, its weighing capacity, as well as its various options and functionalities.

The cheapest scales on the market are domestic mechanical models, available from around ten euros, while industrial ones can be offered at 140 euros. However, to take advantage of a quality electronic device, entry-level models are available between 20 and 50 euros, against 100 to 150 euros for those of medium range.

How To Use A Kitchen Scale?

There is nothing complicated in using a kitchen scale. For a mechanical model, simply place the ingredients to be weighed in the bowl or tray provided for this purpose. The needle will immediately move and indicate the weight of the latter.

In the case of an electronic model, first turn on the machine. If you are using any bowl that you have at home, first place it on the weighing platform. The device will indicate the weight of the container, and press the tare button to reset the weight to zero. You can then add the ingredients to be weighed inside to find out their exact weight.

How To Maintain Your Kitchen Scale?

To clean the structure of the scale, all it takes is a clean, dry cloth to get rid of the dust. To remove residues of encrusted food, use a slightly damp sponge and dry with a dry cloth. The tray and the bowl are cleaned with clean water, with a sponge and a little washing-up liquid.

Best Baking Parchment

Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Papillotes are essential utensils for all those who wish to cook healthier. It is however difficult to choose from the range of models on the market. Fortunately, Comparatif-Multicuiseur has developed this buying guide so that you can easily find the foil that will best match the different recipes you want to make.

What Is A Silicone Foil?

A foil is a kitchen utensil that allows steaming or stewing to preserve the nutrients and flavors of food. Practical and easy to use, it is a kind of box with a tightly closed lid and handles.

It can be used in a traditional oven or in the microwave and is suitable for preparing all kinds of foods, whether fish fillet, trout, red mullet, salmon, cod, chicken fillet or even long vegetables, such as zucchini and eggplant. Bamboo papillotes, porcelain versions and models that are made of silicone are found on the market.

What Is The Best Cooking Foil?

Our site presents in this comparison the 3 best models of foil available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Foil?

According To Its Material

This is the first point you should consider when buying your foil in the oven or in the microwave. Three types of material are used by designers, including bamboo, porcelain and silicone. The latter dominates the market because it has several advantages.

Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Indeed, it is a flexible and resistant material which supports extreme temperatures, from – 40 ° C to + 250 ° C and thermal shocks. The silicone foils are thus versatile and offer a quick cooking time. You can put them directly from the freezer to the oven without problem.

In addition, these are simple to clean utensils that do not hang. Porcelain utensils are also a good compromise on the quality of cooking, but they are less resistant. As for the bamboo models, they are perfect for ecology-conscious kitchen lovers. They also offer even healthier cooking.

Depending On Its Capacity

Expressed in ml or l, capacity is another important characteristic that you should also take into account when buying your foil. It would be a waste of money if the utensil you just bought did not allow you to prepare enough food.

Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Thus, we advise you to choose according to your needs and the number of people there are at home. Be aware that there are individual wrappers if you live alone.

However, it is preferable to take a capacity of 650 ml which will be suitable for one or two people knowing that certain vegetables can take more space. You can also opt for a batch of two 360 ml wrappers. On the other hand, for a family of 3, 4 or more people, it is preferable to turn to an xxl papillote.

Depending On Its Design And Practicality

These two points are just as decisive as the material and the capacity that should not be overlooked. A good utensil must indeed be aesthetic and easy to use at the same time. Papillotes come in several shapes and colors.

Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

You just have to choose the model you like while taking into account its practicality. There are oval, square and even very original versions that look like a vegetable. There is something for all colors, ranging from sober shades like black to flashy hues, like green, red or yellow.

With regard to practicality, you can for example lean for microwave curls provided with a transparent cover which will allow you to have an eye on your preparations. Also prefer utensils that have rigid handles to easily transport your food without spilling anything. Some models even have small handles and grids to separate the food from the cooking juices.

Why Buy A Good Silicone Foil?

To Cook Quickly And Easily

The advantage of having a steamer at home is that you can cook in a simple way. It is an easy-to-use utensil that anyone can use to make tasty dishes.

Papillotes Buying Guide: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

You just have to fill it, put its lid on and put it in the oven or microwave.

Also, your dishes will be cooked faster than with aluminum or parchment paper, since the material can withstand extreme temperatures and offers better drainage of the steam.

For Healthy And Food-Friendly Cooking

The other advantage of using a silicone foil is to be able to cook meats and vegetables in a steam or stew for a healthier and balanced diet. Types of cooking that not only allows you to cook without fat to limit the calorie intake while retaining all the nutrients in your foods. Vegetables thus keep their potassium, magnesium iron, and calcium levels. It should not be forgotten that some utensils are equipped with a filter through which the juice of the food to be cooked will be drained during cooking. Which will give more flavor to your dishes.

Which Foil For Cooking To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected for you the TOP 4 of the best-selling papillotes at the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Silicone Foil?

The papillote is undoubtedly one of the most affordable kitchen utensils on the market. Know that you can get a lot of two twists with a budget between 20 and 30 euros. The price varies according to the criteria that we saw previously, namely the material of manufacture and the capacity.

Everything will therefore depend on the quality you are looking for and your needs. In all circumstances, Comparatif-Multicuiseur recommends large brand utensils, such as mastrad papillotes, Yoko Design, Jeff de bruges, Tupperware, Lekue, Unbekannt or Pinfi, which are made from resistant materials that are easy to clean and health hazard.

How To Use A Cooking Foil?

The papillote is an easy-to-use utensil that is suitable for both cooking professionals and individuals. However, you have to know how to use it in order to obtain flawless results. Find here some methods and steps to follow that could help you master this utensil with multiple benefits

The first thing you should know is that the amount of food you put in must be reasonable for good cooking. Under no circumstances should your foil be overloaded to prevent steam leakage. It is also preferable to finely cut or mince your ingredients so that the cooking is as short as possible. If you are going to cook meats there, marinate them for at least 30 minutes in a mixture of vinegar, citrus juice, soy sauce, oil, spices, herbs according to your taste so that they are more tasty.

