Best Electric Crepe Maker

Best Electric Crepe Maker

Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews

Now forget about your stove and opt instead for a modern appliance to cook your pancakes to perfection. For that, offers you some practical advice so that you can have an idea on which electric crepe maker to choose among the many offers available on the market.

What Is An Electric Crepe Maker?

The electric crepe maker is a device intended only for cooking pancakes. It is now available in several models, the best known of which are the krampouz electric crepe makers.

Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews
Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews

Also called billigs, the oldest crepe makers have a very large and completely flat surface, with a cast iron plate that can range from 35 to 50 cm. They are ideal for making large pancakes, the same style as those made in the pan.

What Is The Best Electric Crepe Maker?

Discover through our comparison table the best models of electric crepe makers of the moment.

How To Choose A Good Electric Crepe Maker?


Size is indeed an essential criterion which should be taken into account in the choice of a crepe maker since there are all sizes. This is why it will also be necessary to determine the types of pancakes that you want to make.

Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews
Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews

Depending on the model of the appliance, the size of the pancakes obtained can vary from 30 to 50 cm on a classic crepe maker in XXL format, while on a crepe maker for mini pancakes, the size of each pancake will be reduced to 12 cm in diameter. . A 40 cm electric crepe maker will be perfect for those who love traditional version maxi-pancakes.

As for those who often receive guests for a dinner or a snack, the best would be to opt for an electric crepe maker with 6 pancakes which will be much more user-friendly.

The Power

Power remains an element to be taken into account in your choice, because with most electric cooking appliances, the higher the power, the faster the cooking time.

Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews
Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews

And this is also the case for the pancake machine, where the power varies widely depending on the type and model of the appliance. If you plan to buy a crepe maker for occasional home use, the power of your machine should not exceed 1000 watts. Some more economical models are even offered with a power of 750 watts, which is already very effective.

The electric crepe makers from 1500 watts to 2000 watts will be reserved for professional use or for big fans of pancakes party who will need to make pancakes in large quantities, and this, very often.

The Accessories

Depending on the model you have chosen, the accessories delivered with the device may be different from one machine to another. In all cases, these are very practical tools that make it easier to handle the pancake batter, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Electric Crepe Makers Comparison: Test And Reviews

The rozell, a kind of small flat wooden rake, is generally used to spread the pancake batter evenly over conventional crepe makers. The most practical are the electric crepe makers with dough spreader where you just have to place the dough in a container and turn it over the entire surface to spread. There is also the spatula, made of wood or plastic, which is used to turn the pancake. And on some models of multiple pancake crepe makers, we find the accessory holder under the appliance.

Why Buy An Electric Crepe Maker?

Ease Of Preparation

There is nothing easier than making your pancakes on an electric crepe maker. Indeed, manufacturers are constantly competing in imagination to offer the most practical device to pancake lovers.

It is also quite obvious that using an electric crepe maker with dough spreader will be easier for a beginner than using a conventional pan. This will require more technique and know-how unlike an electric pancake pan with cast iron plate where everyone can make beautiful pancakes from the first use.

And it’s even more practical with a multi-mold crepe maker, because you only need to fill each mold to get the ideal pancake size, without having to worry about the dough spreading technique.

Have The Ideal Temperature

The possibility of adjusting the temperature is also one of the advantages of an electric crepe maker. The temperature is therefore controlled using a dial placed on the outer shell of the device, below the heating plate.

This same wheel will also be used to start the machine and then set it to the desired temperature. Some appliances go as far as allowing a setting of 300 ° C, which is clearly ideal for professional use where rapid cooking is necessary to satisfy customers.

However, even less powerful appliances have this setting option so that the user can manage the cooking time of their pancakes according to their availability to turn them over. A very practical option that is not found on a gas fire, perhaps on the condition of lowering the fire.

Which Electric Crepe Maker To Choose?

We have selected for you the best models of electric crepe makers in the table below.

The Different Types Of Electric Crepe Makers

Crepe Maker Party

The party crepe maker is none other than the multiple crepe maker model. It differs from the classic crepe maker with its ability to make several pancakes at the same time. This machine is indeed provided with a plate with 4 or 6 molds each having a diameter of 12 cm. Those who use this type of device therefore prefer the quantity to the size of the pancakes.

But what makes this crepe maker very special is above all its conviviality which invites all members of the family to make their own pancake. A system which allows not only to involve the guests in the preparation of the meal, but also to spend a pleasant moment when we find ourselves gathered around the crepe maker.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Electric Crepe Maker?

The price of an electric crepe maker generally varies from one model to another, and several criteria also come into play. Indeed, you should know that the more powerful the device, the higher the price.

The price therefore does not mainly affect the quality of the product since it is quite possible to find a cheap but very good quality electric crepe maker. Therefore, it is obvious that the most expensive devices are professional electric crepe makers, with very high power up to 3000 watts.

We find in this category of devices certain models of multi-function crepe makers which are both capable of making mini-pancakes and XXL pancakes. Then come the classic crepe makers intended for family use and finally the party crepe makers which are the cheapest on the market.

The price range is therefore very wide since it can range from 30 euros to more than 300 euros.

How To Use An Electric Crepe Maker?

The use of an electric crepe maker can be summed up in 3 steps: connecting the power cord, switching on the appliance and adjusting the temperature.

There is therefore nothing complicated in its use, if only the pelletizing stage only necessary for electric crepe makers with plate in unglazed cast iron and in rectified steel. To carry out this technique, heat the plate to 270 ° C, then pour in a tablespoon of edible oil, taking care to spread it well with cotton.

The operation can last 5 to 10 minutes, because it must be repeated 8 times before obtaining an ideal result which is the formation of a brown film on the surface of the plate. It is thanks to this smooth surface covered with fat that you will make perfect pancakes, without bubbling the dough or sticking to the plate.

How To Maintain Your Electric Crepe Maker?

Classic Cleaning

It is essential to clean your electric crepe maker after each use. To do this, wait until the plate has cooled down.

Then pass a cloth, paper or a spatula to remove the residue of dough on the plate.

You can also wipe it with a damp cloth, just like on the body of the device to remove traces of grease. Once the plate is completely dry, apply a last layer of grease with cotton before putting away your machine.

Periodic Cleaning

A widely used plate may over time have crusts formed by the residues of dough and fat. And to avoid these inconveniences affecting the quality of your pancakes, we advise you to clean it from time to time with an abrasive stone.

With the stone, rub the entire surface of the hot plate and then clean it with a cloth. And for the next use, don’t forget to apply 2 to 3 coats of oil to have a smooth, non-stick surface.

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