In terms of usage itself, there is nothing simpler. All you have to do is put the food in the hut and put the airtight lock on. All you have to do is put it in the oven or put your preparation in the microwave and wait for the cooking to finish.

How To Clean Your Silicone Foil?

A cooking utensil should always be well maintained after each use to ensure good hygiene and the foil is no exception to the rule. Here are some tips to help you clean it easily and effectively.

Ease of cleaning is one of the main advantages of silicone foils. These are utensils that do not stick and that simply wash in the dishwasher. However, like any other cooking material, it often happens that the smell of food remains in the container. To remedy this, you can deceive your papillote in a bowl containing water and white vinegar. Let sit for a few moments before cleaning with washing-up liquid and rinsing.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

The Italian coffee maker is essential equipment for any lover of good coffee. It is still very successful today thanks to its ease of use and durability. However, the market offers such a wide variety of models that it is difficult to find the right utensil. Comparatif-Multicuiseur helps you find the coffee maker that best suits your needs and tastes through the selection criteria to be favored.

What Is An Italian Coffee Maker?

An Italian coffee maker also called a mocha coffee maker is a tool used to make coffee manually. Invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, it works on a baking sheet and has been specially designed so that you can prepare quality coffee in a short time.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

It is composed of a base into which water is poured which will then be heated, a central compartment to store and filter the ground coffee, as well as an upper part to accommodate the prepared coffee. Like any other coffee maker, it is a container that has a side handle and a lid. The Italian coffee maker is available in different types, from old versions to Italian espresso coffee makers and induction models.

What Is The Best Italian Coffee Maker?

Our site invites you to discover its comparison of the 3 best Italian coffee makers available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Italian Coffee Maker?

Depending On Its Material

This is a determining point in the choice of your Italian pressure coffee maker. The manufacturing material determines the effectiveness, robustness, ease of maintenance and of course the price of the utensil. First, there are the coffee makers designed in aluminum which are good conductors while being light and less expensive.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

This model is recommended if you are using an electric hob. Stainless steel coffee makers are very trendy today because of the multiple advantages they offer. In addition to withstanding high heat, they are perfectly resistant to impact, scratches and rust. They are also easier to clean because they do not stick and are generally dishwasher safe.

Depending On Its Capacity

Capacity is also a criteria that you should take into account when purchasing, as it determines the amount of coffee that the coffee maker can produce.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment
Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

This is measured in cups of 5 centilitres and will depend on your habits, your frequency of consumption as well as the number of people in your household.

A 2-cup Italian coffee maker might be enough for you on a daily basis, but it would be insufficient if you share a convivial moment. We therefore advise you to opt for a cookware with a capacity of 4 or 6 cups, especially since the price difference is not huge. This will allow you to prepare enough coffee for your loved ones or friends who come to visit you at one time.

Depending On The Type Of Heating

You should also not be mistaken in this point. The utensil will be of no use to you if it is not compatible with your hotplates. It should be noted that all coffee makers are generally suitable for electric, vitroceramic and gas hobs.

Best Italian Coffee Makers Of The Moment

However, if you use an induction hob, you will need to obtain an Italian coffee maker on an induction hob such as the Cucina Dimodena NC3670-944 or the Bialetti Venus Induction 1685. The latter will also be compatible with other types of hob. Resistant to high heat, it is mostly made of stainless steel. Note that the market also offers Italian electric coffee makers that you can take with you on the go like going to the office or even traveling.

Depending On Its Design

Besides the material, the capacity and the type of heating, the design is also a characteristic that should not be overlooked. The manufacturers have made sure to make coffee makers in all shapes and colors. You are free to choose as you wish, knowing that the appearance of your Italian espresso maker has no impact on the taste or quality of the coffee it produces.

The most important thing is that your utensil matches the rest of your kitchen equipment and adds a touch of decor to your table. Opt for a classic design like the Bialetti Moka Express and its eight sides if you are the retro type. If you are looking for elegance, prefer coffee makers with a chrome or black appearance, like the model NC3670-9446 from the brand Cucina Dimodena. You will even find colorful utensils on the market if you are looking for more style and modernity.

Why Buy A Good Italian Coffee Maker?

To Taste Quality Coffee Without Investing A Lot

The main advantage of using an Italian coffee maker is that you have the possibility of preparing a coffee that is not only tasty, but also refined, powerful and light.

This is thanks to its operating system which uses heat to build up pressure and retain the rich and fruity aromas of coffee.

Also, the emulsion produced by the vapor makes it possible to reduce the caffeine content without it tasting tasty. You will be able to obtain an espresso type coffee without having to buy a machine which costs much more.

For Its Ease Of Use And Its Longevity

Another advantage of the Italian pressure coffee maker is that it proves to be both simple to use and durable. It suffices to fill the two lower compartments, to screw the three pieces back on and to heat everything on a hot plate. In addition, it is a utensil having a very long service life because it does not have a fragile system and mechanism. An Italian coffee maker can be passed down from generation to generation if you take good care of it.

Which Italian Coffee Maker To Choose?

We have selected for you the TOP 4 of the best selling Italian coffee maker models at the moment.

What Is The Price Of An Italian Coffee Maker?

As with any kitchen utensil, the price of an Italian coffee maker varies from one model to another. It depends on its material, its capacity, its compatibility and of course its brand. The price generally goes from 10 euros to 40 euros for aluminum utensils and from 20 to more than 50 euros for stainless steel.

For an Italian electric coffee maker, count at least 50 euros. Everything will therefore depend on your needs, the type of plate you have and your use. But be aware that with a budget of around 35 euros, you can get a good quality 6-cup utensil. In all cases, look for models designed by major brands, such as Bialetti, Cucina Dimodena, Godmorn, Aeternum, Pulcina, Bodum, CHISTAR, Fagor, Bestron or Ariete which combine reliability, aesthetics and robustness.

How To Use An Italian Coffee Maker?

It is important to know how to use an Italian coffee maker well to obtain quality coffee. To do this, you must follow a few steps. First, take coffees specially ground for this type of utensil which is neither too thin nor too large. Start by delicately placing your coffee in the filter until a dome protruding 1 cm in height. Then screw the 2 parts of the coffee maker.

When tightening, you should note that the coffee in the filter is perfectly homogeneous. Fill the tank with mineral or filtered water up to the mark or at the safety valve. Avoid exceeding this limit, as your coffee maker will not be able to build up pressure properly and produce good coffee. You can now put your coffee pot on the fire or the hob. Heat over medium heat with the lid open to let the steam escape and prevent your coffee from burning. Do not hesitate to remove it from the heat when leaving the coffee in the upper half. Here, your drink is ready and just waiting to be tasted.

How To Clean Your Italian Coffee Maker?

Although some Italian coffee makers are dishwasher safe, it is best to clean it by hand for best results and prolong its life. Here are some tips for easy maintenance of your utensil.

An Italian coffee maker can simply be washed under hot water. Only, the limestone contained in the water can leave white spots at the bottom of the cookware. To remove them, fill the tank with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Then boil before rinsing with clear water and drying. Black spots caused by caffeine residue can also be seen on your coffee maker. In this case, boil water mixed with lemon juice, rinse and dry. You can also use water with a little bleach if the dirt persists.

Best Ice Cream Makers

Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models

Today, the ice-cream maker allows everyone to make good ice cream at home. Everyone would like to have it in their kitchen. It is still necessary to find the right device among the panoply of models that we find on the market. Comparatif-Multicuiseur presents the criteria to favor to find the ice cream maker best suited to your needs and expectations.

What Is An Ice Cream Maker?

An ice cream maker is a household appliance that makes it easy to make sherbets and ice creams at home. This works by continuously stirring the preparation using mixing paddles so that the different particles cannot come together.

Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models
Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models

This prevents the different ingredients from crystallizing in a single block. It generally consists of a cooling base containing an engine, a removable tank, a blade and a transparent cover. There are, however, two types of electric ice cream maker, namely the ice-cream maker or self-contained ice-cream maker and the ice-cream maker with a cold accumulator.

What Is The Best Ice Cream Maker?

Our site offers you a comparison of the 3 best models of ice cream maker currently available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Ice Cream Maker?

Depending On The Capacity And Material Of Its Tank

This is a defining characteristic in the choice of your ice cream maker. To find the right model, you first need to determine how much ice you want to make. Note that the capacity of the tank ranges from 1 to 2 liters. The more you are at home, the larger the tank should be.

Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models
Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models

For example, a 1 liter ice cream maker is sufficient for 4 people while a 2 liter model is recommended to treat a family made up of more than 5 individuals. Note that the market offers machines with two tanks for making different preparations at the same time.

Besides the capacity, the material of the tank is also an important point to consider. Plastic and aluminum ones are both light and inexpensive, but not very robust. The best ice machines have a stainless steel bowl, which in addition to offering good cold storage, are resistant to humidity and temperature variations.

Depending On Its Power

The power of an ice cream maker can vary from 6 watts to 180 watts. But this will depend on the type of machine. Models with cold storage do not require high power, since they do not have refrigeration motors.

Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models
Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models

This criterion therefore concerns above all the ice turbines themselves generate the cold and whose power varies from 50 to more than 180 Watts. The more powerful the device, the faster the cooling and the lower the operating temperature. This will give you better quality ice cream with a more powerful ice cream maker. However, it should not be forgotten that the power also generally depends on the capacity of the tank. The 2 liter ice cream makers are logically more powerful than the models with a capacity of 1 liter.

Depending On Its Versatility

Today, ice cream makers offer everyone the possibility of making preparations other than sorbet and ice cream. You must also take this into account and choose the machine that best meets your expectations.

Comparative Ice Cream Makers: The Best Models

Obviously, if you plan to use the device to make only sorbet or ice, look for an ice cream maker with a cold accumulator which is much more affordable and less energy consuming. On the other hand if you like multifunction machines, turn to the yogurt maker ice cream makers which allow you to make frozen yogurts. Be aware that there are even more versatile models that are capable of making ice cream, Italian ice cream and granita.

Depending On Its Options And Its Design

Options and design are also essential features that should not be overlooked. Manufacturers are trying to design more functional and practical ice cream makers to satisfy users.

In Comparative-Multicooker, we advise you to check the options offered by the appliance that interests you before making a final decision. It’s up to you to see later if it has the features you are looking for.

Some machines have, for example, a timer to warn once the ice cream is finished and an automatic stop which allows it to stop automatically. The most sophisticated models have an electronic screen to follow the progress of the preparation, a cold maintenance function, a pause function or even a texture adjustment. For the design, you are free to choose knowing that the ice cream makers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Why Buy A Good Ice Cream Maker?

To Taste Ice Cream All Year Round

By buying an ice cream maker, you no longer have to go to a supermarket or to a glacier to be able to taste good ice cream. Having such a device will allow you to prepare it yourself at home and consume it at your will.

The market offers a wide variety of models and you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations. In addition, it is a very easy-to-use utensil with which you can make your sorbets and ice creams every time.

To Make Healthy Ice Cream

The other advantage of having an electric ice cream maker is that you can choose your own ingredients.

Thus, one will be able to obtain ice creams with less sugars, without artificial flavors and especially without preservatives which can be dangerous for health.

Everyone can add fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, cookies, hazelnuts … according to their tastes and desires. In short, the purchase of a good ice cream maker will allow you to taste healthy and delicious ice creams than those found in the trade and to serve quality desserts to your guests.

Which Ice Cream Maker To Choose?

Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected its top4 best selling ice cream maker of the moment.

The Different Types Of Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker

The ice-cream maker ice cream maker also called autonomous ice-cream maker is a machine that has a refrigeration system. It is therefore not necessary to place the tank in the freezer.

More efficient, this type of device allows you to make perfect ice creams and sorbets faster and to chain preparations.

The majority of turbines that are currently on the market are equipped with programs for making various recipes. They are nevertheless quite expensive devices.

Ice-Cream Maker

It is a model which uses either an accumulator bowl or a cold accumulator disc. The latter is placed for 10 to 15 hours in the freezer. The accumulated cold is then redistributed by the device in the preparation thanks to the blade.

The ice-cream maker has the advantage of being compact and very affordable on the price side. However, it must be placed in the freezer for a long time before preparation and put back after use for several hours before it can be used again.

What Is The Price Of An Ice Cream Maker?

The price of an ice cream maker is variable depending on the type, capacity, power and options. Good quality cold storage models generally cost around 100 euros. Entry-level devices are even accessible from 50 euros.

Ice turbines are more expensive, since they are offered between 200 euros to over 500 euros depending on their power and functionality. Whatever type of machine you are looking for, it is recommended to opt for a brand model such as an ice cream maker h koenig, Seb, Cuisinart, Kitchen Chef Professional, Klarstein, Lagrange, Philips, Magimix, Frutimix, Silvercrest or Bosch which is a guarantee of reliability and robustness.

How To Use An Ice Cream Maker?

It is essential to know how to properly use an ice cream maker to be able to prepare perfect ice cream without damaging the appliance, especially as usage differs depending on the model. For that, there are some steps to follow and rules to respect that we are delighted to present to you.

If you have a storage ice cream maker, the first thing you should do is put the accumulator bowl or disc in the freezer and leave it for ten hours. Also remember to refrigerate the ingredients a few hours before you start your recipe. Once the accumulator has cooled down and placed in the machine, start the engine that turns the paddle before introducing the ingredients into the container. You just have to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the preparation to take and then place the container in the freezer until tasting.

In the case of an ice turbine, the task is even easier. Since the machine has its own cooling unit, you just have to put the ingredients in the tank and start the process by pressing the appropriate button. You can of course be required to make the various settings before launching if your device has several functions such as the timer or automatic shutdown.

How To Maintain Your Ice Cream Maker?

It is necessary to properly maintain your ice cream maker to ensure its proper functioning and increase its longevity. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

You must first unplug your device. Remove the tank and leave it at room temperature after use so that it warms up. Wash it afterwards with cold water and not with hot water to avoid damaging the insulated coating. In case the tank cannot be detached, simply clean it with a damp sponge. For the cover as well as the blade which are generally plastic, you can immerse them in soapy water before rinsing them thoroughly with clear water. Finally, with regard to the body of the ice cream maker, you just have to wipe it with a damp cloth and voila.

Best Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews

Starting today, stock up on vitamins to start a good day with a fruit and vegetable juicer. This is why has prepared a practical buying guide to help you choose the centrifuge that is right for you.

What Is A Centrifuge?

It is a kitchen appliance that extracts juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables using a sieve that rotates at high speed. Here, the food to be treated does not need to be peeled, just washed before putting it in the chimney.

Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews
Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews

The dry pulp obtained by centrifugal force will then be ejected into a collecting tank, while the squeezed juice is directly collected in the pitcher. The centrifuge is available in a multitude of models, which differ in particular by their additional options and their power.

What Is The Best Centrifuge?

In our model comparison you will find the best centrifuges of the moment.

How To Choose A Quality Centrifuge?

His Power

With a motor, the centrifuge can be more or less powerful to allow the screen to rotate.

The power of this type of machine can thus vary from 200 to 700 watts, knowing that a model of at least 500 watts will be the most suitable for daily use.

Indeed, a power of 500 watts is equivalent to 800 revolutions / minute, which allows an optimal efficiency in the spraying of fruits and vegetables and avoids blocking during the operation of the device.

The Type Of Juice Desired

You must surely ask yourself which is the most suitable device for the type of juice you wish to make: centrifuge or blender? Note that the centrifuge makes it possible to make different fruit and vegetable juices, including smoothies, soups and coulis.

Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews
Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews

Thus, the consistency of the juice you obtain will depend in large part on the speed of rotation selected. It will be the same for the type of sieve used, because the finer it is, the clearer the juice. Furthermore, if you are a big fan of smoothies and thick milk shakes, the use of a blender will be necessary. We will see, however, that certain models of centrifuge have additional practical options for those who like to vary the pleasures.

Its Functionalities

To extract the juice of citrus fruits with a conventional centrifuge, you are obliged to peel them beforehand in order to avoid the bitter taste present on their skin.

Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews
Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews

Thus, the purchase of a centrifuge equipped with the juicer function would be the best choice to make to overcome this problem. Therefore, you will not have to peel or cut the oranges, lemons and grapefruits. The blender option is also a preferred feature if you want to make thick smoothies or perfectly mixed milkshakes.

His Accessories

Among the options to consider when purchasing your juicer is the size of the chimney. The larger it is, the more you can introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without having to cut them into pieces beforehand.

Centrifuge Comparison: Tests And Reviews

It is also necessary to favor a waste container large enough so that you can squeeze juice in large quantities without having to empty it before the end of preparation. We also advise you to choose a steel screen, just like a stainless steel or steel centrifuge to guarantee the durability and solidity of the machine.

Why Buy A Centrifuge?

Save Time

Household appliances are generally designed to save us time, and this is the case with the centrifuge. Thanks to this well thought-out machine, we find the pleasure of preparing fresh fruit or vegetable juice every morning, because it will only take us a few seconds.

There is no need to peel or cut food into small pieces, since it is enough to wash them before putting them into the appliance. The operation of the centrifuge thus saves us from all the tasks that make us waste a lot of time before, especially if we want to prepare juice for the whole family.

use Facility

Using a centrifuge is easy and everyone can use it. So you don’t have to be a professional to prepare fruit juice with this type of device.

It’s child’s play, because the food to be pressed does not need to be peeled or cut into pieces. And on top of that, the centrifuge also benefits from easy cleaning thanks to its various removable accessories which can be washed in the dishwasher.

Which Centrifuge To Choose?

Our comparison table has brought together all the cheap centrifuge models to make your choice easier.

The Different Types Of Centrifuges

Juicer Or Juicer

You are often spoiled for choice with a juicer and a juicer. Both are excellent fruit and vegetable juice extractors, but their difference lies in the speed of rotation.

If the centrifugal force allows a rotation of the sieve from 10 to 20,000 revolutions / minute, the juice extractor performs only 60 turns of the screw per minute, which offers an exceptional taste and texture of the juice obtained. The preparation time is then twice as slow with a juice extractor.

In addition, it remains very quiet compared to the centrifuge and it allows to harvest a large amount of juice, especially with fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Its field of action is also wider, because it is also capable of extracting almond milk, hazelnut oil and nuts, and grinding seeds.

Centrifuge Or Juicer

If the juicer only stops extracting the citrus juice, namely orange, lemon and grapefruit, the juicer is much more versatile since it allows not only the extraction of different types of fruit, but also a wide variety of vegetables.

In addition, the orange juice centrifuge is a specific model which is equipped with the citrus juicer function, because otherwise, the user will have to peel and cut the citrus fruit in pieces before introducing them into the centrifuge. We opt for a classic juicer if we are a lover of citrus juices, or a juicer with juicer function if we want to vary our juices every day.

What Is The Price Of A Good Centrifuge?

The price of a centrifuge varies according to the model of the device, including its different functionalities, its power as well as the quality of its materials.

We can thus find cheap centrifuges from 30 euros, while high-end models go up to 350 euros. Plastic devices with basic functionality are the cheapest on the market.

We advise you to plan a budget of at least 50 euros to benefit from a quality machine and much more for a centrifuge with blender and / or with a juicer.

How To Use A Centrifuge?

Before any first use, it is important to read the instructions for use of the device. It will allow you to know better what you can and what not to do with it. In all cases, the principle remains simple. First of all, all the machine parts must be fitted as indicated in its instructions.

Once everything is in place, check that it is securely plugged into an outlet. Then make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the fruit or vegetables to be squeezed before introducing them into the chimney of the centrifuge. If the food is too large, it will be necessary to cut it into pieces. Select the pressure speed appropriate for your preparation and push the food into the chimney using the pusher. When you’re done, don’t forget to unplug the device.

How To Maintain Your Centrifuge?

One of its main advantages is the easy cleaning of the centrifuge. Indeed, all the removable parts of it go without problem in the dishwasher, thus allowing you a considerable time-saver. You can also clean them by hand using a sponge and washing up liquid.

Also, do not forget to empty the pulp collecting tank after each use of the centrifuge. Only the structure and the engine block are not to be immersed in water. To do this, use a cloth dampened in water or a wet sponge to wipe off the stains stuck on the structure of the device, then dry it with a dry cloth.

Best French Press Coffee Maker

Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?

The French press is without doubt one of the oldest coffee machines. However, it still appeals to many coffee lovers today thanks to its ease of use and durability. In this buying guide, you will find tips to help you choose the right utensil.

What Is A French Press Coffee Maker?

The French press is a tool for making coffee or other hot drinks. This mainly consists of a jug, a tamping screen and a cover with piston.

Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?
Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?

The principle is to mix ground coffee with boiling water and let it brew for a while before operating the piston.

You can find stainless steel, glass, ceramic or plastic piston coffee makers available in a wide range of designs and capacities.

Which Is The Best French Press? offers you the 3 best coffee makers of the moment in its comparative table.

How To Choose A Good French Press

The Accessories

The centerpiece of the cookware, the plunger is the first item to consider when purchasing this type of coffee maker. This conditions not only comfort, but also safety in the use of the device.

Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?
Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?

Make sure that the piston is neither too rigid nor too soft when it is pressed. First, the plunger and the lid of the coffee maker should be attached together. These are designed either in plastic or in stainless steel. However, it is always better to check that the accessory is very resistant.

Besides the piston, the filter is also an important accessory that you must take into account before buying your piston coffee maker. Already, find out if the utensil you plan to buy has a filter.

Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?
Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?

The latter can be designed in paper. In this case, simply remove it and throw it away after each use. Prefer this type of coffee maker if you do not have time to wash the filter each time. The other type of so-called permanent filter is washable and reusable. The latter is often designed from a fine stainless steel mesh. However, it is essential to check if it is removable and if it is easy to remove for easier cleaning.

The Type Of Coffee Maker

To choose the right coffee maker, take the time to check the material it is made of. Manufacturers generally use 3 types of materials, namely glass, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.

Piston Coffee Maker: Which Model To Choose?

Know that each has both strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on your tastes. However, in case you plan to use your coffee maker away from home, it would be better to opt for a stainless steel or plastic model. More robust, you can take it on all your trips without risking that it breaks.


As with the purchase of any other household utensil, the French press is chosen according to its capacity. It is essential that it can offer you the number of cups you will need daily.

However, there is nothing to worry about, whether you are a heavy coffee consumer or an occasional drinker. Different manufacturers offer on the market piston coffee makers from 6 cups up to 12 cups. Apart from your personal consumption, you must also refer to the number of people there are at home to find the right model.

Ease Of Maintenance

Unlike other coffee machines which require rather tedious care, the piston coffee maker has the advantage of being easier to maintain. The majority of models are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

Alternatively, you can wash your utensil in the sink with a sponge and mild detergent in just one minute. The filter must also be cleaned by hand as it may deteriorate in the machine. This will allow you to avoid a possible replacement of this important accessory.

Why Buy A French Press?

Simple And Fast

The advantage of the French press is that it is simple. There is no complicated handling, since this requires no adjustment.

Having the shape of a coffee maker and having an isothermal handle, it offers great maneuverability. This type of device is very easy to use, because you will not have to remember several steps or search each time for an electrical outlet to connect it. In addition, the French press is proving to be quite compact, compact and light at the same time. No matter where you go, this equipment will follow you and allow you to prepare your favorite drink.

Besides its simplicity, the French press has also the advantage of saving time. Allow a maximum of 8 minutes to heat water with an electric kettle or a pan and wait for the coffee to brew.

Which French Press Coffee Maker To Buy?

Choose your future French press from the best models currently available on the market.

The Different Types Of French Presses

Classic Coffee Maker

Classic French presses are made of either glass or clear plastic.

The shape of the container is simple and cylindrical. The advantage of this model is that you can see the preparation of your coffee from the outside.

You will also benefit from a very ergonomic handle.

Double Wall Coffee Maker

Double wall coffee makers are made of glass or stainless steel and can have different shapes. These are characterized by their double wall.

These are insulated piston coffee makers that keep the container warm.

Of course, the risk of burns is also reduced if you touch the wall.

Electric Piston Coffee Maker

As their name suggests, electric piston coffee makers are electrical devices that only work when plugged in.

Presenting two containers side by side, the principle is that you can boil the water and pour it directly into the jug.

So you no longer have to prepare hot water in a kettle or pan.

What Is The Price Of A Quality French Press Coffee Maker?

Among the devices dedicated to the preparation of coffee and other hot drinks, the piston coffee maker is undeniably the cheapest.

However, this does not mean that it is an unreliable or fragile machine. The price varies on average between 20 and 50 euros depending on the material.

In all cases, we recommend that you turn to brand name utensils that guarantee quality and ease of use, such as the bodum, Homitt, VeoHome or Guzzini plunger coffee maker.

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker?

In order to prepare good coffee with a French press, it is important to proceed step by step. Start by rinsing the coffee maker beforehand, preferably with boiling water.

Then heat the water to 90 ° C separately, knowing that it needs about 200 ml per cup. The second step is to put the ground coffee in the bottom of the coffee maker using the pod spoon. Count 7 to 10 g per cup. Then pour the hot water and let the coffee steep for 4 to 5 minutes after mixing well with a wooden spatula.

All you have to do is replace the cover and push the piston. To do this, place the latter in your hand apple and press gently and continuously to the bottom to separate the grounds from the coffee.

How To Maintain Your French Press Coffee Maker?

The French press has a very long life if you take good care of it. So remember to maintain your device by cleaning it after each use. To do this, there is nothing simpler.

You just have to remove the cover with the piston and the filter and wash each of the elements in the sink using a sponge and a mild detergent.

Please note that the paper filters are not washable. They must be discarded and replaced constantly. However, it should be noted that the vast majority of models are dishwasher safe. This remains the quickest and easiest way to clean a French press.

Best Filter Jugs

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Not easy to know which filter carafe to choose from the plethora of offers on the market. So trust Comparatif-Multicuiseur to find your future anti-limescale filter carafe. You will discover through this buying guide all the essential selection criteria not to be overlooked, as well as a selection of the models most appreciated by their quality.

What Is A Filter Carafe?

The filter carafe is like a carafe of ordinary water, except that you will notice inside the container a filtering system which allows not only to reduce the hardness of the water, but also to retain the different impurities that the found in this one.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

These are particles harmful to health that are not actually visible to the naked eye, yet they can affect the smell and taste of tap water that we drink every day. It can be various bacteria, chlorine, as well as heavy metals like lead, copper and aluminum. The carafe filter is available in two different models which can be recognized by their main components, namely ion exchange resin and activated carbon.

What Is The Best Filter Carafe?

Discover in our comparison the 3 best models of filter decanters of the moment.

How To Choose A Quality Filter Carafe?

Depending On Its Size And Capacity

Obviously, the greater your need for water, the more you will have to choose a large carafe of filter water. Know then that there are commercially available models of all sizes, which can contain 1 l of water to more than 3.5 l.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Each household therefore has a greater or lesser number of water drinkers. If there are only two of you at home, a 2 l jug may be more than enough, while a larger volume will be necessary for a large family with children.

The water capacity offered by decanters generally does not exceed 4 l. This is due to the fact that the filtered water should be drunk the same day. If it stays too long in the container, you risk drinking standing water that contains bacteria harmful to your body.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models
Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

Also, don’t forget to take into account the space that your jug ​​can cause. It won’t be a huge problem if you plan to put it on the dining table or in the corner of the kitchen. On the other hand, if you are used to drinking fresh water, you should think about opting for a more compact and well thought out model that will fit easily in your refrigerator. This is the case, for example, with the brita marella filter jug.

Depending On Its Material And Design

The choice of material for your carafe will essentially depend on the use you give it. For an object that will take place in the kitchen and out of sight, you can perfectly orient yourself towards a plastic model.

Comparative Filter Jugs: The Best Models

The latter will be more practical if you have young children who are likely to handle it, especially since it does not require a lot of care in use and maintenance. The stainless steel filter jugs will be more recommended for those looking for a compact and easy to transport tool. Stainless steel will indeed be more resistant to shocks and will adapt perfectly for traveling, hiking or picnicking.

On the other hand, for an accessory that will be enthroned most often on your dining table or on your bar, Comparatif-Multicuiseur advises you to orient your choice towards a pretty designer filtering carafe. The most appreciated are above all the glass filter jugs, which provide elegance and transparency. So do not hesitate to set your sights on a model that has an unusual shape to enhance your interior: cylindrical, rectangular, round, or even flared.

Depending On Its Filter And Its Options

If you want above all to get rid of chlorine and the various organic impurities that make up your water, the best type of filter to choose is the activated carbon filter.

On the other hand, if you want to eliminate bad smells, improve the taste or even reduce the presence of heavy metals such as lead, copper and aluminum in your drinking water, our site suggests that you favor a filter carafe ionizing. Note however that if you choose one or the other, you will not be able to exchange it with one or the other once the filter has reached its maximum filtering capacity and you should change it.

Filter jugs without cartridges will therefore be more practical since you can use it with universal filters suitable for all models. However, the best filters are those that last as long as possible, with a filtering capacity of up to 160 l.

In terms of practicality of use, the ideal will be to bet on a model with an ergonomic handle. It will be all the more necessary on a large capacity container. The presence of a sliding or flap cover is also easier to handle when filling the tank. Some filter jugs even have an LED filter replacement indicator to prevent you from changing it. The simplest ones only calculate the time that has elapsed since the filter was installed, while others go so far as to take into account the actual volume of water consumed.

Why Buy A Filter Carafe?

To Purify Tap Water

Thanks to an efficient filter carafe, you will no longer have to worry about the various pollutants present in the water that could harm your health. This is why it is above all necessary to equip yourself with a water filter jug ​​to treat tap water before use.

On the one hand, the filter will take care of reducing the hardness of the water to protect all your household appliances from scale deposits. This will prevent a lot of damage to your kettle, coffee machine, sink and other kitchen equipment. And on the other hand, it also removes all the impurities present in the water, harmful to the human body. From where you will get water without taste or bad smell, ideal for consumption throughout the day and for all your culinary preparations.

To Save And Limit The Consumption Of Plastic

If you are having trouble keeping track of your expenses in purchasing plastic bottles, it may be time to think about purchasing a filter jug ​​of tap water. It is the most practical and effective accessory that can quickly purify your water so that it is safe for your body and your household appliances. The purchase of a filter jug ​​is very affordable in terms of price and your expenses will only be limited to replacing the filter. Which is relatively cheaper compared to the mineral water supply in plastic bottles. Besides, at the same time, you will be able to reduce plastic consumption for better environmental protection.

Which Filter Carafe To Choose?

We have established for you a selection of the TOP4 of the best-selling filter jugs on the market.

What Is The Price Of A Filter Carafe?

Several characteristics come into play to determine the price of the filter carafe, namely its capacity, the quality of its material, its design, the number of cartridges which accompany or not, as well as its brand.

Therefore, the models of cheap filter jugs are accessible from around ten euros when the high-end ones can be offered at more than 100 euros. Comparatif-Multicuiseur also recommends that you avoid entry-level products and bet at least thirty euros to guarantee the robustness and efficiency of the equipment. And for this, always favor a carafe from a known brand, such as Brita.

How Does A Filter Carafe Work?

To understand how the filter jug ​​works, imagine a classic carafe, with a funnel-shaped filter inside. To use it, you must first fill the upper tank with tap water from the neck. The filter will take approximately 4 minutes to purify a liter of water and for this, the water will flow little by little into the lower part of the jug through the filter. You should then gradually add tap water over it until you get the required amount of purified water.

How To Maintain Your Filter Carafe?

Ideally, always clean your carafe by hand rather than sending it to the dishwasher. To clean it, use a sponge, with clear water and washing-up liquid, then rinse thoroughly.

Be careful not to fill your container with hot or boiling water, and also avoid exposing the filter cartridges to direct sunlight. Our site also advises you to keep the carafe at room temperature or cold, without however placing it in the refrigerator during the filtration process. And do not forget to replace the filter when the substances that make it up are exhausted to guarantee better efficiency.

Best Pressure Cookers

Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Faced with the many models offered on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know which pressure cooker to choose. This is why through this buying guide established by Comparatif-Multicuiseur, we will help you find the best pressure cooker suited to your needs. Forget your hours of endless research and discover our comparison of the most popular products of the moment!

What Is A Pressure Cooker?

Also called a pressure cooker or pressure cooker, the pressure cooker is one of the oldest cooking utensils, much used by our grandmothers.

Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

Presenting a round shape, with thick and high walls, as well as a hermetic cover with valve, it makes it possible to cook all kinds of food in a pressure tank in order to obtain a fast and healthy cooking. Fast, because cooking in a casserole dish is 3 times faster than simple cooking in a pan, and healthy, because food will keep all its nutrients and vitamins thanks to the principle of stewing or steaming.

The pressure cooker is to be placed on a heat source, whether it is a gas, electric or even coal stove. Even today there are induction pressure cookers. Once the maximum pressure is reached, the valve will escape the excess steam. All models differ in size, material, design, opening system, as well as their accessories and functionalities. Indeed, some equipment is much more modern than others and offers very practical options for using the pressure cooker.

What Is The Best Pressure Cooker?

We offer a comparison of the 3 best models of pressure cookers currently available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Pressure Cooker?

Depending On Its Capacity

Choosing the right capacity for your pot is essential so that you can prepare food for the whole family. Therefore, everything will depend on the number of mouths to feed daily since the models offered on the market can have a volume ranging from 4 to more than 10 liters.

Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

If you did not have more than 4 people at home, a 4 liter pressure cooker will be more than enough. For a larger family made up of 4 to 6 people, the ideal will be to opt for a tank of 6 liters, 8 liters for a family of 6 to 8 people, as well as a bulky tank of 10 liters to satisfy the appetite of a small committee of 10 people. Such a utensil will also be very useful if you often receive relatives for dinner.

In the case of use in the catering industry or at a larger reception at home, do not hesitate to take a pressure cooker in large volume of 20, 30 or 40 liters. The space will allow you to more easily cook soups and stews with a good amount of liquid.

Depending On Its Material

In addition to the size, do not forget to focus on the material from which your pot is made, which is very important, both in terms of its durability and its weight, as well as its price. Many aluminum pressure cookers are available on the market.

Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison
Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

They have the particular advantage of being very light and accessible for purchase, but prove to be not very resistant over time. Aluminum is indeed a basic material that does not give all the performance that one expects on such a kitchen utensil. It takes longer to heat and conducts heat less well. This material will be more suitable for a small pressure cooker, but beware, it is only compatible on gas.

The best pressure cooker for induction hob and any other type of fire is the one made of stainless steel. It is a very robust and resistant material, while being an excellent conductor of heat. The container heats up very quickly and guarantees even cooking of the food. It is the best pot that we can advise you, although its drawbacks lie in its weight and its price which is higher than for aluminum.

Depending On Its Ergonomics

In order for you to benefit from maximum user comfort, it is essential to focus on certain points. Always check the empty weight of what your future pressure cooker will be.

Guide To Buying Pressure Cookers: Tests, Reviews, Comparison

If the aluminum models are particularly light, those in stainless steel can reach 5 kg when empty. Make sure you find the right compromise between lightness and quality of the container, because in addition to its weight, you will also have to add the weight of the food to be cooked and the cooking water.

In addition, in order to guarantee easy and secure handling of your casserole dish, Comparatif-Multicuiseur recommends that you choose the handles well.

The handles must be adapted to the shape of your hands and they must be as far as possible from the tank to avoid any risk of burns. There are even fold-away and removable handles that minimize clutter when you need to store your pot in the closet.

Also, do not forget to take into account the opening and closing system of the lid which can become a tough task to perform on a daily basis if it does not meet your expectations. The caliper system is the oldest, but since it is not very practical, it was quickly replaced by the push button or lever closure systems which are much easier to handle with one hand. The one with a tuck-in lid is also very efficient, as is the bayonet closure which is very present on the new generation pressure cookers.

Depending On Its Options And Accessories

If you wanted to offer yourself the best pressure cooker on the market, you might as well turn to a complete model that offers different cooking options and practicality options.

For this, our site advises you to choose a pressure cooker that acts both as a pressure cooker and a steamer. These two cooking modes are present on most models, allowing you to simmer meat in the pan at the same time and steam vegetables over it. So check that the product is well equipped with a steam basket.

Then, favor the presence of a timer built into the cover that allows you to cook with precision. Thanks to this accessory, you no longer have to monitor the cooking of your dishes and will be warned in time to remove the pot from the fire to avoid burnt meals. In addition, you will certainly be seduced by a machine washable model so that you do not have to wash your casserole by hand. Finally, do not forget to ensure the quality of the seal which hermetically seals the pot.

Why Buy A Pressure Cooker?

To Cook Faster And Save Energy

It has indeed been proven that cooking in a pressure cooker is 2 to 5 times faster than a simple cooking in a pan. This is due to the design of this type of pot which is hermetically sealed with a seal on its cover.

As a result, the temperature reached inside the casserole dish is much higher than in a normal saucepan which lets heat escape, since it goes up to 122 ° C. Cooking a pot in a pressure cooker is therefore not only very fast, but also very economical. Firstly because it does not require a mains connection to operate, then because it cooks food very quickly to minimize energy consumption, whether it be gas or electricity. This is one of the main reasons to buy a pressure cooker.

For Healthy And Varied Cooking

Everyone rushes today to these latest generation household appliances that boast of cooking dishes without adding fat.

Only, most only advertise, and even if it is true, the majority are often expensive to buy since they are electrical devices. One of the reasons why the purchase of a traditional pressure cooker proves itself still and always more advantageous. The latter remains very accessible in terms of price, while offering users the possibility of eating healthier thanks to its two modes of stewing and steaming.

Studies have also shown that cooking in a steam basket under pressure greatly limits the loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food. This guarantees a healthy and light diet for the whole family, especially since the casserole allows the cooking of all kinds of food: rice, meats, fish, soups, vegetables and even jams!

Which Pressure Cooker To Choose?

In our selection of the best products, you will find the TOP4 of the best-selling pressure cookers of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Pressure Cooker?

The price of the pressure cooker varies from one model to another according to many criteria, including its capacity, its manufacturing material, its brand, as well as its different options and accessories.

As a result, the price can range from around thirty euros for basic and low-capacity versions, to over 300 euros for high-end pressure boilers and very large capacity. In the case of domestic use, the budget to provide is around 50 euros and more depending on your capacity needs.

How To Use A Pressure Cooker?

For stewing, place the food at the bottom of the pan and add water. You can also steam at the same time by placing the food in the steam basket. Close the lid, correctly position the programmer and start cooking by setting the fire to the maximum.

After a few minutes, either the valve will spin and make noise, or a red light will appear, or the countdown will start. Switch to low heat and time the cooking from this moment. When this cooking time or the countdown has elapsed, purge the steam by removing the valve or by changing the position of the programmer to the purge position according to your utensil. Wait until the pressure has dropped to open and check the cooking of your dish.

How To Properly Clean Your Pressure Cooker?

Most models are dishwasher safe so you don’t waste time cleaning.

However, if your pot has a non-stick coating, avoid putting it in the machine, as cleaning products can damage the non-stick layer.

For stainless steel models, pour a little water at the bottom and scrape using a wooden spatula, then empty the water. Fill the casserole dish with hot water and soda and let sit for a few minutes. Then rinse with clear water and your pot will be like new. Never use bleach or chlorine products which damage the stainless steel. Remember to change the seal once a year and do not forget to remove it before putting it in the dishwasher.

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